Adyar Estuary Improvement Project

Adyar Estuary Improvement Project

Adyar Estuary and Creek and the Theosophical Society on the Estuary’s southern side have been a haven for migratory and resident birds for years. The environmental conditions in the estuary with low salinity, good shelters and high plankton availability in the Adyar creek serves as a good nursery for fish. The flow of tidal water in and out of the creek allowed for easy travel of boats. It therefore encouraged fishing and there was a thriving economy of fish trade here. However, with the city’s sewage and effluence from its various industries, for some time, emptying into the river, the biological activities in the region was affected.

adyar 2 Although the number has been in decline due to pollution and anthropogenic activities, they still attract hundreds of birds. The Broken bridge is located near the Adyar Estuary and the sea.During the year 1977, the bridge partly collapsed due to strong currents of the river, and has never been repaired. The bridge spans across the Adyar estuary, bordering the backend of the Theosophical Society. It was built to facilitate the movement of fishermen from Santhome beach to Elliot’s beach over the mouth of the Adyar river. The bridge was built in 1967. It cuts across the Adyar River mouth to connect the fishermen hamlets on the Adyar side The bridge collapsed in the year 1977. The utility of the bridge would have gone but the charm remained. It continued to be a sought-after shooting location.

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