Awarded and Appreciated For Her Talent And Achievements!

Awarded and Appreciated For Her Talent And Achievements!

Mrs.Priya Kishore was awarded and well appreciated by ICICI Prudential Life Insurance on Friday,4th May 2012 for her achievements in various fields and creative skills.

Priya Kishore is a highly qualified and talented person. She is the President of Thozhi Club for women since 2001.

This is the only club that does not collect any fee for its membership and presently has more the 1500 members. She is the Secretary of Raadhu’s Drama Academy, an organisation which promotes Theatre. Priya is the editor of Priyamaana Thozhi, (India first magazine for women in Tamil Nadu) from 2001 till date.

She is also the creative head of Priya Vision (a-z in events). Priya associated with Padmashri Kamal Hassan in various projects and did PR for popular personalities. She has contributed articles to various leading and popular magazines.

Priya Kishore, speaking to the Chennai Plus reporter Elwyn, stated that she is does religious discourses and motivational talks. She has done more than 100 courses on Shirdi Sai Baba, Lord Shiva, Lord Rama, Lord Murga and Goddesses. She also delivered excellent motivational talks at various organisations.

She has conducted more than 6oo cookery contests from 1999 and had organised art and drama festivals since 1992.

Priya is always helps small time women entrepreneurs to promote their product or service. Priya Kishore is talented in creating advertisements for Television and radio. She is well versed in creating and devising programes for electronic media.

She earlier was into Radio anchoring and space selling. Priya is good in creative writing and has hands on experience in producing Tele-serials.

She has a rich experience as Creative Director in FM Metro Channel and effectively handles radio spots. She has working experience in producing TV Commercials.

Priya holds an excellent track record as Hard Core Editor and is well versed in script writing. Priya has a high level of expertise in designing letters and writing Theme based articles. She is also experienced in writing religious articles and conducted interviews with prominent personalities.

The special talent of Priya is her ability of identifying new markets and always achieving targets. Leadership abilities, high level of expertise in exploring new business avenues, communication skills makes Priya Kishore a definite winner and an achiever in today’s modern hi-tech world. Her success and achievements will surely motivate and encourage many more women to become more successful and make it big in life.

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