Interested in Wildlife

Interested in Wildlife

There are many who are interested in wildlife and nature. But there are only a few good artists who can depict realistic wildlife paintings. One among them is S.Venkatakrishnan. His wonderful wildlife paintings titled Art Safari is on view at “La Galerie D’Expression,” at Hotel Ambassador Pallava, Egmore. Till 15th May 2015. S.Venkatakrishnan is a Chennai based artist. His artwork is partly self taught and inspired from observing his father’s artistic skills.

His other interests are zoo photography which often gives him ideas for his work. He admires the inherent beauty in nature which he shares with others through his work. His paintings have been exhibited in Victoria Technical Institute in Chennai.This is his first solo exhibition of his art work. He plans to have his next art show centered on birds. S.Venkatakrishnan resides at Nanganallur. He can be contacted on 9444923260..

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