Spreading Awareness On Unity In A Cheerful Way

Kilpauk Residents Welfare Association organised a magic show by Magician Shoranur Ravi at The Institute of Mental Health, Kilpauk on 13th December 2013. Magician Ravi did a lot of tricks highlighting a social awareness message.

The event concluded in a patriotic manner with the Kilpauk Residents Welfare Association members holding the tri colour flag of India.

Biscuits, chocolates were distributed to all the inmates of The Institute of Mental Health. Kilpauk Residents Welfare Association Patron, Mrs.Sathi Thomas, President-Alka Patel, Vice-President-G.Nandagopal, General Secretary, K.Jagannadha Rao,Joint Secretary, G.N.Tharakaram, Ladies Wing Secretary-Dhanalakshmi Rangiah along with Executive Committee member S.J.N.Dev and Former President P.Krishnan participated in the function.


Bringing Out Innovative Environment Projects

Dr.H.Malleshappa IFS Director of Environment, Government of Tamil Nadu distributed NGC funds to 65 Schools in Chennai East district to carry out environmental activities in a function held at Chennai Middle School,72,A.P.Road,Choolai.

In his special address after the Fund disbursement, he had narrated the environmental activities carried out at schools and invited teacher and coordinators to come up with innovative projects and proposals to save environment and to eradicate pollutions.

G.Thangaraj, District Coordinator, Chennai East stressed the point that the role of teachers in schools is important to encourage children to be environmentally friendly.

Medicinal saplings were given by Director to schools in order to educate children on traditional herbal values. A nature camp has been planned for teacher coordinators next month with student winners on environmental competitions.

M.Ravikumar, S.Durai and John Manohar Dist. coordinator, State coordinator, Dist. Environmental Engineer respectively spoke on the occasion. S.Sudhakaran HM of the school proposed the vote of thanks.


An Interesting And Informative Launch

World’s leading travel experts Lonely Planet have brought to India a first of its kind, a travel guide combining the fascinating worlds of travel and Indian cinema with the launch of ‘Filmi Escapes Travel with the movies’.

The travel guide was launched on 9th December by Baradwaj Rangan Deputy Editor ‘The Hindu’ and Mohan V Raman, actor and film historian at Vivanta by Taj Connemara, Chennai in association with Madras book club and members of the club.

Filmi Escapes provides specialist information on hotels, transport, food and sightseeing. This information is accompanied by interesting filmi moments, trivia, amusing anecdotes and stunning images.

Talking about the influence of Indian cinema on travel, Mr. Sesh Seshadri, Director, Lonely Planet India said, “Cinema has always proved to be a great influence on the Indian society in every manner.

Movies have familiarized us with our own country, often inspiring us to travel to locations where they have been shot. Filmi Escapes is a full color guide with some never seen before collection of film images and posters.

Priced at Rs. Rs. 595/-, the travel guide has 352 pages. Lonely Planet is the world’s most successful travel information provider with 40 years of experience in the travel information space. For more updates kindly visit Lonely Planet India on www.lonelyplanet.in


Kilpauk Utsav 2013

One of the popular annual fun filled events at Chennai is the Kilpauk Utsav organised by Kilpauk Resident Welfare Association.

The event took place at S. C. S. Kothari Academy for Women, No: 17, Venkatapathy Road, Kilpauk.

During the programme Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dr.K.N.Thirunavukarasu, Managing Director of AKN Nursing Home, Kellys in recognition for his services to the residents of Kilpauk.

The Person of the Year Award was given to Mr.Anand Jayaraj, a technocrat, who designed the Kilpauk Residents Welfare Association website and maintains it. Rangoli events, dance performances and games made the event enjoyable and memorable.


Artistic Creativity At Its Best

Tamil Nadu Arts and Crafts Improvement Association, Padappai, (Recognised by National Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi) is holding a group member show at Tamil Nadu Foundation Art Gallery,Taylors Road,Kilpauk. Oviyar Shri Maruthi,Senior Artist cut the ribbon and inaugurated the art show on 12th December 2013.

Shri.K.Samikkannu,Former Principal of Government Fine Arts College, Chennai lit the kuthuvilakku. Dr.B.R.Annapillai, Founder and President of Tamil Nadu Arts and Crafts Improvement Association (TACIA) presided over the inaugural ceremony. The participating artists are M.Anuradha,TL.Anandakumari,N.Gopikrishna,C.Kumaresan,V.Ravichendran, G.Suhail Ahamed, K.Venkatramana, R.Venmathi, RS.Vilvapriya and K.Ravi.

Tamil Nadu Arts & Crafts Improvements Association (TACIA) was established in 1975 to promote and encourage young, enthusiastic and professional Artists to facilitate development of art & culture among general public.

It is a recongnized body of the National Lalit Kala Akademi and Tamil Nadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu. The organization conducts annual Exhibitions, Artists Camps, Art Demonstrations, Competitions, Seminars, etc for the benefit of the members and public.

The group exhibition is on till 21st December 2013.The art show is open from 11 am to 7 pm on all days.


World Last Week

Saturday, 07th December

 Doctors say chair free offices lead to employees burning more calories and also warding off diabetes.

 A Pennsylvania couple married just three weeks ago lured a man to his death because they wanted to kill someone together for thrills.

 Probably the most expensive car crash in history, three Lamborghinis worth more than 6, 50,000 pounds went up in flames when they crashed together at 70 MPH while on their way to a car show from Singapore to Kualalumpur.

 A new wristband that tells users when they have had a healthy dose of sunlight has been developed in the U.S as lack of protection from harmful ultraviolet rays can lead to skin cancer.

 A Turkish lady television presenter has been sacked for wearing a low cut dress during a T.V show.

 A Japanese condom manufacturer claim to have created the World’s thinnest condom which measures just one sixth of a human hair. Reportedly spent 10 years to create the ultralight polyurethane condom.

 In one of the biggest advance against leukemia and other blood cancers in many years doctors are reporting unprecedented success by using gene therapy to transform patient’s blood cells into soldiers that seek and destroy cancer.

Sunday, 08th December

 Thieves in Georgia, U.S stole an entire ATM machine using a forklift, they picked up the machine right off its footing.

 In an extremely rare occurrence a 29 year old mother in the U.S has given birth to naturally conceived three identical baby girls without fertility drugs beating the odds a million to one.

 Scientists say humans have been deceiving themselves for thousands of years that they are smarter than the rest of the animals despite growing evidence to the contrary.

 The world’s biggest Christmas tree 750 metres high 450 metres wide with 1000 multi coloured lights has been installed on a hill above the town of Gubbio in Umbria region Italy.

 2000 dead toxic mice were airdropped over an island in Guam, U.S in an effort to eliminate over one million snakes live in the island.

 A 1400 year old Buddhist temple built during the Northern QI Dynasty -550-557 A.D has been discovered on Shanxi Province, North China.

 Researchers in Berlin, Germany have developed a new candy that reduces the amount of cavity causing bacteria on the teeth.

Monday, 09th December

 A U.S woman had to be hospitalized after some prankster allegedly applied glue on a toilet seat in a restroom of a shop.

 A new study from the Monell Centre has found that people experience smells in a completely different way. Human olfactory receptor differs between two individuals.

 U.S scientist have developed a new contact lens which releases drugs into the eye and could help treat glaucoma the world’s leading cause of unreversable blindness.

 World’s notable funerals- Pope Jean Paul 1 million attended in St. Peters Square Rome – Princess Diana more than a million people paid respects before the casket. Joseph Stalin 5 million people waited in a line that stretched 10 kilometers in Moscow.

 A U.S company claims to have developed a new line of eco friendly cell phone case that not only shield against radiation but also eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria in mobiles.

 A new study has found diabetes has associated with a increased risk for developing a type of liver cancer called Hepatocellular Carcinoma.

 Australian scientists have developed world’s first test that could help prevent still birth, a tragedy that affect millions globally each year.

Wednesday, 11th December

 Researchers have developed a new high tech athletic shoe that evaluates a jogger’s running form and technique and warns the runner of exhaustion, injuries etc.

 A U.S couple from Kentucky has offered a car as a reward for anyone who finds their pet dog a three year old Golden Retriever.

 A remote region in East Antarctica has set a new record for the coldest place on earth with temperature dipping bone chilling minus 93.2 degree Celsius according to NASA scientists.

 A study has found five measures to starve off dementia, are taking regular exercise, not smoking, a low body weight, eating a healthy diet and low alcohol intake.

 A Chinese factory worker says walking a huge iron shoes weighing more than 200 kilograms each can ease back pain but he faces hefty competition in his bid to make the country’s heaviest footwear.

 The founder of the French breast implant company was sentenced to 4 years in prison for hiding true nature of the sub-standard silicone used in implants sold to three hundred thousand women around the world.

 A provocative study found that nearly one in five lung tumours detected on CT scan are probably so slow growing that they would never cause problems.

Wednesday, 11th December

 An Indian origin couple Karan Chand and Katari, both over 100 years old will become the U.K’s oldest married couple as they celebrate their 88th wedding anniversary.

 European Food and Safety Authority claims that artificial sweetener is safe and pose no threat to health.

 Bangkok’s Light Fog Creative and Designer company has created an eco friendly bicycle that cleans polluted air while you ride.

 A contentious study on alcoholism at the University of Texas suggests people who drink regularly live longer than those tee totalers.

 A distraught 33 year old Chinese man jumped seven storeys to his death after his girl friend refused to stop shopping at a mall in Jiangsi Province, Eastern China.

 Pope Francis has been named Person of the year 2013 by TIME magazine for changing the perception of the catholic church within just nine months in office.

 Recent studies revealed that the apple peel have powerful anti cancer benefits the more apples eaten with peels on the lower risk of several cancers, hence do not discard the apple peel.

Thursday, 12th December

 Chocolates could run out by 2020 as the cocoa supplies diminishing across the world. Chocolate bars may get replaced by slabs of palm oil and vegetables fats packed with raisins and nought by 2020.

 A pair of studies at Harvard graduate school claims that studying music has no effect on improving cognitive abilities and has no effect on intelligence of young children.

 According to the universal postal union Santa Claus receives 8 million letters per year from children around the globe.

 A new study warns personal care products such as lotions and shampoos are exposing infants and toddlers to potentially harmful substances called “Parabens” at an even higher level than the adult women in the U.S.

 A U.S school suspends a six year old boy for kissing a girl in class is raising questions about whether the peck should be considered sexual harassment.

 An unemployed 48 year old man went on year long burglary spree, steals cash and jewels worth nearly185, 000 dollars to feed 100 stray and 20 of his own cats.

 A woman in China has given birth to a 760 gram baby the length of a palm after only 25 weeks pregnancy. The baby is kept in an incubator and monitored by the hospital for 3 to 4 months before being discharged.

Friday, 13th December

 Two centuries after his death Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte received a letter from the country’s statistics department to his hometown address. The receiver of the letter wrote a note “Died in 1821 please forward with a prayer to Saint Peter” and returned the letter.

 A 32 inch tall gold and jade statue of Mao Ze dong worth more than 16 million dollars was unveiled in Shenzhen town, China ahead of the 120th birth anniversary of the icon on 26th December.

 Prince Harry has become the first British Royal to reach the South Pole after a three week charity trek with injured military veterans following a 320 km journey to the most southerly point.

 Scientists have discovered a cave on the Indonesian island of Sumatra that provides stunning records of Indian Ocean tsunamis over thousands of years with its layers of tsunami borne sediments found in the cave.

 Researchers have claimed that toxins in non stick cookware lead to diabetes, due to high levels of perfluorinated compounds found in industrial and consumer products.

 A new study has found that office holiday bashes which are thrown with intention of promoting team unity leave members of racially diverse groups feeling disconnected than connected from the workers.

 According to the latest World Cancer Report from World Health Organisation more women in India are being newly diagnosed with cancer annually, also says one in every ten in India are at risk of getting cancer before their age of 75.


TNSA Sailor Wins Gold Medal

Navyn Prabhakar, an Optimist sailor from the Tamil Nadu Sailing Association competed in the 30th KFC-MYA-MILO/NSC NATIONAL OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 held from November 27th to December 1st at Langkawi, Malaysia and won Gold in the ‘C’ division. Navyn, who is not yet 10 years old has already taken part in several national and international events and established himself as the best among sailors of his age.

He is the current under-10 (sub-junior) champion of India; now also of Malaysia! Navyn competed in a fleet of 92 boats with the best sailors of Malaysia, many of whom participated in the India International Regatta in Chennai in October and won medals. Navyn Prabhakar won the Gold in the C division and finished a creditable 27th overall in the series of 12 races, ahead of the three other Indian sailors participating in the event and ahead of many of the A and B division sailors.

Out of the 92 sailors, there were 38 sailors in ‘A’ (under-16), 35 in ‘B’ (under-12) and 19 in ‘C’ (under-10).The event didn’t start easily for our champion; caught in the wrong side in a wind shift, Navyn could not finish his very first race of the event. But fighting his way up, he finished 8th in each of the next three races and caught up to finish ahead of many of the junior (B) and senior (A) sailors and clinched the Gold in the sub-junior category.


World Disability Day

International Day of Persons with Disabilities is annually observed on 3rd December to focus on issues that affect people with disabilities worldwide.

To mark the occasion a cultural programme and prize distribution function was held on 3rd December 2013 at Schizophrenia Research Foundation-SCARF located at North Main Road, Anna Nagar West Extn, Chennai.

The guest of honour for the event was Mr.D.N.Kar, Director of Income Tax, Exemptions. He gave an encouraging speech about upliftment of people with disability and shaping their future for all around development. Dr.R.Thara, SCARF Director presented a memento to Mr.D.N.Kar.


Honoured For Outstanding Performance In The Field Of Bharatanatyam with Global Recognition

Dr.Anita Ratnam was given the Viswa Kala Bharathi Title by Bharath Kalachar on 1st December 2013 during the Twenty Seventh Margazhi Mahotsav inaugural ceremony held at T.Nagar,Chennai. Anita Ratnam is an accomplished Indian classical and contemporary dancer and choreographer. She is also seriously engaged with the imaging of Indian and Asian women via the prism of performance.

Over the years, she has received numerous awards and recognition for her work in the performing arts in India and abroad as a choreographer, scholar and cultural activist. She trained in Bharatanatyam as well as Kathakali and Mohiniattam, the classical dances of Kerala. Anita Ratnam has received several awards and recognition for her work in the performing arts in India and abroad. Some of them are Nritya Choodamani in 1996 by Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai, Kalaimamani (1998) for Dance Research by Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Media Achievement award (1991) by National Organisation of women in New York, Mahatma Gandhi Award for Cultural Harmony, Lalithakalaratna (2003) by Sri Lalithakala Academy Foundation Trust (Inc.),Mysore, 2003 and Natya Ratna (2003) by Sri Shanmukhananda Sangeeta Sabha, New Delhi.

Anita Ratnam’s many solo and group choreographies have been of a collaborative nature. She worked with Theatre Directors (Dipankar Mukherjee, Pangea World Theatre, Minneapolis),Richard Armstrong (New York University), Visual artistes (Photographer Cylla Von Tiedeman, Toronto) and Asma Menon, Painter, Chennai, Visual and Costumes designers Rex (Toronto) and Sandhya Raman (New Delhi)’Writers Joy Harjo (Albuquerque,USA),Shobita Punja (New Delhi) and Choreographers Hari Krishnan (Indance, Toronto)and Mark Taylor (Dance Alloy, USA).

Her ability to connect through storytelling, musical theatre and gestures to a wide variety of audience had enabled international assignments and diverse spaces like Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, Korzo Theatre in The Hague, Substation, Singapore, Newark Museum and Peabody Essex Museum in America.

Dr.Anita Ratnam also visits academic environments like Wesleyan University, Columbia University, Mount Holyoke College, Barnard College, University of California in Irvine and University of Chicago, Fordham University, Middlebury College all located in America. In addition she has lectured at University Catholica, Santiago, Chile, University of Cape town, South Africa, Goldsmiths College and Roehampton University in London, UK and Arts University in Kyoto, Japan. In these settings Anita Ratnam interacts with students of dance, theatre, mythology and religion.

Her dissertation was on the role of women in the reconstructed performance of the original 13th century theatre ritual Kaisika Natakam in Southern Tamil Nadu.

Anita Ratnam is a widely sought speaker on women’s issues relating to South Asia and she has been repeatedly honoured and awarded for furthering the profile of Indian contemporary dance around the world. Anita Ratnam serves on several National and International Cultural Boards.

She is a voting member of the Dance Critics Alliance, USA, a member of the World Academy of Arts and Science, Italy and she is also on the Executive Board of Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi, India’s apex cultural body as well as a member of the ICCR selection committee on contemporary dance for International festivals.


Chennai Corporation Repairs Kodambakkam Bridge

The Chennai Corporation has started the process of repairing and strengthening Kodambakkam Bridge. To facilitate this work, traffic movement has been diverted to the Rangarajapuram flyover.

The Kodambakkam Bridge will be closed for heavy vehicles movement until the repairs work gets completed. As for now only light vehicles are permitted along both ways.

MTC buses are diverted at Liberty junction towards Vishwanathanpuram Main Road, Station view Road, Rangarajapuram Flyover, North Usman Road and Valluvarkottam to reach their destinations.

Vehicles coming from Mahalingapuram flyover intending to go to Vadapalani are diverted towards Habibullah Road, Sadasivam Road, Bazullah Road, Rangarajapuram flyover, Chakkarapani Street and Five Light junction.