World Last Week

World Last Week


28 years after Indian cricket team takes the World cup in grand style, beating Sri Lanka by six wickets.

A clown who won a seat in Brazil’s congress has used public money to employ two T.V. comedians as parliament secretaries.

Spanish police say they have arrested a man who twice escaped from custody by having his wife sent false faxes ordering his release.

Researchers have developed a battery that they claim taken advantage of the difference in salinity between fresh and sea water to generate electricity.

The second medical officer was shot dead by two unidentified persons in Gomtinagar locality in Lucknow while he was on his morning walk.

A 21 year old fourth year mechanical engineering student at Anna University was bitten by a snake while he was heading towards the mess from the hostel in the university campus.

Scientists claim to be in the process of developing a new vaccine which will protect against itching, sneezing and watering eyes that feliness cause in up to one in ten people.

A Japan coast guard elite rescue unit has picked up a dog that was adrift at sea on a house roof 2km from the tsunami battered northeast coast The dog was adrift for 3 weeks since the disaster


93 year old Clara Tang has become the oldest woman committed to stand trial for the murder of her 98 year old husband in their Sydney home in Australia.

Mexico created aviation history by using bio fuel made from locally sourced oil from a non editable plant in an airbus which flew from Mexico to Angel Albino Corzo

A double suicide attack outside a shrine in the Central Pakistani Punjab province kills 41 people and injures more than 100.

Facebook and Co-founder Zuckerberg have been hit with a law suit seeking more than one billion dollars in damages over a page on the Social network which called for a “Third intifade” against Israel.

U.S businessman and possible presidential candidate, Donald Trump says Obama’s birth certificate may say he is a Muslim.

According to a study in U.S. Yoga already proven low high blood pressure and cholesterol levels can cut half the risk of common and potentially irregular heart beat.

52 year A. Padmarajan from Mettur, Salem is contesting Kolathur constituency in Chennai for the 121st time, not to win the elections but to enter the Guinness book of records as a candidate who lost the maximum number of elections.

Golf balls which take up a millennium to decompose have now been made from lobster shells which is biodegradable.

Spiritual guru Sri Satya Saibaba was in a critical state following a chest and lung congestion and was put on ventilator at Sri Satya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences in Puttaparthi.

Six burly policemen had to be rescued by firemen at the 13 storey Brooke House in Essex, U.K. as their combined weight was too much for the lift which got struck up halfway.


 Pakistani police arrested a 35 year old man, his sister and aunt on charges of cannibalism after finding cooked parts and remains of a 24 year old woman who died 2 days ago .

A self proclaimed cannibal who slit his housemates throat and partially severed his genitals and then drank his blood was sentenced for life in Australia .

Scientists at the University of Minnesota are growing human hearts in laboratory which they believe could start beating within weeks, the organs were created by removing muscle cells from donor organs to leave behind tough heart of connective tissue.

A 66 year old Chinese craftsman has created one centimetre long violin which is the world’s tiniest violin. He had earlier created a 3.55 cm long violin. He carved his master piece with 0.1 mm drill point from a piece of Mapple wood

A 41 year old woman miraculously survived after her car plunged six stories from the top of a car park in Melbourne. The car fell 100 feet and got struck up at ground level in the lane between the walls.

Researchers in Australia have revealed a microchip which is expected to power the first functional bionic eye which brings retinal implant much close to reality.

China ordered the closing of nearly half the nations dairy companies in an attempt to clean up the industry blighted by scandal already six children have died and over 300,000 fell ill after drinking powdered milk.

Indian airforce chief says he would seek special permission from the government to fly M.S Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar in the best fighter plane of IAF SU 30MKl.


Students at a school in Scotland had to run for cover when it started raining earthworms during the P.E classes. They found 120 worms on the football grounds and tennis court.

Elections commission officials at Tiruchi seized Rs 5.11 crore cash packed in 5 travel bags covered with a sheet on the roof a private bus parked in a residential area in Tiruchi

A new study says that going without food for 24 hours may cut the risk of heart disease and diabetes fasting also appeared to more than halve the odds of diabetes.

Researchers say that working more than 11 hours will increase the risk of heart disease by 67% compared with working a standard 7 to 8 hours a day.

The Maharashtra legislature recommended Sachin Tendulkar for the Bharat Ratna the highest civilian honour in the country.

Libya’s Gaddafi’s staff who called him papa” were presented with gold watches every year, according to an Ukrainian nurse .

A 15 year old girl for Southern Germany who was denied a horse by her parents turns a cow to fulfill her riding dreams.

There has been a five fold rise in cases pertaining to hawala transactions in Kerala in the last 3 months on an average of 25 cases per month.

Around 200 people fell ill in New Delhi after consuming food items prepared by contaminated buck wheat even a mill owner was arrested in this connection

A first of its kind a full fledged digital mammography with tomosynthesis (3D) system proving early and accurate diagnosis of breast cancer was inaugurated at Apollo hospitals Chennai.


Fire fighters in Britain had to come to the rescue of a thief who clambered into a bin but got stuck up inside. He was freed from the bin and promptly arrested.

Gladys Bunill a 92 year old woman from Hawaii has broken a world record when she completed a marathon of 26.2 miles jogged ,walked and completed in 9 hours 53 minutes in Honolulu.

Sweden’s queen Silvia injured her foot and wrist while dodging a photographer who wanted shots of her and princess Madeleine.

A nutrient called retinoic in carrot and sweet potatoes may prove to be a vital weapon against breast cancer in the early stages of the disease say a scientist.0

China is making waves with the World’s first major 3D pornographic movie which will be released in Hong Kong and Taiwan next week.

Officials in Siberia are considering setting up a scientific institute to study the abominable snowman Yeti.

51 year old Apa Sherpa a Nepalese mountaineer who holds a Guinness record for climbing mount Everest 20 times left for another attempt on a mission to clean the garbage from the world’s highest peak.

Car manufactures have developed a n active electromagnetic suspension system that can increase the ride quality of cars by 60%.

A rarest and most desirable 17th century 6 foot high life size portrait of emperor Jahangir has been sold in an auction in London for Rs 10 crore.

Workers at Japan’s crippled atomic power plant pluged a hole spreading highly radioactive water in the ocean boosting efforts to contain the world’s worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.


British billionaire Richard Branson unveiled plans to pilot a flying mini submarine down to the furthest depths of the oceans on a latest record breaking adventure. The craft will try to reach the deepest points in each of the five oceans.

A new study has found meditation can deliver powerful pain relieving effects to the brain with just 80 minutes training for the beginner in an exercise called “focus attention”.

12 students were killed and 22 others were injured after a gunman opened fire in a school in Rio De Janeiro before killing himself.

A powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake again rattles northeastern Japan 66 km east of Sendai, no tsunami was generated.

A 40 year old man hurled his slippers at actor Vaidvelu at Tiruchi while addressing a public meeting one of the slippers hit Vaidivelu.

52 years old Gopal Das a farmer from Punjab who was in a Pakistani jail for 27 years was released on humanitarian grounds reaches home.

A 14 year old school student commits suicide in the school hostel in Bhilwara after his classmates beat him for not returning Rs 100/- he had taken from them.

In a shocking incident at Thiruvananthapuram the office room and furniture used by a senior government officer belong to a S.C community were cleansed by sprinkling cow dung water by some employees of the office after his retirement . A case has been booked against those concerned.

Scientists in Canada have found that eating the citrus fruit tangerines regularly could protect against heart attacks, diabetes and stroke and as well as it helps starve off obesity.

Researchers have created a PC that can be controlled by the power of thought, a
breakthrough which they say could soon help people unable to speak or move.


32 year old Louise Haris spends 20,000 pounds and invites 80 guests to a lavish ceremony to watch her Yorkshire terrior tie the knot with Mughy a Chinese cresto which holds the title of being U.K.’s ugliest dog.

The United Nations finds 600 child soldiers some as young as eight years for armed groups in the Philippines and expects the final number to be in thousands.

French President Nicholas Sarkozy lost his temper and threatened to smash the face of an editor during an interaction after his news magazine suggested that the first lady was a maneater.

After years of futile attempts researchers from Monell centre have finally succeeded the regeneratory human taste cells in a dish.

A pilot study in U.S. about human canine interactions has found that dogs owned by men especially neurotic men approach their owners more often than dogs of female owners.

Cancer one in 10 cases in men and one in 33 cases in women in Western European countries caused by current and past alcohol consumption according to a study.

White children are now in minority in ten American States and are on course to be minority nationwide by 2023 according to data from the U.S. census.

Nearly a million homes suffered blackouts in Japan’s northeast after a new earthquake killed 3 persons and injured more than 140.

NLC’s thermal power stations function at Neyveli and Rajasthan have created history by generating 17,874.54 million units of power during the year 2010-2011.

The drug Controller General of India is putting a mechanism in place that create new schedule in the drugs and cosmetics Act following which several drugs will be sold only against prescription.

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