World Last Week

World Last Week


 Astronomers have created the World’s largest with a chamfer of 130 metres telescope by linking 4 telescopes in Chile to be operated as a single device.

 Academics have warned that British School children are the worst in maths when compared to other developed countries in the world.

 Paul Cezannrea’s exquisite art ‘The card players’ were brought at a record price of 150 million pounds by the Qutari royal family, it is the highest price paid for a work of art.

 In a rare gesture Lancaster University is to setup an annual scholarship in a memory of Anuj Bidve who was murdered in a racist attack in Manchester.

 A Sanskrit grammar manuscript of grammarian lexicographer and philogist Arnos Padre which has been lost for over two centuries was found in an Italian Monastery

 A group of Muslim scholars and activists have recommend a ban on divorce by pronouncing “talaq” thrice and the restriction of polygamy in a revolutionary draft for codification of Muslim personal law.

 A woman hurled a slipper at Mulayan Singh Yadav at a party rally in the Baberu area of Bandra district. She was a rape victim and Yadav had promised to provide her Rs 2 lakh in 2009 but did not honour his commitment.


 Scientists in Australia claim to have created a World’s first secret formula to make plants and flowers fluorescent in the dark.

 Researchers at Exeter University Britain, claim to have found that plants can communicate with one other in fact they have for the first time captured such a process on the camera.

 Scientists have found that obesity can actually be infectious spreads between friends if they copy each others eating habits.

 A new research on the effects of “Metal on Metal” devices has suggested that it is the implant which causes the raise of cancer and genetic damages in patients undergoing hip implant surgery.

 India’s World Cup hero and man of the tournament Yuvraj Singh has been diagnosed with lung tumour and undergoing Chemotherapy in the United States

 A 30 year old Japanese woman has been jailed after deliberately breaking the legs of 4 babies because she was jealous of happy mothers.

 A Dutch woman has been taking part at a fan ground shooting range almost every year since 1936. Rea Van Dyk now 92 years started at the shooting gallery at 16 years in 1936.

 World’s oldest marathon runner “Turbaned Torpedo” 100 year old Fauja Singh a British Indian athlete charms scores of fans by completing 10 kilometer run in 6 hours 2 minutes in Hong Kong.


 In a World’s first a 23 year old British student from Middlesex University has designed a mobile phone made from Bamboo.

 A 171/2 hour old baby girl in the U.K who had 15% chance of survival has become the youngest person to have an open heart surgery. She is out of the ICU and recovering fast.

 A book titled “Money from the State” say French President Sarkozy spends 10,000 pounds a day on food and keep 121 cars under his Elysce Palace.

 85 year old Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom celebrated the 60th anniversary of her accession to the British throne after her father King George VI died on 6.2 1952.

 A 35 year old Graffiti artist who was asked to paint the walls of an office in Palo Alto California in 2005 who accepted shares instead of cash payment got 125 million pound after 7 years.

 An Italian woman has reportedly sued the owner of Costa Concordia luxury liner for a million Euros in damages and compensation on her miscarriage following the cruise ship disaster.

 A 9 year old girl in Boston who had an aggressive cancerous growth in her stomach, liver, pancreas, small intestines and spleen is making a remarkable recovery after surgeons transplanted six of her organs in a ground breaking medical procedure.


 Pakistani Archaeologists have discovered a rare Indus Valley civilisation era seal in steatite dating back 2500-2000 B.C. from the Cholistan area in Punjab province.

 3 ministers of the Karnataka cabinet were caught during the act of watching a porn film clip on a cellphone when the assembly was in session.

 Obesity is known to be causing a host of other illness, now a study has found that fat people experience more pain than those with normal weight.

 Smoking is bad for health now a study says smoking is bad for the brain especially for male smokers who tend to have a more rapid mental decline than men who do not smoke.

 Rescue workers pulled out a 65 year old woman alive after she was trapped for 31 hours in the rubbles of a collapsed factory in Pakistan city of Lahore.

 Light painter David Gelliver spends 10,000 pounds and 250 nights over the last three years to create his own psychedelic version of the Olympic rings in the island of Guernsey.

 British MPs may soon be flaunting iPods if a recommendation of the House of Commons to save papers and printing costs, is accepted by the parliament.


 Scientists claim to have discovered in a Spanish cave the World’s oldest paintings six art works of seal which are at least 42,000 years old and are only known images created by Neanderthals.

 Scientists in the U.S. claim to have developed the World’s first biological computer that is made from bimoleculas and can decipher images encrypted on DNA chips.

 If you are planning on getting a tattoo make sure it is from professional and not from a friend because ink work by amateurs may carry a risk of Hepatitis C says a news paper.

 Google is to soon launch hi-tech inbuilt computer displays, the glasses will be armed with cameras on Android Operating System.

 Edith Ritchice and Evelyn Evce Middleton are 102 year old Scottish sisters recognised as the World’s oldest living twins by the Guinness World Record.

 In what believed to be one of the biggest catch in the seas Pakistani fishermen have caught a giant whale shark about 36 foot long and weighing over 7000 kgs.

 A new smart phone being developed can spot symptoms of depression in the user and take immediate action to counter it.

 A Harvard professor thinks the next big thing will be inhaling their caffeine each “Acroshot” contains 100 milligrams of caffeine powder and available for 2.99 dollars.


 A 15 year old class 9 student Mohammed Irfan of an Anglo Indian school in Chennai stabs his 40 year old teacher Uma Maheshwari to death in the classroom.

 A new study has found school age children who set plenty of nurturing from their mother early in life have brains with a larger hippocampus a key structure important to learning, memory and responding to stress.

 Scientists in Japan have found out like humans, Chimpanzees also have the ability to understand the minds of others as they knew what tools others may need to get the work done.

 Researchers at the University of Southern California found that fasting slowed the growth and spread of tumours and cured some cancers when it combined with Chemotherapy.

 Noted historian and archaeologist has confirmed the presence of Brahmi script at the ancient Eddakkal caves in a remote part of Waynaud district in Kerala.

 Researchers at the University of California say that a new treatment that involves stimulating a critical junction in the brain could help strengthen spatial memory.

 Hungary’s Central Bank burnt wads of old notes to help heat needy humanitarian organisations to warm up many bodies and heart amid a deadly cold snap.


 An American T.V host was bitten in face by a dog in a live telecast, she has to undergo face reconstructive surgery.

 A drug licensed for the use of diabetics that became widely prescribed in France as slimming caused at least 1300 deaths before it was withdrawn.

 A master slave robot “Telesar V” is on display near Tokyo, Japan which can see, hear, feel and can mimic the movements of its human controller.

 Researchers from Melbourne and New York Universities have found people with simple easy to say names are likely to face better in careers than those with a tongue twister.

 Research has found that heavy smoking parents around the time of conception increase the risk of the child developing acute leukemia the common form of childhood cancer.

 Restaurant owner in Central China has refused to entertain customers to bringing mistresses or those who have failed to take care of their parents.

 United States has approved construction of two atomic reactors in the country making them the first to be built in America in more than 30 years.

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