Kids today are smart and fast learner

Kids today are smart and fast learner

Every child is a genius. Kids today are smart and fast learners. If children are given expert training to make better use of their right brain, they can do amazing things even with their eyes closed. Imagine, if your child is trained scientifically for a few days and is brought in front of you, with a black band around his eyes. This is to ensure that he cannot see anything around him.  It may seem like magic or a miracle, but, any child taught in a systematic and scientific manner can do so. There are several videos on our facebook page (below) of the achievements made by young children in Chennai at all different levels of the program. Seeing is believing! So take out 2 mins from your day and have a look at what your child can learn from a few workshops!
20160514_145047After years of research, BRAINY program of Brain Child Learning developed a special process to enhance the senses of the whole brain and to activate the dormant neural network. This brain sensory enhancement is aimed at making children’s memory sharper, improve concentration, increase learning ability and perform their level best in any activity. The course consists of four levels namely: Sensory Acceleration, Mind Sensory Perception, Enhanced Speed Reading and SuperMemory Accelerator. Brain Child Learninghas earned laurels for its sensory enhancement programmes all over the world. Brain Child Learning was brought to India by Xplore Academy which has been in child development education since 2004. Moreover, BrainChild Learning is an international companybased out of Malaysia. Children are in safe hands with Brain Child Learning.This unique programme is now available for the first time in South India, THIS SUMMER in CHENNAI!
For more details and information contact:Mrs Sarika Gupta, A1, Orchard Court, New no-63, Old no-123,Chamiers Road,R.A.Puram,Chennai-28 and call 42078851, 9789099393. Follow us on facebook at

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