World Last Week

World Last Week


39 year old inspector of police attached to Mylopore police station commits suicide. He has blamed two of his senior officers for his suicide.

The massive earthquake cum tsunami has moved Japan’s main island about 8 feet and has also moved the earth ‘s axis to wobble by about 4 inches.

Delhi police remands Vijay alias Ram Singh the killer of Delhi University student Radika Tanwar.

Police and Revenue officials on Election duty in Tamil Nadu seized over Rs 15 crore in cash that was unaccounted for has been handover to the income tax department.

An International teams claims one sleepless night helps to burn 13.5 calories almost the same amount of energy one exhausts during two a mile walk.

U.S. Scientists in the Florida Everglade are recruiting crocodiles and alligators in their fight to protect the wetlands by implanting satellite chips in their neck for the first time.

Jeff Knoons porcelain sculpture of pink panther hugging a bare breasted blonde is coming to a New York city auction, it is estimated to bring 20 to 30 million dollars.

60 year old Graham Waspe’s 6 year old loyal dog was blinded when both his eyes were removed now has a two year old dog to act his guide.


A foot wear manufacturer in China has made an electric car out of a giant leather shoe made of the hide of 5 bulls it can carry 2 people up to 250 miles a speed of 20 m.p.h on a single charge.

British cardiac surgeons have embarked on an unique technique of getting the heart surgery done through an incision in the wrist which they say is safe and more comfortable with chances of less complications.

A team from the Michigan State University finds that dogs are truly best friends but the dog owners are healthier than the people without a pet.

Researchers in Singapore have succeeded in making silk worm produce coloured silk by mixing the silk worm diet with mulbery powder and a special coloured substance.

In New Delhi a 17 year old student wins stabbed to death allegedly by a group of minor boys following an argument over the money of the victim lent to one of them.

A 60 year old man was swept 15 km to the sea by the Japan’s deadly tsunami was rescued on the 3rd day after being spotted clinging to a piece of wreckage.

Denmark will not have postage stamps from 1st April 2011, the post offices will text customers a code that needs to be written in the place of the stamp.

A hotel in New York one of the World’s most expensive hotel, charges 35,000 dollars for a single night’s stay, however the hotel does not permit guests to bring their pets.

Dennis the Mennace the hero of U.K. children’s comic Beano is all set to celebrate his 60th birthday by taking one of the most powerful person, U.S. president Barrack Obama, he is due to appear with Dennis in April 6th issue.

A third year B teach computer science student of Sastra University in Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu was battered to death, student rivalry is suspected to be the motive for the murder.


A 3 year old has been the youngest child in Britain to be treated for alcohol, the child has been given alcohol regularly for 6 months.

A 23 year old burglar broke into the Altrenchen police station in the midnight, put on a police uniform and helped himself to a bowl of porridge and a cup of coffee was caught red handed.

In a racially motivated act a 24 year old Indian student in Sydney was raped and shot dead.

The Vatican has launched Facbook and YouTube pages devoted to late Pope John Paul II who is to be made to sainthood at a mass in May 1st set to be attended by 2.5 million people.

The second hydrogen explosion in three days rocked Japan’s Fukushima Daichi Nuclear plant.

The Indian navy captured 61 Somali pirates after a gun battle in the Arabian sea 600 nautical miles off Kochi out of the 61 they were 15 boys aged 15 and below.

Japan’s Centrel Bank allocated a record 182 billion dollars into the country to buffer the economy from Japan’s strongest earth quake.

30 year old Dariuz Slowick a discus thrower from Poland threw a 48 kg washing machine 3.5 metres away and finds a name in the Guinness book of world records.


 For the first time a British court allows a solicitor to issue a court summons through Facebook.

A large snake died of Silicone poisoning after it bit the silicone enhanced breast of a modal during a photo shoot in Tel Aviv.

The economic after shocks from the massive temblor off the coast of Japan resulting tsunami and feared Nuclear meltdown could hit globe production of everything from aircraft to iPods.

Top Indian golfer Jeev Milka Singh coach was forced to remove his turban at Milan airport by security official before being allowed to board a flight.

A teacher from Sussex U.K. asked for sick leave because he had been bitten by a crocodile; The school staff and pupils were amazed when they heard his story.

A 45 year old Head police constable on the police quarters Egmore committed suicide by consuming acid; due to his personal problems.

Two months ago Shailesh an NRI had accidentally consumed methanol a highly toxic form of alcohol that caused him irreversible damage to the optical nerve and blindness has been given two bone marrow stem cells injections in his eyes at a Chennai hospital has regained sight.

A 70 year old woman whose house was swept away by giant tidal waves has been found alive inside the house has been rescued miles away from its original location.

A husband and wife security personnel in Tirupur government hospital. Stole a day old baby from the hospital and sold it for Rs 40,000/- to a childless couple has been caught.

The massive earth quake that struck Japan that it accelerated the Earth’s rotation speed shortening the length of the day by 1.8 Micro seconds according to NASA


A baby born in China with heart outside the body , a thin membrane covering it which can be seen clearly outside his stomach doctors are battling to save the 2 month old baby boy.

Sadiq Batcha aide of former T.N. Telecommunication Minister commits suicide by hanging at his residence in Tenampet, Chennai.

Researchers believe they have uncovered the molecular switch for the secretion of insulin providing for the first time an explanation of the process.

A Red Tibetan Mastiff Puppy has become the world’s most expensive dog after being sold for almost 1 million pounds.

The official Omega countdown clock for the London 2012 Olympics stopped due to a technical fault 500 days 7 hours 6 minutes and 56 seconds before the opening ceremony.

Four infants died 5 to 10 minutes allegedly after administrated a vaccine for measles at a government hospital in Adipur town near Kutch.

A research at the University of California says that the prudent and hardworking live longer than those who takes things easily.

A 80 foot standing stature of Lord Buddha, the country’s tallest, was unveiled on a 2.5 acre plot on the premises of Thailand Buddhist Vehar.

Indian American Shanthi Sethi a female commander of a U.S. Navel destroyer docks at Chennai habour on its 3 day visit to India.

A unique 6 foot high life size portrait of Emperor Jahangir the largest Mughal painting dating 1617 A.D is estimated to sell for 1 million pounds a Bonhams one of the World’s oldest auctioneers.


A team of Japanese scientists have found that excessive swimming or taking long bath in chlorinated water may increase the risk of developing blood cancer.

Doctors have found beer provides the same health benefits attributed to moderate consumption of wine and drinking a pint of beer a day reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

14 Elderly patients died after being transferred out of a hospital in the radioactive zone near Japan’s troubled nuclear plant.

According to a Swedish official concentration of radioactive particles from Japan’s disaster hit nuclear power plant has been heading eastwards and are expected to reach North America in days.

British Scientists have developed a new booze buster technology which they say could help detect the whiskey they buy is genuine or fake.

World Health Organisation reports’ as many as three out of 10 new borns in India suffer from acute iron deficiency, the highest in the world.

The Nanded police arrested a 32 year old man for the murder of 15 women over a span of 11/2 years in various places in Marathwada, Virdarbha and other neighbouring states in Andhra Pradesh.

16 girls aged between two and seven years abducted and sold for 10,000 to 80,000 were rescued by police from brothels lining highways in Madhya Predesh the pass 5 days.

A new study in London claims that an average woman will be friendly with 22 men, have 4 long term relationships and have her heart broken five times before meeting the right one.


An exhibition in Australia showcased a technology that could be used in future hotel rooms and it includes zero gravity beds, self darkening glasses and doors that are unlocked by mobile phones.

A Chinese super car owner hires a gang with sledge hammers to destroy a 465.000 pounds worth car after the dealers failed to attend to the recurring problems.

The department of Revenue Intelligence seized Rs 14 crore worth China made goods with made in India labels from Tuticorin port.

An assistant sub inspector of police of the Harayana police was found murdered in a farm in the Bahadurgh Sardar area.

FBI sleuths are now looking for a ring of hackers who have penchant for looking nude pictures of Hollywood actresses online.

An unmanned spacecraft called Zohal or Saturn created by scientists in Iran is they claim the World’s first flying saucer.

A new study revealed that 50 year on diabetic can expect to live 8.5 years fewer on average than a 50 year old without the disease.

A 23 year old veterinary graduate at the Madras veterinary college bags 29 gold medals at the Tanvas convocation.

An infamous see through dress worn by Kate Middleton in 2002 when she and the prince were university students has been bought by a unidentified buyer for 78000 pounds in an auction.

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