Save Nature And Conserve Petrol

Save Nature And Conserve Petrol

The Chennai City Home Guards created an awareness program on Global Warming on the eve of World Environment Day at four major traffic intersections in the city, namely Chennai Central, Spur Tank Road Junction, Spencer’s Signal, and Egmore Station Junction.

Motorists were advised to switch off the vehicles while waiting for the signal to conserve petrol and also to save the environment. Pamphlets on how to stop global warming were also distributed to the motorists. Home Guards is an auxiliary wing of the police which assists the police all over the state whenever the need arises.

In the recent elections more than 1000 Home Guards were posted on duty in the election booths in Chennai itself and 10,000 Home Guards were on duty all over Tamil Nadu. More than 300 members of the city Home Guards took active part in the function.

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