World Last Week

World Last Week


 The days of using pen and paper may be numbered and the traditional way of jotting down a note may become redundant in a world where we increasingly type out our messages on a keyboard or touch screen phone.

 The city of Stockton which has a population of 300,000 will become the largest city in American history to file bankruptcy in a day or two.

 A British woman has been found with superhuman sight enabling her to see 99 million more colours than the rest of us. She can see unimaginable range and depth of hues so called “Tetrachromat”

 Russian researchers found fruits in the frozen banks of Kolyma River in Serbia were able to grow new plants from them despite the seeds being 30, 000 year old.

 An 8 year old Chinese crested short stout won the World’s ugliest dog title held in California by beating 28 other ugly dogs, the prize was 1000 dollars and a year’s worth of dog cookies.

 George Washington’s personal signed copy of the United States constitution and Bill of Rights sold for 9.8 million dollars at an auction setting a record for any American book or historic document.

 The latest Nature Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) figures note that Kerala is the most crime prone state ahead of Uttar Pradesh and even Delhi

 A new study reveals that young children who were given water with their meals ate more vegetables than when the meal was accompanied by sweatened beverages hence switch to water with your meals.

 A manned Chinese submersible reached 7020 metres in the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean creating a National deep water dive record
 An official study claims “Stonehenge” of Britain was not built by aliens but was built to cement a new East West alliance between the former warring tribes of Britain as the country started to become the United Kingdom.

 A father of three in the U.K has put himself up for sale on an online auction website for 20,000 pounds as a desperate measure after knowing that he will be unemployed within a month.

 An airline has reimbursed a Swedish woman after she was given no chance but to sit across a corpse of her fellow passenger for much of a 10 hour flight to Kenya from New York.

 Rare artefacts that inspired some of the greatest works of Shakespeare are to go on display in a major new exhibition at the British Museum.

 A team of eight seriously injured British servicemen have crossed the finishing line in the 3051 mile race across America one of the world’s toughest endurance contests.


 28 years old Mischo Erban has been the fastest human skateboarder clocking an incredible 80.74 miles per hour on a downhill in Quebec, Canada.

 It is estimated that the Dutches of Cambridge Kate Middleton has spent 35,000 pounds on clothes this year so far according to her father in law Prince Charles.

 North America’s 52 year old the oldest Bornean Orangutan died in Phoenix Zoo after a battle with cancer.

 83 year old Marjorie Bryan and 82 year old Marianna Sherman parachuted from plane in Lima to rise funds for a veteran’ food pantry.


 Saudi Arabia will enter women athletes in the Olympics for the first time ever in London this summer, said the Kingdom’s London embassy.

 The Mumbai court has ordered a laughter club to stop waking their neighbours at 6.00 A.M every morning a 78 year old man complained the club’s antics amounted to aural aggression.

 A new study has claimed that smoking harms the father’s DNA and you may pass on your damaged genes to your children raising the risk of cancer.


 Engineers have developed an advanced car which they say can drive itself on just the press of a button. The car is being tested at Ford’s Centre in Germany.

 Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun took his first step towards following the footsteps of his illustrious father as he was named in the Mumbai Cricket Association’s U-14 probables lot for the off season training camp to be held next month.

 A new study led by an Indian origin researcher found that men obsessed with muscle building are more likely to objectify women and have sexiest attitude towards them.

 A research involving more than 1000 employees from the U.S, Britain, Germany, France and Ireland revealed that flexibility in office hours often results in employees working more than 12 hours instead of the traditional 8 hours.

 Prince Charles foots bills for his daughter –in-law Catherine’s outfits as his son earns just 44, 000 pounds a year.

 A report issued by the Washington based World Watch Institute has revealed India is among the top 10 countries to acquire land both domestic and transnational deals.

 Soon petrol prices could change daily just like in the U.S. Europe and Brazil. The Oil ministry is pushing State run fuel retailers to revise the price everyday in time with international rates the rupee’s value against the dollar.


 Google has done the unthinkable, the creation of an artificial brain from 16,000 computer processors with more than a billion connections.

 Researchers from North Carolina State University have created a solar cell with an active layer amorphous silicon that is only 70 Nanometres thick without sacrificing the cells ability to absorb solar energy.

 According to a study published by Cambridge University that doing house work makes men happy as domestic arguments declines and the general happiness of the home gets better.

 A new study has claimed type 2 diabetes patients who don’t respond to Metformin the most widely used medication may get significant benefit from a new second line drug “Linaguprin”.

 The U.S Food and Drug Administration approved the first drug to treat obesity in 13 years “Larcaserin” controls appetite through receptors in brain activity the Serotorin 2C receptor.

 A new study has warned women who take calcium or Vitamin D pills daily are at greater risk of developing kidney stones.

 According to tests carried out by the Paris based National Institute of consumption Coca-Cola Pepsi contains minute trace of alcohol.


 Scientists have developed a new vaccine that can halt you nicotine cravings, a breakthrough they say can help millions of smokers to quit the habit.

 Michael Daniel a Texas man has been arrested and refused bail who police say killed and started eating a friend’s dog.

 A new study has claimed being unpopular with classmates will not only make your child’s school days miserable it could also make them think ill decades later in life.

 A 62 year old Australian woman treated for bone marrow cancer has claimed that drinking a glass of breast milk every day helped her to reduce cancer levels in her body.

 The last minute of June 30th 2012 is destined to be 61 seconds long. The planet takes just over 86400 seconds for 360 degree revolution meaning the period required for earth to compile a day.

 A new study has claimed pregnant women who work more than 25 hours a week are more likely to give birth to smaller babies.

 Researchers have reversed diabetes in mice using stem cells paving a way for a breakthrough treatment in diabetes. The research is the first to show that stem cells transplant can restore insulin produce and reverse diabetes.


 Dr. Suman Kapur professor of biological sciences of BITS Pilani, has developed a cell phone sized blood sugar testing machine, which takes less than 10 seconds, far less blood and costs less than Rs 2/- for the blood sugar test.

 Loud noise is not only an irritant it can also kill, latest research from the western world says that for every 10 decibel increase in noise level the risk of heart attack goes by 12%.

 A 26 year old woman in Japan has been arrested for not noticing her 19 month old baby lay dead for nearly a day while she chatted on internet.

 A not before seen portrait of the Duke of Cambridge as a school boy is going up for auction with an estimate asking price of 120,000 pounds.

 An Australian winery has unveiled 12 bottles of a rare vintage for sale at a price of 168,000 Australian dollars each, which can only be opened by a specially trained expert.

 A 72 year old retried lecturer in Scotland who took his DNA test to find out where his ancestors came from has been found to be directly descended from the first woman on earth who lived 190,000 years ago in Africa.

 A professor at the University of Surrey has helped developing the world’s first self chilling beer can which can turn the stuff inside ice cold in just two minutes will hit the market soon.

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