By Dr.B.Kalyani, M.A, M.Ed, M.Phil, M.B.A, Ph.D, Senior Lecturer, RMK Engineering College

Duties differ from person to person to person according to situation in the house, office or school or college, in society. But duties have to be performed well.

If a person fails in hits duties it not only affects himself but others also. Suppose a doctor does not perform his duty diligently, the result would be fatal.

The patient may lose his life. If a pilot has no sense of his duty, the plane may fall and huge number of persons die. Duty is our responsibility. If a father does not,
– educate is children,
– perform his daughter’s marriage
– look after his family what would be the situation? Duties have to be discharged efficiently and to the best of one’s ability.

There is not a moment without some duty. Everyone in this world to be duty to perform. For example a student’s first duty is to study. A house wife has to manage her house. A father has to earn enough money to maintain the family.

Nobody can escape from his/her duty. Nobody should escape also. Duty consciousness should be inculcated in every one from early childhood. Success in anybody’s life depends upon the way he or she discharges duties. the reward of one duty done is the power of fulfill another. The saying by Lord Nelson during the battle of Trafalgar ‘England expects every man to do his duty’ is quite famous.

One thing we have to remember while a duty is done is that we should not seek the fruits of action. We have to do our duty renouncing attachments. We must be even minded in success and failure.

Remember the following:
– Neglecting duties could prove to be a failure in life.
– Maintain health. Do not disturb the routine of other by being sick.
– Action (doing duty) alone is the province and not the fruits thereof.
– Do your duty honestly.

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