World Rabies Day Celebrations At Blue Cross Of India

World Rabies Day Celebrations At Blue Cross Of India

The Blue Cross of India celebrated World Rabies Day on 28th September 2010, by providing free anti-rabies vaccinations to 200 dogs at their shelter. This is part of BCI’s continuing ABC-AR (Animal Birth Control-Anti Rabies) campaign to reduce the street dog population humanely and eliminate the risk of rabies. Chennai was recently declared rabies-free and is the first metro city in India.

This was possible due to the concerted efforts of animal welfare groups like Blue Cross and the Corporation of Chennai. Blue Cross was founded in 1959 and is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating homeless domestic animals and conducting large scale ABC-AR programmes.

The organization is now readying itself for World Animal Day that falls on October 4th and is encouraging the public to adopt Indian puppies from their Velachery shelter.

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