Awarded By Chennai Police Commissioner For Fighting Burglars

Awarded By Chennai Police Commissioner For Fighting Burglars

Superheroes such as Spiderman, Batman and Superman etc fight the bad guys and help people in trouble. Well, this is all true in the movie world. Yes, there are real life superheroes that fought the bad to save the good.

One such real life hero is Melville Anthony Doyle, an Anglo-Indian residing at Pammal near Pallavaram. Melville fought burglars risking his life and his family. Little did Melville know that Friday, 2nd March 2012 will be a sad and dangerous day?

It all happened when he was staying in the first floor of a home in Pallavaram. The ground floor was occupied by Pratap Singh who had a restaurant at the airport. Two men who earlier worked with Mr.Singh wanted to settle scores came to house in the afternoon.

Their demands were not accepted and things went bad. The men murdered Mr.Singh and decided to rob the cash. Melville fought the men and handed them over to the Pallavaram Police.

The Chennai City Police Commissioner JK Tirpathy presented a cash award to Melville for his brave and courage’s act. A few years back, Melville saved a boy from drowning in a flooded drain during the time the city was having incessant rains. Melville is a hero in his neighbourhood. Melville also helps the blind and old on daily bases.

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