Saliyar’s Meeting

Saliyar’s Meeting

The monthly meeting of Saliyar Mahajana Sangam(Tamil Nadu) Chennai Branch was held on 30th October 2011 at No 107/59, PS.Sivaswamy Salai, Mylapore, Chennai-4. The meeting was presided over by Shri S.Thirunavukkarasu, L.M.E, (Committee Member) in the presence of Prof.S.Palanichamy, Branch President.

In the usual manner the meeting commenced with prayers by Prof K.Chandrasekaran, B.E. Shri S.Rajendran, B.E, Committee Member welcomed the gatherinng. Shri.S.Gurunathamani, D.C.E, greeted all those members who celebrated their birthdays and wedding days during the period, followed by Arupukkottai Poet Shri T.S.Thavasimanis poetry. Shri K.Thirupathy, M.Sc (Retd Chief Engineer-TNEB), and Advocate S.Krishnaswamy B.Sc, B.L, delivered special talks.

The other maters discussed 1.Shri T.Pragadeeswaran, D.M.E, briefed about the forthcoming fourth year celebrations. 2. Procurement of mark lists of those children of the members who obtained over 400 marks in 2010/ 2011 10th examination and over 960 marks in the Plus Two examinations 3. Introduction of Matrimonial information procedures for posting information in Salaiyar’s1 website. There being no other business the meeting concluded with the vote of thanks from Shri.A.Palanichamy, B.Sc, Co-ordinating secretary.

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