Appreciated for taking Pandanallur style of dancing to Great Heights

B Meenakshi Chitharanjan is a popular Bharathanatyam dancer, dedicated teacher and choreographer. Her passion for excellence shines through her dance.Meenakshi Chitharanjan was recently conferred the title ‘Natya Kalasarathy’ by Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha in recognition of her contributions to the classical dance at a function held in Chennai.The enchanting beauty of dance is best portrayed by one of the oldest traditions, the Pandanallur Style of Bharathanatyam.

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Meenakshi having undergone rigorous training under the famous Pandanallur Gurus, Chockalingam Pillai and his son Subbaraya Pillai, has mastered this style and performs with confidence, skill and sensitivity unfolding every nuance of this rich heritage. Meenakshi Chitharanjan performed her Arangetram in 1964 and since then has completed over 600 shows. She has performed extensively in India and abroad.A dance school named Kaladiksha was started in 1991 by Meenakshi to train students in the Pandanallur style of Bharathanatyam. She has successfully trained many students. Meenakshi Chitharanjan has a rare combination of a successful performer and a dedicated teacher, whose passion for excellence shines through her commitment to Bharathanatyam.

Meenakshi stated that capturing the essence of the ancient dance form, preserving the unique beauty of the Pandanallur style, expanding the repertoire through innovation and experiment has become her mission, passion and a way of life. Meenakshi has won top honours and awards. She was presented the Padmashri by President of India in January 2008 .She is a recipient of Excellent Awards by Probus Club and Rotary Club of Madras. In January 2004 she begged the Best Dancer Award from Music Academy.

She was honoured with the Nrithya Choodamani awarded by Sri Krishna Gana Sabha and the Kalaimamani by Government of Tamil Nadu. Meenakshi Chitharanjan is a Top’- Highest Grade artiste at Doordarshan. Meenakshi was awarded a grant by the Ministry of Human Resources for researching, choreographing and recording rare and new compositions to increase the repertoire for Bharathanatyam.


World Last Week

Saturday 18th January
 According to reports the iconic statue of Jesus overlooking Rio de Janerio one of the city’s most recognizable land mark has lost a thumb tip to lightening.

 A 31 year old Salvadonian nun who said she had no idea she was pregnant gave birth in Italy this week after she felt stomach cramps in her convent and she wants to keep the baby boy with her.

 The Vatican revealed that some 400 priests were de frocked by Pope Benedict XVI for child sex abuse in the year 2011 and 2012.

 An average person will consume 100 tons of food and 45424 liters (1200 gallons) of water in their life time.

 Regular consumption of Almonds are said to have lesser risk of heart attacks , the phosphorous in almonds contributes immensely in building strong bones and muscles.

 Mashto Yoshida from China completed nearly 25000 miles walk around the globe which he started in 2009 and completing in 2013 ,starting and finishing in the same place in Shanghai, China.

 James Everett a Mississippi man has pleaded guilty to sending poison laced letters to the American President Barack Obama and other American officials.

Sunday 19th January

 A new World’s first smart phone “snoop resisted “ that can encrypt all calls and messages to protect them from spies and hackers is being developed in the United Kingdom.

 Scientists say Internet based surveillance can detect infectious diseases such as Dengue fever and Influenza upto two weeks earlier than the traditional methods.

 A 16 year old British school boy Lewis Clarke has become the youngest person ever to trek to South Pole completing 1129 kilometer sin 41 days.

 British Queen Elizabeth II seems set to gradually hand over charge to her son and heir to the throne Prince Charles as it emerged that the two would embark on an effective “job share “ from this year.

 A 52 year old Brazilian women landed in hospital after a porcupine fell on her head leaving 200 sharp quills in her scalp. The porcupine will have upto 30,000 quills .

 According to a new study plants can learn and remember just as well as it would be expected of animals as they do it all without a brain but plants possess a sophisticated calcium based signaling net work in their cells similar to animals’ memory processes.

Monday 20th January

 A new study at Kings College London suggests a compound found in chocolates ,Red wine, Berries and tea may guard people against the risk of disbetes.

 Judges in Northern Vietnam condemned 30 people to death and jailed dozens more for trafficking 12 tonnes of heroin.

 An 81 year old Swedish man was stunned to read his own obituary in a local news paper which was printed after a misunderstanding between doctors and his family members.

 Research studies suggest that Cytokinins(e.g Kinetin and trans-Zeatin ) in coconut water showed significant anti aging, anti carcinogenic and anti thrombotic effects.

 Researchers from Binghamton university claim to have developed a computer software that can predict whether an executive will have narcissistic or psychopathic tendcies.

 Among the late Sunanda Pushkar’s , wife of Union minister Sashi Tharoor , assets are a priceless suit of armour and a sword belonging to the era of Emperor Humayun . How she acquired them would never be known.

 According to a study a most common type of headaches, are primary headache disorders which includes.tension an migraine headaches originating in the neck and shoulder muscles is classified as a secondary headache.

Tuesday 21st January

 A new smartphone app that tracks the location of your lost wallet using a chip has been developed in the United States.

 An 18 year old Chillean girl has been taken to task for selling her baby on Facebook for 113 dollars. Her mother and sister were also arrested for helping her to sell the baby.

 Internet security firm Splash Data has released its list of the worst passwords of 2013 . 123456 dethrones password as the worst password.

 Researchers from Tubingen University has found that the brain of older people work slower as they have so much information to process, much like a full up Hard Drive.

 Scientists have warned working night shifts causes “chaos” for people’s bodies and may result in long term health problems , as it has a damaging impact right down to the level of DNA.

 Over 1.15 million South Koreans flooded Banks and Call centres to cancel credit cards following the unprecedented data of at least 20 million credit card holders in that country.

 A woman who claimed to be a child survivor ofthe 1912 Titanic disaster has been exposed as a fraud after extensive DNA testing , solving one of the lost great mysteries of the ill fated ship.

Wednesday 22nd January

 Microsoft founder Bill Gates has predicted that by 2035 there will be almost no poor countries in the world and over 70% will have higher per capita income that China has today.

 A Bull Terrior dog that disappeared from the back of its home in South Wales in 2004 has been discovered just 20 miles away after 10 years in 2014.

 An investigation of an Indonesian Chief Justice who was arrested on suspicion of receiving 250.000 dollars bribe has found that he has more than 16 million dollars assets including 33 cars and 31 motorbikes.

 Scientists in the United States have developed a new biodegradable battery that runs on sugar and can work for long hours without charging ,these batteries could be used in electronic gadgets such as cell phones,tablets ,video games etc;

 A U.S based couple has designed hair clips with built in crime fighting technology, which works as a mobile app and crime fighting gadget for women to detect the attack and record evidence.

 Scientists in U.K. have created the fastest ever real world internet connection using commercial grade fibre optic lines to clock up speeds of 1.4 terabites per second.

 Indian born scientist Arockiyaswami Joseph Paulraj has won the 2014 Marconi Society prize for developing the theory and applications of antennas which is at the heart of current high speed WiFi and 4G mobile systems.

Thursday 23rd January

 Scientists have developed a new record breaking atomic clock that is so precise it neither loses nor gains a second in five billion years longer than the age of the earth.

 Pope Francis described that Internet as a gift from God and called on Catholics to boldly become citizens of the digital world.

 Chech Republic’s most popular tourist destinations the Church of Bones has bones from 40000 to 70000 people.

 According to a new research the first common male ancestor ’Adam’ walked the earth 209,000 years ago earlier than the scientist s commonly thought.

 Tyler Doohan an eight year old boy in the United States saved six of his relatives from a house fire but died while saving his disabled grand father.

 A South African man has sued an Electricity company for 13.8 million pounds because he claims his prayers Kept the lights on during the 2010 World cup.

 World Economic Forum at Davos is where the wealthy and powerful get together to discuss the weighty problems of the day. It is also an event characterized by good food and where heavy lunches and many parties.

Friday 24th January

 According to a review of scientific evidence published Vitamin D supplement has no significant effect on preventing heart attacks, strokes,cancer and bone fractures.

 A 70 year old Siberean women who has lived alone for nearly 25 years has appealed for someone to live with her because she has started feeling lonely after such a long time.

 Pan Yizhong a lean Chinese man described as ‘ Big Stomach King’ after swallowing 25 bowls of noodles announced his hunger for more after winning the Kung Fu eating contest.

 Experts in the U.K expressed worries that the Yugoslavia built ice strengthened ‘Ghost’ ship packed with ‘cannibal rats’ was heading towards the country’s shores.

 U.K. Scientists have sequenced the genome of the world’s oldest continuously surviving cancer which first arose in an inbred dog about 11000 years ago.

 In ancient times the Chinese who developed the technology of extracting silk kept the method of silk making a top secret and were reluctant to part with that bit of knowledge. Anyone who acted contrary were immediately put to death.

 A new study has revealed that humans can use the sense of smell to detect dietary fat in food as food smell almost always detected before taste.


A Perfect stroke of Talent and Creativity!

Know yr neighbr

Art is slowly gaining the much needed importance in Chennai City. In fact Chennai has some of the best, innovative and talented artists. One such artist who certainly needs a special mention is S.Anand who is a talented artist and graphic designer residing at West Mambalam, in Chennai. His paintings on nature are excellent. Using the palette knife, Anand brings to life landscapes and abstracts. Anand completed his Diploma in Fine Arts (Paintings) at Kalakshetra Foundation.

He also did an Advanced Diploma in Multimedia (Design Applications) at Arena Multimedia-Division of Aptech. At Kalakshetra Anand had a great opportunity to learn under stalwarts like Prof.S.Dhanapal and Prof.K.Srinivasulu. Anand is the recipient of Junior Fellowship for Outstanding Artist in the field of painting for two years by the Department of Culture. Government of India. He was also awarded a onetime scholarship during the final year studies from Tamil Nadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu,Chennai. Anand did solo exhibitions at various leading and popular art galleries in Chennai, such as Studio Palazzo, Gallery Sri Parvati, Ayya Art Gallery and Tangerine.

He participated in group shows held at Lalit Kala Akademi, Kalakshetra Foundation, Chitrakala Parishat,Bangalore and show by Tamil Nadu Arts and Crafts Improvement Association, Padappai. S.Anand is a very good artist and his art works are well appreciated. Ensuring customer’s satisfaction and putting in his best for the perfect art work is what makes Anand to move on and achieve more in the colourful life of arts and paintings. Besides painting, Anand enjoys listening to music.


Audio CD Launch Ceremony

Dr. pattammal family released Audio CD

The family of Kalaimamani Smt. D. Pattammal (G. N. Chetty Road, T. Nagar launched the audio CD of ‘Arul Keerthanaigal’ songs on Sri Ramakrishna Trinity on 22nd January 2014 at Infosys Hall, Ramakrishna Mission School, Bazullah Road, T. Nagar.

The CD was unveiled by Pujya Sri Rama Prana Mataji in the presence of  Swami Padmasthananadaji, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, T Nagar and N. V. Subramaniam of Saraswathi Vaggeyakara Trust The first copy was released by Mataji and received by Swami Padmasthandaji and Sri N V Subramaniam. The music CD will be available at all Ramakrishna centers all over India and at Thejus (G. N. Chetty Road, T. Nagar, Chennai for free distribution.

Commenting on the CD launch, D Chandrasekar, son of  D Pattammal said, “We are happy and profoundly privileged to present one of the earliest compositions of our mother “Arul Keerthanaigal” songs on Sri Ramakrishna Trinity”. For more information visit www.dpattammal.com or call 94440 88437.


City Bee

Art Show
A group art show titled Ritual and Reason is on at Apparao Galleries, 1st Floor, No.7, Wallace Gardens 3rd Street, Chennai. The exhibition is on till 26th February 2014. Artists namely, Alexis Kersey, Jogen Chowdhary, Laxma Goud, Sakti Burman, Shilpa Gupta, F.N.Souza, Madhvi, Mithu Sen, Neeta Gajam, N.Ramachandran, S.H.Raza and others are participating in the show. For details call 9941012385/88.

Annual Reunion
Vidyodaya Schools Alumni Association is having its Annual Reunion Dinner on 26th January 2014 at 5.30pm at the Vidyodaya School Auditorium. This event has been held for over 14 years.12 Educational scholarships of Rs.9000/ for needy students would be distributed on the occasion. For details of the event contact Vidyodaya School on 2834 0202, 2834 5307.
Spoken English Courses
Ramakrishna Mission Ashram located at No-3, Maharajapuram Santhanam Salai,T.Nagar, Chennai will start the 30th batch of Spoken English Course in basic and intermediate levels from 2nd February 2014.The highlights of the course are grammar, vocabulary and conversational skills. Interested candidates can contact the Ashram library for application forms and course details. The last date to register is 31st January 2014.For details call 28143896/3514.

Painting Exhibition
A painting exhibition by Ernest Anthony Valles will be held at La Galerie D’Expressions, Hotel Ambassador Pallava, Montieth Road,Egmore from 16th to 31st January 2014. Ernest has worked for 10 years in a British and American Advertising Agency doing film publicity for well known Indian producers and directors. For details contact Ernest on 9677111014.
Kurukshetra 2014
It’s time again to celebrate technology and promote creativity. The international Techno-Management fest of Guindy Engineering College titled Kurukshetra will be held from 29th January to 1st February 2014. For details visit www.kurukshetra.org.in

Educational Fair
A study overseas global educational fair will be held at Radission Blu Hotel, Ethiraj Road, Egmore on 2nd February 2014 from 11am to 5pm. The event will have educational representatives for various countries .For details call Study Overseas Global on 28365424 or visit www.studyoverseasglobal.com.


Modern MTC Facility Can Be Better Utilised

Metropolitan Transport Corporation bus passengers while welcoming the modern facility at Tambaram Sanatorium stated that extension and introduction of new routes would make the terminus busier and better utilised.DSC00245

Passengers suggested that shifting of buses from East and West Tambaram will be not only beneficial and reduce congestion along GST Road and Velachery Road in East Tambaram. At present all MTC buses going towards Guindy halt inside the terminus which is located near Madras Export Processing Zone. Many office goers and students have highlighted the point that few buses plying on route numbers C51, T51 and 5A could originate from Tambaram Sanatorium terminus which is spacious and equipped with waiting halls and many bus bays.


New Link Road Connecting Lighthouse and Foreshore Estate


Chennai Corporation is planning to widen several major roads in the city which are heavily congested. Chennai Corporation has also come up with a project to construct a new link road connecting the Marina beach service road near the Lighthouse with Foreshore Estate at Santhome.

At present traffic is diverted during peak hours through the loop road parallel towards the beach to reach Santhome High Road. The new link road proposed by the Chennai Corporation will be a four lane stretch and would decongest traffic snarls along Santhome High Road.  Chennai Corporation is also taking measures to widen the Beach Road stretch from Lighthouse till Santhome.


10th annual musical festival

Rasika fine arts award2Rasika Fine Arts (West Mambalam) conferred ‘Rasika Kala bharathi’ award and cash prize of Rs. 75,000 to 90-years-old Parur M. S. Anantharaman (veteran violinst) during  their 10th annual musical festival inauguration held at Jaigopal Garodia Hindu Vidyalaya, 4th Street, Postal Colony, West Mambalam.