World Last Week

World Last Week


A painting once owned by king Charles I hailed by scholars as one of the most important artistic finds of the last 100 years depicting Christ with one hand raised could sell for a World Record of 125 million pounds.

“Water Boatman” a tiny insect that swims in water is said to be the World’s loudest animal. It produces noise equivalent of listening to an orchestra loudly from the front row.

A 1925 Bugatti beaten up car in U.K. bought for 60 ponds in 1950 is likely to be sold for 500,000 pounds.

A Golden idol of Mahavishnu and an golden “Anki” weighing close to 30 kilograms were among the articles unearthed from one of the six vaults at Sri Padmanabaswamy temple in Thiruvanthapuram.

A dog in Britain suffers from a rare allergy to grass and has to wear special boots to walk in the park.

Health Experts have warned that too much of salt in food make kids unhealthy.

A team of Scientists at the University of California is developing computers claim that the future machines will rely on magnetic microprocessors which consume the least amount of energy allowed by the laws of Physics.

Russia’s Interior ministry has issued a warning to its police offices that fat policemen will get the boot.

The leader of the Association of Indian origin students in Australia who protested attacks against Indians in Melbourne has been given the 2011 young Victorian of the year award.

This July 2011 will be different from other Julys because it has 5 Sundays and this only occurs once in 823 years.

Police arrested a restaurant owner in Philadelphia, U.S.A, for releasing rats into competitors’ restaurants.

Scientists from 106 research institutes create World’s largest global plant database that is expected to promote biodiversity research and earth system science.


A new research by the University of Paris has revealed that Pigeons can never forget a face even fresh and untrained they can recognise individuals by facial characteristics.

An 86 year old woman in Britain remained upside down in a dark cellar for 27 hours after she fell and trapped her leg in a ladder.

An 11 year old boy from Indiana, U.S. has been charged with murder of his six year old brother making him the youngest person to face a murder charge in the state in 90 years.

Scientists at the University of Exeter have found that drinking beetroot juice can help athletes beat the best.

A 13 year old boy in Chennai was shot dead by an army Jawan after the boy trespassed army quarters in the city.

A college professor in Austria has been criticized for asking his students to plan robberies at 21 different banks listed by him.

A 71 old man in Illinois, U.S. was arrested 54 years after he allegedly kidnapped and murdered a 7 year old girl in 1957.

Ying Luck Shinawatra sister of the exiled Prime Minister is set to be Thailand first woman Prime Minister.

Sri Padamanaba Swamy temple in Thiruvanthapuram is estimated to the country’s richest with reports claiming that the value of recoveries have touch Rs 1.5 lakh crore .

A small temple in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu was set ablaze by the village on suspicion that an 8 year old has been sacrificed.

A 12 year old girl ends her life in Jhorpara in Nadia district to donate her eye to her father and kidneys to her ailing brother.


 Otto Habsburg the heir of Austria’s last emperor died in Germany at the age of 98. The funeral will take place in Vienna.

Sheer miracle a 31 year old woman in Chennai accidentally fell on railway track who lay flat at the middle of the track escaped without a scratch after 6 compartments passed over her.

Hundreds of Vietnamese fishermen held a ceremony to bring a 7 tonne dead whale towed on shore. Its believed the ceremony will bring luck to local fisherman.

A team at Victoria University say that the main responsive Mechanized toy called “Auti” will help autistic children develop speaking, sounding an collaborating skills.

For the first time French archeologists have unearthed an ancient treasure gate of Egyptian’s 25th dynasty has been fond in such a good condition.

5 year old Subaramanium from Chennai sings his 100th concert at the Rama Rao Kala Mandapam, Chennai. He gave his first solo performance in November 2009 and has performed in various parts of the country and also in South Africa.

One of civilization a most basic and enduring tools the key is being swallowed by cell phone new technology smartphone unlock houses, offices, garages and even car doors.

People who take anti smoking drugs to kick the butt are 72% more prone to serious heart attacks than those who take sham medication.

Researchers have found fats in potato chips trigger biological mechanism that produces natural Marijuana like chemicals in the body.

“Yous” magazine in London says for woman life begins at 50, 92% of female respondents say they are more happier than ever after 50 years.

Hou Xiabun from Binghou city, China holds the World’s longest backward motorcycle ride when he drove his motor cycle backward for 150 km.


A team at the Oxford University has developed a smart and sleek bionic spectacles which they say could be soon on sale and help hundreds and thousands of blind people see.

Police in Mexico arrested a 19 year old woman who was trying to sneak her husband who was serving a 20 years jail term, out of the Mexican jail in a suitcase following a conjugal visit.

German police chiefs are to scrap plans to use vultures to replace sniffer dogs after it turned out to be miserable failure.

A new study reveals after the age of 30 the human brain begins to lose about 50,000 neurons per day shrinking the brain 25% each year.

A new study published in the British Medical Journal commonly used painkillers like Ibuprofen an Asprin can increase the risk of developing an irregular heart rhythm up to 40%.

The U.S. Secret Service has launched a probe into the apparent hacking of a Twitter account operated by Fox News which announced that President Barrack Obama was assassinated on America’s National day.

Joey “Jaws” Chestnut has won the World Hot dog Eating contest for the 5th consecutive time devouring 62 sausage and buns in 10 minutes.

Booker a leading wholesaler in London has developed a range of sandwich with 14 day shelf life when most sandwich last barely 12 hours.

A Macaque monkey in Indonesia took a camera from a wild life photographer before snapping itself in a variety of poses.

In a sensational twist to the shooting of the 13 year old boy in Chennai is now revealed that a drunk army officer shot the boy in cold blood.

A study at the Western Australian University shows that kids who talk late do fine as adults.

If Aubrey de Grey’s predicts are right the first person who live to see their 150th birthday has already born. Stem cells and gene therapies to cure ageing will ensure humans reach 150 years.


A giant dust storm rolls at 113 KMPH into Phoenix in Arizona, United States toppled trees and caused power outages.

The skeletal remains of an 86 year old Australian woman were found in her Sydney house where she lay dead for 8 years .

Chech police who used a suspected murder victim’s skull as an ornament are being sued by the dead man’s relatives.

A special Sub Inspector of Police in Vellore was arrested for murdering his 70 year old father and 65 year old mother dumping their bodies in septic tank during October 2009.

In what can be termed a rare “ Zonkey” was born to a female zebra and male hybrid donkey at Xiaman Haicarg zoo in China.

For years doctors have been saying that too much salt is bad for health yet a new study claims salt intakes does nothing or lower risk of having heart diseases.

It is reported that 69 years ago a vault was opened at Padamanaba Swamy temple in Thrivanthapuram according to a Hindu news paper correspondent who witnessed the scene.

Scientists have generated a first whole-genome sequencing data of a naked molerat a rodent that is resistant to cancer and lives for more than 30 years.

SKS microfinance the country’s only listed micro lender in Hyderabad witnessed 361 cases of cash embezzlement and frauds by some of employees in 2011

The Pakistani commission investigating “ how Osama bin Laden lived undetected for years in Pakistan has barred his surviving family from leaving Pakistan


For the first time in the history of Indian army 27 officers, Lieutenant Colonels and Colonels are to be Court marshaled for selling off weapons procured for their personal use.

A 48 year old Dutch mother of two was rescued by climbers after 19 days. She fell off into a ravine on a hike to Andalusia she survived by drinking river water.

A Polish national spent more than two weeks at a Brazilian airport as he did not have a return flight or money with him.

A Pakistani was trying to get in touch with his divorced wife but the woman chopped off his genitals after mixing sleeping pills in his juice. The man survived despite severe bleeding.

A team of Spanish and Moroccan scientists has found out from a highly sensitive test a glass of cow milk contains a cocktail of up to 20 chemicals used in various pain killers and antibiotics.

Britains leading Sunday “ News paper of the world” would be closed this week announces Rubert Murdoch its owner publisher.

An Amateur photographer from Berlin has snapped an amazing picture of a cat balancing in a suicidal behavior on a 17th floor balcony railings.

The Taj Mahal a popular restaurant in St Leonardo South West England has been adjudged as the best South Asian restaurant in the country.

The Union Textiles Minister Dayandhi Maran resigns from the cabinet in the wake of allegations of his involvement in the 2G scam.

38 people were killed when a train rammed a snag hit stationary bus at an unmanned railway level crossing in Uttar Pradesh.

In what must be first, on a late night a seriously inebriated police man in undergarments broke into Punjab Revenue Minister’s residence in Chandigarh.

A broken compact fluorescent light bulb can be unsafe for human beings because it releases Mercury vapour up to a week or even a month.


Million-to-one odds to survive British twins were born 2 days apart to a 27 year old mother.

Surgeons at Stockholm have carried out the first transplant of a fully synthetic windpipe created using the patient’s stem cells on an artificial scaffold.

An Australian prison Agency has been fined 190,000 pounds over the death of a Aboriginal who was allegedly baked to death in the back of a prison van.

U.K. scientists claim to have invented a safe cigarette, a nicotine inhaler that gives exactly the same kick as a normal cigarette but with almost no health risks associated with tobacco.

A new study reveals after drinking a glass of milk for 365 days you have consumed enough antibiotics to fill a glass.

Scientists say the Biology of tree frogs which have sticky feet covered with mucus the key to new self cleaning bandages and tyres of car that stick to the road .

U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton will be visiting Chennai during her trips to new Delhi on July 19th.

An 11 year old gypsy girl was married to a 50 year old man at Tiruvanamalai. The bridegroom gave the bride’s father Rs 25,000/- cash 2 bottles of brandy and a large beer.

A 3 day old baby girl was stolen, reportedly by a woman posing as a relative of the patient at Jipmer hospital, Pondichery.

More than 2.77 lakh people across Tamil Nadu have been bitten by animals and 18 of them died of rabies from January to April 2011 according to a government data.

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