Music concert in memory of Kalaimamani Smt.D. Pattammal

Hundreds of rasigas were attended a music concert of Sudha Ragunathan organized D. Chandrasekar (Founder, Thejus, an 24 ct gold plated articrafts & gifts Shop, G. N. Chetty Road, T. Nagar) at Vani Mahal, T. Nagar on July 28 on memory of his mother D. Pattammal a vageyakkara, who has more than 650 songs in Tamil to her credit for the 10th consecutive years. The concert commenced with the evergreen kriti on Vinayaka by Smt. Ambujam Krishna – ‘Vaarana mukane vaa’ followed by an elaborate Suddha Saveri composition of Saint Thyagaraya – ‘Dharini Thelusukonti’, in Sudha’s very own trademark style and set of eight compositions of the late composer.

sudha raghunathan concert 3Sudha was in great appreciation of the compositions, particularly the ‘Arul Keerthanaigal’. Smt.D.Pattammal received initiation from Pravarajika Bharathi Prana, a direct disciple of Holy Mother Sarada Devi and composed these songs on the Ramakrishna Trinity.  Sudha began with a composition in Kamas on Sri Ramakrishna. What followed was a piece on Swami Vivekananda in Poorvikalyani. The audience was enlightened with an explanation by Sudha on the nuances of the ‘panchanadai’, where she sang ‘Mayil Meedhu Viraindhodi’ in raga Shanmukapriya to demonstrate the changes in the beat at every step.  Kalyani was her choice for the main raga and she sang Smt. D. Pattammal’s composition in Kanchalochani.  Sudha rendered  the concert with a few more of D.Pattammal’s compositions on the Holy Mother Sarada Devi.

It must be mentioned here that despite the selections being of unfamiliar compositions, the audience were spellbound and remained seated until the curtains came down. And this truly was because of the golden voice of Sudha Ragunathan that add further luster and embellishment to  the concert that was dedicated to the memory of Smt. D. Pattammal and her masterpieces. Sudha Ragunathan was accompanied on the mridangam by Shri N Ramakrishnan, Violin by Shri Pakkala Ramadas, Morsing by Shri R Raman, Ghatam Shri N Guruprasad.


Appreciated for service oriented activities!!

Know yr neighbour1M. Babu had received ‘Exnora International Outstanding Social Work Award’ for his social service for the past several years. The award was given by Justice V.Jothimani and V. P. Kalairajan (T. Nagar, MLA) in presence of M. B. Nirmala (Founder, Exnora International).Babu conducts medical camps in slum and residential areas. He also organizes blood donation camp in regular intervals. He also conducts free sports camp among the school and college students during vacation holidays.

Babu also received number of awards for his social activities it includes ‘Appreciation Award’ from Tamil Nadu State Blood Transfusion Council & Tamil Nadu State Aids Control Society for consecutive 2012 and 2013, Dr.MGR Award from National Integrity Cultural Academy (2010), ‘Best Social Worker’ award from Lions Club of Perambur (2008) and Indian Science Monitor Research Centre (2007).He is working as a Public Relation Officer at Shri Shankarlal Sundarabi Shasun College for Women, Madley Road, T. Nagar. Exnora International is a non-governmental environmental service organization.

It was started in 1989 in Chennai, by Dr.M. B. Nirmal, a social activist. It focuses on preserving nature and preventing environmental degradation. The name Exnora is derived from excellent, novel and radical ideas in solving environmental issues.The organization’s Environmental Training Institute conducts training programmes for school teachers on environmental issues such as biodiversity, climate change, and solid, liquid and zero waste management. The teachers are taught how to turn a home into a green building and set up vertical gardens.  With Exnora guideance, a number of steets, schools, colleges, slum areas have become, clean, green, safe and environmental friendly.

Exnora M.Babu service oriented works is really appreciative.M. Babu resides at No-9/5, Sampangi Street, West Mambalam. For details contact 98414 75566.


Extra auto booth opened

auto boothOne more pre-paid auto booth has be installed and opened just near the entry and exit MTC bus gate at CMBT Koyambedu. Traffic police men are deployed at the booth to ensure smooth operation. The setting up of the booth near the entry point has also helped in removing share autos from parking near the bus terminus entrance. A good number of passengers are making use of the pre-paid auto facility at CMBT Koyambedu.

Traffic police have also set up assistance booth to deal and solve auto issues with the public. Still surprise checks are conducted by special teams to ensure autos run with meter rates provided by the government. Awareness campaigns and passenger interactions are also carried out by the Traffic policemen. As the pre-paid system is attracting passangers, many autos are lined up at the booths set up in various locations at CMBT Koyambedu.


Bus bay formed at Mylapore Tank stop

mylpore bsThe Metropolitan Transport Corporation bus bay and bus shelter at Mylapore Tank bus stop is very helpful for the public. The bus bay prevents traffic snarls share autos from standing in front of the bus stop. The bus bay is exclusively for use by buses of the Metropolitan Transport Corporation. The bus bay was created few weeks ago. The purpose of the bus bay was to help commuters to board MTC buses easily. If the bus bay has lessened traffic snarls could be lessened, especially during the morning and evening rush hours. The Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) has set up a bus bay at many important and busy stops for the convenience of those travelling by bus.


City Bee

Saliyar Monthly Meeting
The monthly meeting of Saliyar Mahajan Sangh Chennai Branch will be held on 31st August 2014 at 10.30 am with homage to late Kalvi Vallal T.Kalasalingam, at Door No-4, Tamil Nadu Housing Board Complex, Luz Corner, Mylapore, Chennai-4. For details contact A.Palanichamy on 9884603087 and visit www.saliyarcommunity.in

Women’s Car Rally
The latest edition of the Akshaya Duchess All Women Car Rally 2014 is set to be flagged off on 3rd August 2014 from Savera Hotel premises. The event is open for cars of all engine capacities and categories including diesel cars and jeeps. The maximum number in each car is four. The rally will be held in six categories.

Independence Day Celebration
The 12th General Body meeting of Anna Nagar Bougainvilla Park User’s Association, 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar East will be held on 15th August 2014 at 10am at Hotel Sree Balaji Bhavan, near Chintamani signal followed by executive lunch by noon. All are welcome. Independence Day celebration takes place at 7.15am on 15th August 2014 at Bougainvilla Park premises. For details contact 9840851861.

Madras Market
Madras Market is a celebratory event where people from all walks of life come together to enjoy two days of shopping, music, food, entertainment, creative workshops and interactions. Presented by Chennai Shopping and organized by Full House Entertainments. It happens at YMCA Ground (Royapettah) on 2nd and 3rd August 2014

Dance Ballet
Radica Giri is performing her first dance ballet under the title ‘Chitrangada’ at The Music Academy on Sunday, 3rd August 2014. The composition is based on Tagore’s story of Chitrangada, who is the only child of the King of Manipura. For details call 28115162, 28112231.

Classical dance drama
Krishna – Musical in English is a classical dance drama that portrays Krishna, the man, his philosophy and why he is beyond comprehension. It takes you on a beautiful journey, transversing from Vrindavan to Kurukshetra, through Mathura.The musical will be performed on 17th August 2014 at Narada Gana Sabha TTK Road, Alwarpet.


Special meeting to pay tribute to Kalvi Vallal Sri T.Kalasalingam

DSC000042There was sadness in the atmosphere when Kalvi Vallal Sri.T.Kalasalingam, Founder and Chairman of Kalasalingam University and Honarary President Saliyar Mahajan Sangh, Chennai Branch passed away. A special remembrance meeting to offer respect and pay tribute to Kalvi Vallal Sri T.Kalasalingam was conducted by Saliyar Mahajana Sangh, Chennai Branch on 27th July 2014 at Tamil Nadu Housing Board complex, Luz corner, Mylapore. The meeting started with unveiling of the portrait of Sri T.Kalasalingam and paying homage with prayers and flowers. Mr.S.Thirunavakkarasu, Deputy President welcomed the gathering. The members of Saliyar Mahajana Sangh spoke about their experiences and memorable occasions while paying rich tributes to T.Kalasalingam in the presence of Ilaya Vallal Sri.K.Sridharan who graced the function.


World Last Week

Saturday 19th July

 United Kingdom Government, England will have great success when it finally creates the first space sport to launch satellites and commercial spaceflights by the year 2018.

 A study by University researchers stated that altering lifestyle habits and regular exercise can easily prevent Alzheimer’s disease in millions of people across the world.

 Soon, water droplets could power up smart phones and laptops. Researchers found out that water droplets can generate a small amount of energy that might be used to power electronic devices.

 A team of researchers led by University of Wisconsin Madison and stem cell scientist Igor have taken a giant leap in cracking the code to turn stem cells into human blood at a lab.

Sunday 20th July

 French street artist JR and his crew had pasted images of women faces on buses, trains and buildings. The project called Women are heroes is a tribute to women across the globe.

 Notebook manufacturer Magnus Ferreus has created the world’s first emotion stirring notebook called Onion Note that actually makes a person to cry when its opened for writing.

 Telmo Pieper, a Dutch muralist has recreated his old childhood drawings in to realistic visions based on his creativity and imagination. He termed his work as Kiddies Art.

 Pierce Thiot, a photographer has a craze of decorating his facial beard with various pretty objects and flowers. He has set the trend for men having beautiful flowers on their beards.

Monday 21st July

 These days Toronto Mayor Rob has developed a special attachment to the circus. He has been participating in several circus shows and happily playing clown music.

 According to a surprising research publish by Microsoft, states that its better to use old passwords that creating unique passwords. Similar passwords can be recycled for low risk websites.

 A health study says that common asthma inhalers are found to curtail kids growth and height. The effects were found to be less when using small doses.

 Paul Hetherington, a Vancouver based LEGO artist has come up with the Jokers Funhouse. It is a work that realistically showcases scenes from Batman and Robin.

Tuesday 22nd July

 The skeleton of a mammoth at the museum in Acapulco, Mexico is an interesting exhibit to visit. The bone structure of the mammoth was during archaeological excavations in 1990 at Mexico.

 Marvel Comics has announced officially that Sam Wilson, known as Falcon is taking over the reins of Captain America. It will be written by Rick and Stuart.

 Photographer Yvette Meltzer has come up with a photo project series called as Revolution. She captures the images that form in a spinning laundry at Chicago Laundromats.

 To mark the 100th anniversary of First World War, German sculptor Tobias and co-artists were invited to paint up the warships with dazzling designs and colourful shapes.

Wednesday 23rd July

 Dog is truly man’s best friend. This is more clearly seen in a YouTube where a dog named Charlie gave toys to a cry baby girl to pacify and make her to smile.

 A group of students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a 3D printer that can produce ice creams within 15 minutes.

 A mysterious giant crater that has appeared in Yamal Peninsula was caused by rising temperature and not by a meteorite. The 262 feet crater was due to changing temperature, said researchers.

 The risk of drivers falling asleep while driving cars may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to new smart seats to alert drivers developed by researchers at Nottingham Trent University, England.

Thursday 24th July

 NASA plans to build make shift shelters for astronauts mainly at lunar pits found along the surface of the moon. Scientists have discovered millions of craters on the moon.

 Researchers in Australia are stating that state of the art missile detectors could soon help to fight malaria. The detector identifies malaria parasites in blood.

 The Simpsons, an animated Hollywood television hit show is popular all over the world. A man had got 41 Simpsons tattoos making him a world record breaker.

 Train tracks are now also artworks. Portuguese artist Arthur Bordalo cleverly converts horizontal train tracks into a canvas by creating figurative painting on it using bright neon colours.

Friday 25th July

 Brooklyn residents have taken to the rooftops greenery. The 65,000 square feet roof top garden above the Brooklyn Navy Yard building is one of the largest in the world.

 The Caspian Sea is reported to be the largest enclosed inland body of water on Earth by area, variously classed as the world’s largest lake or a full-fledged sea.

 Yarra Trams operates Melbourne’s entire tram network. There are 1763 tram stops across the network. Yarra Trams operates 29 tram routes at Australia.

 The heaviest dinosaur was Brachiosaurus at 80 tonnes. It was the equivalent to 17 African Elephants. Brachiosaurus are the largest dinosaur skeleton to be mounted in a museum.


Informative programme on Dental Hygiene

Anna Nagar Senior Citizens Welfare Association had organised a programme on Dental Hygiene on 20.07.2014 at Anna Nagar Western Extension premises, No-13 B, Park Road, Anna Nagar West Extension. Dr.Vidhya Sabari, Dental Surgeon, Vidhya’s Eversmile Dental Clinic, Mogappair East gave a informative talk on dental care to the senior citizens in a friendly manner. Dr.Vidhya valuable message of saving teeth was strong and clear. She spoke about choosing the correct toothpaste, brushing method and cleaning of gums. The talk followed with an interactive session.

d5Dr.K.S.Palaniswami, President of Anna Nagar Western Extension Association participated in the programme and spoke on the occasion. Mr.P.Vadivel, Secretary of Anna Nagar Western Extension Association requested the area residents to make maximum good use of the Free Medical Clinic which functions at the association premises. The clinic has specialist and qualified doctors. Mr.M.S.Varadarajan, Secretary of Anna Nagar Senior Citizens Welfare Association, introduced the guest speaker. Mr.K.Chandrasekaran, President of Anna Nagar Senior Citizens Welfare Association appreciated Dr.Vidhya Sabari for her interesting health awareness talk on good dental care. Mr.A.Chockalingam, Vice President of Anna Nagar Senior Citizens Association and a senior journalist proposed the vote of thanks.


Interested in Educational, Economical and Environmental Development!!

She is a Mathematics Expert having a long term association with United Nations

Meet Diana Grace Thomas, M.Sc, M.Phil, PGDCA, PGDOR. She is a dynamic leader, educationalist and a social activist. Diana is also the Chairman of Smile Public Charitable Trust, Chennai. She has a long term association with United Nations and is an active participant in UN Women and UN Global Compact. Diana is the Advising Committee Member at St John De Britto Home for the aged women based at Kolavam. She is the Mathematics Subject Matter Expert, SPi Global-Laserwords, which is an international E-Publishing Company. Diana has co-published a children’s value education book titled Arram Arivu (Sixth Sense). She has published a research paper on International Journal-IJAM on Decision Making via soft graphs.

Diana lady junction16Mr.Richard P.Cook a journalist and social worker from Massachusetts, USA visited Erode in the year 2000. He was inspired by the school academic records of Diana Grace and her ambition. Diana’s dream of higher studies came true by the scholarship of MIT Professor Mr.George Verghese recommendation based upon the good remarks of Mr.Richard to MIT Cambridge,USA. Diana Grace Thomas studied B.Sc (Mathematics) and M.Sc (Mathematics) at Nirmala College for Women. She completed her M.Phill (Mathematics) at Madurai Kamaraj University. Diana did her PGDCA ( Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications) and PGDOR (Post Graduate in Operations Research) at Pondichery University. In 2005, Nirmala College for Women, appointed her as a lecturer in Mathematics Department with Computer Applications. In recognition of her outstanding work, she was promoted as Head of Department of Mathematics.

A fresh chapter was written in Diana’s life when she married Edwin Rozario, a leading advocate at Madras High Court. As the Chairman of Smile Public Charitable Trust, Diana believes that sustainable development of any country rests on three important pillars namely Education Development, Economical Development and Environmental Development. Diana is providing financial support to poor and deserving graduates. She is also promoting evening schools and tuition centers. She initiated skill based vocational training programme for the fisher women entrepreneurs at Kovalam. She had even put up a manufacturing unit and promotes eco friendly products. Diana had organised medical camps at Kovalam village. She conducted free camp through NIEPMD-National Institute for Empowerment of persons with Multiple Disabilities, Government of India. She also held an eye a screening camp in association with Sankara Nethralaya. As any Anglo Indian’s journey, Diana Grace Thomas was brought up in the Railway Colony, Erode, Tamil Nadu State. In spite of life’s struggles and hardship, Diana Grace did not lose hope; in fact she became all the more courage’s and was eager to learn something new. She always had her mind and heart to serve the needy.

Diana always had a special place for her Anglo-Indian community and still does even till date. Diana stated that she is confident and crystal clear to taking the Anglo Indian community to greater heights once she get nominated for the prestigious Anglo-Indian MP position. Various Anglo Indian Associations in India and abroad, well wishers are promoting and supporting Diana for the nominated Anglo-Indian Member of Parliament, as she looks to be the perfect choice and the suitable personality for the job portfolio. Many VIP’s, eminent personalities are also in support of Diana to emerge victorious. Mrs Barbara Thyab Ali, Anglo-Indian International Activist stated that Diana is getting positive feedback and successful greetings.

Diana Grace Thomas can be contacted on 09840315677 (E.Mail- hi2dianagrace@gmail.com. Mr.Edwin Rozario, can be reached on 08056191159 and 09382822331.