Coastal Cleanup Day 2013

Coastal Cleanup Day 2013

International Coastal Cleanup Day is celebrated world over to instill a sense of responsibility among general public on the problem of garbage dumped into the sea and its effects on marine life.About 680 Volunteers from various city Schools, Colleges, participated in the coastal cleanup activity, along Marina collected around 2.5 tonnes of garbage.

Tree Foundation’s Sea Turtle Protection Force (STFP) members and community volunteers of 25 coastal villages and Tree Roots & Shoots members of about 2300 members, also cleaned up their respective beaches between Neelankarai and Marakkanam, collecting around 8.6 tonnes in total.The representatives of institutions motivated the participants and flagged off the ‘Marine life on Tour’ float to show their solidarity towards a good environmental cause.

The students were inspired with the participation of the teachers and lecturers also in the cleanup of garbage on the beach along with them. Dr Supraja (Tree Foundation), highlighted the fact that ‘Floating in the ocean, a plastic bag looks a lot like a jellyfish to a sea turtle and marine mammal, which is one of their favourite foods.

And the chilling fact is that they can choke on these bags or starve to death with stomachs filled with plastic. In order to bring the much-needed attention to the damage, tons of wastage and millions of single-use plastic bags does to the marine wildlife and the environment this cleanup is conducted each year.

The ‘Marine Life on Tour’ float was flagged off form Marina Beach. It went around Mount Road, Raj Bhavan Road and the East Coast Road and ended at Injambakkam. Students from Queen Mary’s College, Kumararani Meena Muthiah College and Guru Nanak College,DAV Public, Velachery, AMM Matriculation, M.C.T.M. International School, Kaligi Ranganathan Montford MHSS and from KRM Public School actively participated in the International Coastal Cleanup Campaign.

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