World Last Week

World Last Week


A 39 year old woman in America was charged with animal cruelty after she parceled up a live puppy an tried to post in to a destination more than 1100 miles away from Minneapolis to Atlanta.

The Brazilian police freed a 45 year old woman who had been locked in a house for 20 years with no communications with outside world by her 60 year old partner.

A drug crazed father in Papua, New Guinea has been accused of trying to eat his new born boy in a gristly witchcraft ceremony was arrested.

Activists of a youth wing resorted to a novel protest when they cut the hair of a teacher in a city school in Pune in retaliation against disciplinary measures taken against 65 students to a short crop.

David Kennedy a professor in a University in western Australia and in an armchair archaeologists has identified nearly 2000 potentially important sites in Saudi Arabia using Google earth despite never having visited the country.

An Egyptian journalist who sustained gunshot wounds while filming anti regime protests in Cairo has become the first person to loose his life Egypt’s upraising.

In a shocking episode 27 year Sanamma a nomad from Andhra Pradesh tried to bury her new born baby boy was rescued hand over to ammathottil in Alapuzha

A drunk 23 year old college student murders his classmate 21 year old B.E student by pushing into a well during a ghost hunting trip by a group of friends.

Former American President George W Bush cancelled his visit to Switzerland after reports that he could be arrested for torturing of prisoners.

A Sicilian couple murdered the ex husband of the woman with a slab butter which would asphyxiated him but postmortem found remains of butter in the airways.


An American company based near Boston will soon start manufacturing the “flying car” called the Transition Roadable light sports aircraft which can be transformed from a car to a plane in just 20 seconds.

Scientists at Edinburgh University have confirmed inventing contraceptive for men using a combination of Testosterone and Progesterone to reduce sperm count.

A 30 year old woman in Noida gives birth to a 5.6 kg, 60 cm tall baby the second heaviest new born ever in India, she missed 100 grams to become India’s heaviest baby.

A 25 year old burglar in Washington D.C has been easily arrested after he left his mobile phone on charge at the house of the victims in his haste to flee.

‘Time’ Magazine named World’s Top 25 political icons, including Mahatma Gandhi, Emperor Akbar, Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama and Mahatma Gandhi has been voted top world icon.

A 72 year old man has become Britain’s oldest father after his wife 30 years younger than him give birth to a baby girl.

A man swimming in a Australian water hole with his two daughters fought off a giant 8.2 foot crocodile by punching repeatedly on its head.

An 18 year old female Russian donkey which grabbed world wide sympathy after being strapped to a parachute and taken on terrifying paragliding flight died of heat attack.

Researchers in Spain say that homes within 100 metre radius of petrol pumps are exposed to potentially harmful pollution raise the risk of cancer of the inmates.

The Zardari family has said it will file a 100 million dollar lawsuit if the Jang media does not apologize for the report on Pakistani President’s marriage.


Scientists at the Hersey Centre for health nutrition in the U.S. have found that chocolates containing 60% cocoa is healthier than most fruits.

A man hurled a shoe at former Pakistan President Prevez Musharraf during a meeting in London though the shoe did not hit him.

49 year old Stefaan Engles of Belgium has set a new world record by completing 365 marathon races in a year covering 15000 kilometres.

A tropical flower has been hailed as the latest weapon against wrinkles, a sugar compound derived from it can actually regenerate skin making it feel plump and more elastic.

In a inhuman act two men allegedly left their ailing 95 year old mother in Krishnanagar bound train, some railway hawkers in Shimurali station in Noida gave her food and shelter.

In Finland a nuclear storage site will safely hold radioactive waste for many years unless something unforeseen happens.

Researchers in New Zealand have developed a robot which they say can help remind elderly people to take their medicines and monitor their vital signs.

U.S. experts have built an eye shaped camera using standard sensor materials and say it could improve the performances of digital cameras and enhance imaging of the human body.

According to official report wild fire destroyed at atleast 59 houses in Perth, Australia across the Cyclone hit north east.

Dutchess of Cornwall Camila wife of Prince Charles gives first public hint that she may one day be Queen of England.


A 35 year man in Lamont, California was declared dead after being stabbed in the leg by a bird that had a knife attached to its leg at an illegal cock flight.

According to the “Guardian” Egyptian president Hosni Mubarrak is likely the richest man in the world with an estimated fortune of 70 billion dollars.

Doctors in China attached a 36 year old patients severed left foot into the calf of his right leg in a desperate bid to save the leg.

A chief security officer in the D.S.P range stoops to clean the dirt from the a Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister’s shoe was relayed by T.V. channels.

Scientists at University of California, San Diego school of medicine claim that they are inching close to developing a new fluorescent liquid that can make hard to see nerves glow when injected into patients.

Researchers in Britain have carried out the study of 4000 kids and say kids who eat processed food or junk food lower their I.Q.

Doctors in France have announced the country’s first birth of a saviour sibling selected at the embryonic stage to be close genetic match to save a brother or sister suffering from a fatal inherited disorder.

Somali pirates hijacked an Italian flagged vessel with 17 Indians and five Italian crew members on board from the Indian Ocean.

Scientists have discovered in Lebanon what they say is a 95 million year old fossilised snake which has two tiny leg bones attached its pelvis.

The Russian city of Belgorod has cancelled the Valentine’s day because it goes against Russian cultural traditions’


Kozikode in Kerala will soon have India’s largest Mosque measuring 25,000 sqft at a cost of Rs 40 crore where 25,000 to 30,000 devotees can pray at a time.

According to new nutrition data from the U.S. Department of Agricultural Research services eggs are lower in cholesterol than previously thought.

A 20 year old British student who got a silicone injection into her buttocks at a hotel near Philadelphia Airport dies after a few hours.

In a bizarre incident in Thoothukudi a house wife alleged to have been burnt to death in 2002 by her relatives who were arrested and kept in custody returns alive with her 2 children.

Like adjusting a high tech radio, Scientists turned into precise frequencies of brain activity for insights into how the brain works .

Practicing Lawyer Y.G. Krishnamurthy in Hyderabad who turned 100 years old and still argues a few cases in high court born on 20.1.1912 and enrolled as a member of the bar on 26.2. 1936.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister publicly auctioned off a golden sword and crown presented to him for Rs 55 Lakhs and donates the money to a celebrated Tamil wrater.
According to a study at Virginia University on dog ownership and adolescent physical activity found dogs help people stay active.

Researchers at the University of Warwick Medical School in the United Kingdom has found those who get less than 6 hours sleep a day face serious health hazard like heart attack or stroke.

Three elderly tea puckers, while working were trampled to death by a herd of four elephants at Tantea Estate,Valparai.

 U.S. researchers say a new hybrid drug made in part from the chemical in the yellow spice turmeric could help to regenerate brain cells after a stroke.

Russian scientists have predicted that Asteroid Apophis 300 m wide with a force of two massive volcanic erupts is most likely to hit the earth on 13th April 2036.

A boy in a school uniform blew himself up at a Pakistani army recruitment centre killing 31 cadets and injuring at least 12 persons.

 64 year old Graham Short has engraved the world’s smallest engraving “ Nothing is impossible” measuring a tenth of a millimeter on the edge of a razor blade, The Wilkinson’s blade comes with a price tag of 47,500 pounds.

Scientists in Australia say they are encouraged by initial results of a revolutionary “thinking cap” that aims to promote creativity by passing low levels of electricity through the brain.

A 25 year old interrogated in vehicle theft cases attempts suicide inside the Kidwai Nagar police station by slitting his throat with a razor blade.

IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals has demanded Rs 120 crore from the Board of Centre of Cricket in India (BCCI) as damages for its suspension from the T.20 league.

A injured owl pepped up into the front of a wedding photo and was picked up by the camera’s auto focus at the John F Audubon centre bird sanctuary Pennsylvania

A bottle of vodka which contains 24 carat edible gold leaves, two south sea pearls and one carrot diamond is on sale on Valentine’s day for 11,000 dollars in Manila.

In a new study Dutch and Belgium researchers have found that eating more then 50 grams of cheese daily may increase the risk of bladder cancer.


Bahrain king has ordered that each family in the tiny gulf monarchy be given 3000 dollars to mark the 10th anniversary of a National charter for reforms.

After 18 days of peaceful protests the Egyptian president leaves Cairo for his Red sea retreat of Sharn-el- Sheikh.

Cyclone hit Australia has warned people to stay away from Cassowaries the huge flightless birds with claws that can disembowel a human on the hunt for food after their habitat was destroyed by the storm.

An American drunk driver pulled herself over after mistaking a roller skating rinks flashing signs for police car lights: she was arrested on charges with drunk driving
As many as 13 light house across the country, four of them are in Tamil Nadu, are set to become heritage centers that would portray maritime history of India.

An Australian designer revealed plans for a yatch that can fly 4 metres above the water at a speed of up to 400 KMPH. The Ekranoplan w ill be 35.6 metre long run by Hydrogen power.

According to a study on average a person walks their dog 1855 miles a year and 23739 miles in a dog’s life time of 12.8 years.

An Indonesian was caught at Thailand airport for carrying 3 bags full of Indian star tortoises, snakes and spiders reported to be taken to Bangkok’s famous Chatuchack market.

An International team has found a fossilised foot bone of early human relative who walked on two legs more than 3 million years ago.

An unique temple called Valentines Virunthavan Thulasi Sri Krishna temple is fast coming up in Sholingur in Vellore district where lovers can offer special poojas on Valentines day.

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