A Chemistry Professor With A Creative Touch!!

Dr.Shoba Ramakrishnan, M.Sc,Ph.D is a Chemistry expert with a creative touch. She worked as a Chemistry Professor at Women’s Christian College for the past 35 years.

She had retired as HOD of Chemistry Department in May 2012. Dr.Shoba is always fascinated by the variety of colours Chemistry provided together with innumerable shapes and structures as seen in the laboratory and taught in theory classes.

It has made her career exciting and enjoyable. Chemistry is the science of matter especially its chemical reactions, but also its composition, structures and properties. A unique talent of Dr.Shoba is depicting the concepts of chemistry in the form of colourful and creative paintings.

Dr.Shoba had got trained under Mrs.Lakshmi Ragavan of Adyar Art Club in pencil sketching, water poster, oil painting, Nirmal painting and Kerala mural paintings. She was also trained by Mr.Richard Anbudurai in Tanjore paintings and with Folks Art for tribal art. Dr.Shoba held an exhibition of her paintings at Gallery Sri Parvati in 2008 December. She also had a show titled Celebrating WCC in July 2010.

Dr.Shoba had an exhibition of her paintings titled Colours of Chemistry from 16th to31st August 2012 at La Galerie D’Expressions, Hotel Ambassador Pallava, Egmore. Dr.Shoba told the Chennai Plus reporter Elwyn, that the exhibition is a tribute to all her students through the years (1977- 2012). The paintings of Dr.Shoba are very creative, inspiring. One look at her art works immediately takes one back to remember the good old school days and the time spent at the chemistry lab.

Her paintings were based on different concepts of Chemistry. The painting of a cave shows how drops of ground water containing CO2 trickles slowly through large deposits of lime stone gradually dissolving it. Another painting shows the colour of transition metals and hardness of water.

Dr.Shoba’s painting of the Mine, Dry Ice, Gem Stones and Noble Metals are interesting and excellently done. In a nutshell Dr.Shobha gave a fantastic and wonderful artistic display of the way chemistry works through her innovative paintings.

At present Dr.Shoba is writing two books on Chemistry. She is also a part of an NGO which works for World Peace. Dr.Shoba resides at Luz Avenue, Mylapore, Chennai-4. She can be contacted on .

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