Students need to be Soldiers for Nature

Dr.C.Sylendra Babu I.P.S – Addl. Director General of Police, Coastal Security Group, Tamil Nadu, Mr. Mohammad Abu Thalha, Deputy Inspector General- Chief of Staff- Indian Coast Guard- Region East, Prof. Dr. N.K.Ambujam, Director, Centre for Water Resources and Management, I/C Director Institute for Ocean Management, Anna University and Dr. Supraja Dharini, Founder Chairperson Tree Foundation and Country Head , Roots & Shoots India, The Dr Jane Goodall Volunteer Network presided over the inaugural ceremony of Flipper Fest 2014 on 21st August 2014.In his inaugural speech, Mr.C.Sylendra Babu I.P.S motivated the students to become Soldiers for Nature.

Students - page 1Biodiversity Around Us- An Activity Booklet was released on the occasion.Tree Foundation, Roots & Shoots India and the Institute of Ocean Management, Anna University supported by The National Biodiversity Authority of India, Chennai conducted the 8th Annual Marine Biodiversity Conservation Awareness Mela- Flipper Fest on August 21st and 22nd 2014 at Vivekananda Auditorium, Anna University Campus. Dr. Supraja Dharini, said that more than 2825 students from 52 schools and 10 colleges from Chennai participated in the event.


Timeless Treasures!!

timeless - page 1 topMadras Heritage Motoring Club, the premier Vintage and Classic Car and Bike Club in Chennai is dedicated to promote and encourage Vintage and Classic Automobiles. The 10th edition of the prestigious MyTVS Heritage Car Rally held on Sunday, 24th August 2014 at Don Bosco School, Egmore, Chennai was a nostalgic and fabulous event. A huge number of vehicles were displayed for public viewing. The event also held to as part of Madras week celebration.                                                                      - By Elwyn


World Last Week

Saturday 16th August

 IBM Simon mobile phone turned 20.The phone developed by IBM, and American Cellular Company BelSelf went on sale for the first time on 16th August 1994.

 Archaeologists have unearthed two ancient Mayan cities hidden in a thick jungle at Mexico. Researchers have also found palace shaped buildings, a ball court and temple pyramid.

 In a breakthrough, scientists have discovered a cure for baldness by a newly developed drug which can restore hair within a period of five months.

 Atlanta based architect and environmentalist Peter has built three houses on trees in his own backyard. The unique feature is that the houses are connected by a suspension bridge.

Sunday 17th August

 Every August month cats gets gifts and extra attention and special celebration. International Cat Day is observed annual across the globe in the month of August.

 Vincent Rhafael is a Philippines based artist who had decided to give some zing to some of the most popular Hollywood movies. His work excels in details.

 Chloe Giordano, a talented illustrator and embroiderer in England, specializes in showcasing her creative talents by embroidering furry animals that look full of life.

 Scientists from Queen Mary University of London and Nokia have created a energy saving prototype devise that can charge cell phones using noise from traffic, music or even speaking.

Monday 18th August

 Researchers at London University found that web browsing increase ones memory power and makes cognitive network more efficient. Digital literacy improves memory.

 A new medical research has revealed that sleeping pills may do more harm than good. People who take drugs to go to sleep or stay awake are causing harm to their health.

 Maryam Mirzakhani, a well educated mathematician and a Professor at Stanford University, California,USA has become the first woman to win a prestigious Fields Medal, widely known as the Noble Prize.

 China is building a sprawling modern trade zone along its borders on the Russian side in an indication of the two countries increasing close ties and improves cargo transportation.

Tuesday 19th August

 The world gets closer by latest fast trains and jet planes. China has planned a transcontinental railway project to Russia and is also setting up a spacious logistics park.

 A hotel in China is surprising its customer using a dozen of robots to deliver food to the customers table. The customers are even greeted and welcomed by robots at the hotel entrance.

 A new research study by archaeologists has confirmed that the origins of mummification started in Egypt about 1500 years earlier than previously thought about ancient Egyptian culture.

 Scientists in America have identified a master gene responsible for sleep and wake cycles offering new hope for a drug that could help reset sleep. The discovery helps night shift workers.

Wednesday 20th August

 Metal can be now turned into glass. Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have created a novel technique of creating glass from metal in an innovative scientific process.

 Maymo, is a cool and popular dog across the world. The dog’s ability to wear 100 different shape and sizes of hats has amazed everyone.

 There is a beautiful chain of island located at the southern coast of Iceland. One of them named Ellioaey stands unique, after a mysterious cabin was spotted on it which has no inhabitants since 1930.

 A percussionist band named Extraordinary Horizons in Singapore is a group of young musicians and singers who are all deaf. The video named Deaf. Loud and Proud has got great beats to listen and dance.

Thursday 21st August

 Small cars powered by electric and solar energy are these days gaining popularity. The newest is Elio, a three wheel protype car which hit American roads to save fuel.

 A team of researchers in America has created a temporary tattoo that could turn sweat into electric currents and possibly be useful for charging electronic devices.

 Sand carving is a very creative and wonderful from of artistic talent. A king Kong sand sculpture at a sand sculptor exhibition at Russia was too big to get noticed.

 Space researchers are worried about Earth getting hit by asteroids from outer space. Scientists feel that a huge asteroid hitting Earth could be dangerous.

Friday 22nd August

 Wave Rock is a natural formation in Western Australia. It is a rock that looks just like an ocean wave. The rock is reported to be about 46 feet high and 360 feet long.

 Inspired by the lights of New York City, Barcelona based artist Alex latest installations features a photo series that completely changes and glows when the lights go out.

 French photographer Antoine spends several years going around Europe for documenting men and women who had abandoned city life.

 Researchers in America are developing a new device that can sniff out large amounts of cash that is transferred in an illegal manner. The devise identifies a specific vapor of US notes.



A creative talent in painting

Lady junction1A painting exhibition of Mrs.Vivia Valentina will be held at “La Galerie D’Expression,” at Hotel Ambassador Pallava, from 15th to 17th August 2014 and again from 24th to 31st August 2014. The exhibition was inaugurated by Shri R.R.Annapillai, Founder and President of Tamil Nadu Arts and Crafts Improvement Association. Mrs.Vivia Valentina, is a self taught artist born in Chennai. She has been an ardent lover of art since childhood, which was evident in her winning prizes in painting competitions in school, college and even recently at the corporate sector. Having a creative bend of mind, she took to working on acrylic media for the past 3 years.

Having completed her MS in Biotechnology from the USA, she relocated to India and is currently working for a private company. The exhibition on display articulates the beauty of nature through landscapes. Some of her works are also contemporary as she is also an experimentalist and tries out different forms of art from time to time. She had also exhibition solely at Ambassador Pallava Hotel at “La Galerie D’Expression in 2013.

Her paintings have also adorned the walls of the Restaurant “The Shaack,” at Anna Nagar in Chennai. One of her exquisite contemporary paintings has been displayed at “The Naturals, at St.Thomas Mount branch in Chennai. Her visual display of colours is soothing for the eyes and also vibrant in its own form. Mrs.Vivia Valentina is also a member of Tamil Nadu Arts and Crafts Improvement Association.


More than 6000 used books were collected

More than 6000 used books were collected from 2000 donors in an “Used Books Donation Camp” organized by myShare India in association with Youth Red Cross and Exnora International.The camp conducted between 6 am and 6 pm had multitudes of visitors from all over the city donating their used books.”This is the first book donation drive organized by myShare India and we have seen a grand success by having over thousand people generously donating close to six thousand books. We have made arrangements for the books to be distributed and scribed to the visually challenged students to help them in their higher studies and increase their employment opportunities.

more than 6000 used books - page 6The generosity shown by the people at the camp has motivated our team at myShare India to organize more such donation drives in the future” said Hari Vedadri, Founder of myShare India. The camp was inaugurated by Mr.Delhi Ganesh, renowned film personality and was supported by the ChennaiCorporation Councilor from ward 131, Mr.Gunasekaran. The camp was busy with book donors from across the city all through the day and also featured many dignitaries and local celebrities coming in with their families showing their support to conscious consumerism. As said by the organizing team at the camp, books from engineering, management, arts, general studies and fictional & non-fiction novels had been donated.

The camp saw donors from various parts of the city putting in efforts to visit the camp location to contribute for the noble cause. Field writer and political satirist Mr.Gnani Sankaran marked the completion of the camp offering support by donating a collection of his own books towards the end of the day.Pramila Hari (Program coordinator) said that those who want donate books may contact her in phone 96000 76870 or visit www.myshareindia.com.


Top prize winners in sailing championship

The first 29er Inland National Championship was held by the National Sailing School in the Upper Lake in Bhopal, from the 5th to 10th August. 2014. Sailors from Tamil Nadu Sailing Association dominated at the event winning the top prizes beating local talent. K C Ganapathy and Varun Thakkar came up with a phenomenal performance and won all races except one where they had gear failure and still managed a third, and won the 29er Overall Trophy.

Varsha Gautham and Aishwarya Nedunchezhiyan had a triple bonanza winning the overall Silver, Girls Gold and Youth Gold.Even though the event was inland on a lake, the South West monsoon whipped up whitecaps on the shallow lake and created very challenging conditions for the sailors. At the start of the regatta, the winds were over 30 knots and the races were called off on the first day as most sailors could not remain upright. The winds blew at around 20 knots the next day and eventually around 15 knots towards the end of the regatta.


Vinayagar Chaturthi Special exhibition

Vinayagar Chaturthi SpecialThejus, situated at No-94, Park View Apartments, G. N. Chetty Road, T. Nagar has organized an exhibition of Lord Ganesha idols from 10 a.m to 7 p.m from 23rd to 28th August 2014 in its premises as part of Vinayagar Chaturthi celebrations.There will be about 300 idols consists of various forms of Lord Vinayagar it includes set of 32 forms of vinayagar, Narthana Vinaygar, Naagar Vinayagar, Kalinga Vinayagar, Lakshmi Ganapathi, Sivalingam Ganapathi, Book reading Ganapathi, Musical Ganapathi, Sithi Buthi Ganapathi, Varasithi Ganapathi, Aadhiyum Andhamum and Unjala Ganapathi.Vinayagar idols are made by braze, panchalogam and gold plated will be kept display. All are welcome. For details contact 94440 00060 and 2815 6370.


Booking of SRM bus tickets through Post offices

SRM Transports based at Brindavan Street, West Mambalam has joins hands with India Post for booking of bus tickets in 94 post offices including major Head Post Offices it includes T. Nagar, Anna Road and Mylapore. This facility will be extended to all other post offices in Tamil Nadu in a phased manner. S.C. Barmma Post Master General ( Mails & Business Development TN Sector), Ravi Pachamoothoo, Chairman SRM Group and Vivek Sivaraman CEO SRM Transports will introduce the facility of booking of SRM Bus Tickets through Post offices and it is a pride of SRM Transports that it is the pioneer in introducing this kind of facility in South India.

Booking of SRM bus tickets - page 6SRM Transports India Pvt. Ltd. with headquarters located in Chennai joins hands with India Posts to book SRM Bus Tickets through post offices across Tamil Nadu.SRM Transports have been awarded the “BEST OPERATOR OF THE YEAR – 2012” at Apollo CV Awards,SRM Transports operates A/c Multi-Axle Volvo, A/c Sleeper, A/c Semi-Sleeper and Compartment Sleeper vehicles with all in-built facilities to the passengers throughout South India. They have recently added a facility for customers to Dial and Get Tickets from home. To ensure comfort to the passengers, SRM Transports has a centralised, State –Of – The – Art exclusive modern bus terminus at Koyambedu.

They have provided pick up facilities for passengers from over 100 locations. SRM Transports have an advanced online booking facility for customers to log on and book tickets (www.srmtransports.in). A 24 x 7 customer care centre is operation to resolve all customer queries instantly. To ensure the safety of their passengers all the vehicles are operated with two drivers with a facility for a driver to take rest when the other driver is on duty. All vehicles are thoroughly inspected & certified by qualified and trained mechanics prior to departure.

All vehicles including pick up vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking systems to monitor vehicle movement and real time location status for enhanced safety and security of passengers. A separate control room operating 24 X 7 is also provided to monitor and follow up immediately any issues that may raise during the movement of vehicles.SRM Transports have additional facilities like Parcel Service which offers unmatched delivery across South India.


Road safety Camp aign

Road safety camp page 3Thozhan Organization based at Jafferkhanpet had conducted an accident free nation camp at 100 traffic junctions in city it includes Anna Arch, Sky walk, Aminjikarai, NSK Nagar signal 1 and 2 on August 2014.The programme was inaugurated by S. Lakshmi (Deputy Commissioner, Traffic).Thozhan volunteer’s holds placards, stuck bull eyes, distributed pamphlets on traffic and road safety and voice over through microphones. An awareness programme was also conducted to create awareness on importance of abiding traffic signal and stop line, ensure safe road crossing by insisting pedestrians on following rules, to wear seat belt and wear helmet, risks of driving with distractions like mobile phones, music player and others, campaign against drunken driving. Those who are interested in joining Thozhan as volunteers can contact 2485 0354 and 99411 42188 for details.


Chitra Kala Rathna Award Winner 2014!!

know yr neighbr 13Eminent artist S.K.Rajavelu was presented the Chitra Kala Rathna Award during the 39th annual art exhibition inaugural ceremony on 18th August 2014. The award ceremony was graced by B,R..Annapillai, Founder and President of Tamil Nadu Arts and Crafts Improvement Association. S. K. Rajavelu graduated from Government College of Arts and Crafts, Madras in 1963. He was a Govt. of India Cultural Scholar under KCS Paniker in 1963-64 and a National Scholar under NS Bendre at MS University, Baroda in 1964-65. He was later Dy.Director, Weavers’ Service Centre, Government of India, Vijayawada.

He employs striking linear line drawings, line and colors in various mediums like acrylic, charcoal, pastel, ink, watercolors on paper and canvas. He has exhibited his art works since 1960. A few notable shows conducted by him were namely, Birla Academy of Art and Culture at Calcutta in1972 and Max Muller Bhavan, Bangalore in the year1975.Apart from all major shows at State, National, and international levels all over India and abroad. Rajavelu received the National Award from the Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi in 1967. He was felicitated by Tamil Nadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu, Chennai in 1987. The Tamil Nadu Arts & Crafts Improvements Association (TACIA) was established in 1975 to promote and encourage young, enthusiastic and professional Artists to facilitate development of art & culture among general public. It is a recongnized body of the National Lalit Kala Akademi and Tamil Nadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu.

The organization conducts annual Exhibitions, Artists Camps, Art Demonstrations, Competitions, Seminars, etc for the benefit of the members and public. Subsequently, through TACIA, the Pallava Artists Village was founded in 1991 by Dr.B.R.Anna Pillai at Padappai (near Tambaram). Several of the artist members have won State and National level awards for their efforts in spreading the art across India. Dr.B.R.Annapillai, Founder and President of Tamil Nadu Arts and Crafts Improvement Association (TACIA) encouraged the participating artists and made sure the event was successful.