Her new technique is worth appreciating

Her new technique is worth appreciating

lady jnThe very new creative art technique by Mrs.Valli Panchanathan of oil paintings with glittering fancy stones has given her painting to look attractive and glittering. At present Valli is displaying her wonderful works of art at La Galerie D’Expression, Hotel Ambassador Pallava, Egmore, Chennai. Mrs.Valli started her career with the Post and Telegraph Department, Thanjavur in the administration office. She is a very talented self taught artist. Goddess Saraswathy was her first art work.

Valli was well appreciated and encouraged for paintings by her family members and good friends. Moreover her very first oil painting was Lord Ganapathy in canvas and it came out well. Dr.B.R.Annapillai, Founder and President of Tamilnadu Arts and Crafts Improvement Association found Mrs Valli’s paintings good and stated that she deserves encouragement. The painting exhibition is on 30th June 2016 at Hotel Ambassador Pallava, Egmore,Chennai. For details call 9941930016.

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