India Will Become A Knowledge Superpower And Global Leader!

India Will Become A Knowledge Superpower And Global Leader!

India will not only a knowledge superpower but also global leader, that’s the vision and ambition of Dr.P.Sekar, the Principal of C.Kandaswami Naidu College for Men, Anna Nagar East, Chennai-102. Education serves as a catalytic agent towards creating a new World order India.

Education system apart from ensuring knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes assures quality and sets standards in moral and ethical values education also ensures social equity and justice among other positive things.

“While we recognize the need to maintain highest standards imparting education and training, we should need to meet minimum challenges and requirements towards committing ourselves to international demands and expectations”, says Dr.P.Sekar. Introduction of the choice-based credit system is one single effort towards meeting the global challenges.

Designing courses and curriculam, the meeting the requirements of a new World order, providing vertical mobility and horizontal mobility, ensuring through formal/semi-formal systems and additional courses are some of the efforts aimed at, adds Dr.P.Sekar. Human resources reserve is very precious. Keeping this in mind, the College trains and develops young minds to meet challenges in every walk of life and to contribute in every way to make India not only a knowledge superpower but also global leader. C.Kandaswami Naidu College For Men located in the heart of Chennai city has blossomed out of a rare combination of nobility, philanthropy and a deep sense of commitment to humanity of an individual, Thiru C.Kandaswami Naidu, who rose from his early humble beginnings as a stone mason to a rich philanthropist.

The will left behind by this generous humanitarian enabled Dr.A.Venugopal, M.S., F.R.C.S., the then President of Pachaiyappa’s Charities to resolve on 25th April 1967 to create an endowment in the name of Thiru C.Kandaswami Naidu to establish a college in Chennai for Men from the academic year 1967-1968.C.Kandaswami Naidu College for Men had its initial roots in the main campus of Pachaiyappa’s College, Chetpet, with its inauguration by the then Hon’ble Chief Minister of TamilNadu, Thiru C.N.Annadurai.

The college offered the Pre-University course with Arts and Science subjects and a single U.G. degree programme in Economics with Professor T.I.Johnson as its first Principal.

The University granted permission to establish UG Programmes in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in 1980. The UG degree programme in Commerce was offered from the year 1984.

Two more UG programmes B.Sc. Computer Science and Bachelor of Computer Applications and two PG degree programmes M.Sc. Information Technology and M.A. Social Work were all in place during 2005-2006. Towards strengthening the practical applications a well equipped laboratory and a digital laboratory have been commissioned. Construction of five more class rooms and additional digital laboratory reassures developmental efforts of the college.

The college takes special efforts to train the students from the socially and economically disadvantaged sections of the society by way of providing additional training in Communication Skills, Personality Development, Computing Skills, Group Discussion Skills and Interview Skills.

Awareness raising programmes on Environment, National Integration, Social Ethics, Moral standard in public life are periodically conducted.

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