Cultural Influence Of The West On Indian Youth

-by B.Kalyani, M.A, M.Phil, B.Ed, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, RMK Engineering College

Its a well known fact is that West has immensely influenced the Indian youth culturally and even ethically. Culture represents what is within, i.e, it represents our patent behavior to a large extent.

The Indian youth has been blatantly following the ethos of the west, may be sometimes to the detriment of his own ethical, moral and religious values.

The example of the Indian youth towards such leanings are obvious for the youth in India tends to toe the line of his forepart in the west.

Starting his morning with uncrushed teeth sinking the foul odor in the mouth in the steaming tea, he apes his brother in the west having little to do with his own cultural roots He bids goodbye to the temples of leering.

The modem India youth rejoices to see and feel at what is not covered whether it is on the silver screen or in the porno. “Humpty Dumpy”, and “Twinkle twinkle Little star”, are the wonders that feed his little mind at a young age and face and breaks are things that titillate mind in youth.

He has finally salaamed in his gods and goddesses, deities and patter families and espoused the Beelzebub night clubs western games and music and literature have filled his mind. “India is my country.

I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always stave to be worthy of it This is a part of the students who are the most vulnerable section of west.

He harkens to the stains of erode but turns deaf to the flute of east. The rebuking of the bullock- cart that preceded all the fast moving vehicles in the past jar upon his ears but the Zooming aero plane howsoever piercing its cry may be is accepted by the Indian youth.

Our society students who are the youth of modern India Cultural heritage is one aspect among many others that has suffered the brunt of all the radical changes.

The young Indians their minds brimming with newly acquired knowledge and progressive ideas took to western culture as readily as fish takes to water.

The influence of western culture is not novel to the Indian youth. But the post independence India unfortunately saw a complete reversal in the role of western effect on Indian youth.

Today the western culture has influenced Indian youth greatly in matters of food clothing and shelters. Discotheques are fast replacing traditional dance theatres and schools. Whether the influence of western culture is a boon or a curse to the youth is a controversial topic.

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