Scope and challenges of social workers in working with the underprivileged

Scope and challenges of social workers in working with the underprivileged

It was a day when the students of social work, and development management were honored by the presence of Dr. Pillai is the President of Indian Development Foundation (IDF) and Dr. Narayan B. Iyer (CEO & National Co-ordinator (Mumbai), IDF). A special lecture was delivered by Dr. Narayan B. Iyer and Dr. Pillai on the scope, and challenges of social workers in working with the underprivileged.  Dr. George, Former President, SSER and the Principal Dr.V.A. Vijayaraghavan shared the dais with the dignitaries. Dr. Vijayaraghavan introduced the guests and thanked them for accepting his invitation to be at Madras School of Social Work , Egmore on 28.10.2014.

SCOPEThe life history of Dr. Pillai and what actually prompted the high level of social conscientious that he possesses to manifest in practice was very beautifully highlighted by Dr.Narayan. He shared information on the various projects that IDF is involved with on both a pan-India and global level. IDF’s focus, it was learnt, was not only on health but also on education, empowerment and community development. ‘The Bal Gurulkuls’ and ‘Center of Excellence’ models set up under the aegis of the IDF is an example of the same. Dr. Pillai shared his experiences of working with Former Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Dr. Swaminathan, Founder, MSSRF. He stressed that social workers must be thorough in statistics on the problems, places and need of the community they are working for. It was articulated to the audience that predicaments are but a natural deadlock on the path of each and every social worker and one will have to learn to circumvent and deal with the same.

The lecture concluded with an interactive question and answer session, followed by the stage being open for individual discussion facilitation. Dr. Narayan also expressed the idea of collaborating with Madras School of Social Work in its future projects and also encouraged the students to volunteer with the organization. He stressed that the social work students must be grounded in the basics of social work and need to think and work out of their comfort zone for the betterment of the community

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