World Last Week

World Last Week


 The Sandwich was invented in England by John Montagu the 4th Earl of Sandwich during a card game in 1792.

 The young Christian girl accused of blasphemy has been taken to a secret location by a military helicopter after she was granted bail.

 Israel and Nepal have released a joint stamp depicting their countries contrasting geographic wonders the highest and lowest places on the earth mount Everest and the Dead sea.

 Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon will be buried at sea. According to a family spokesman.

 A new British study has found a growing number of elderly people visiting hospitals due to alcohol related injuries than young drinkers.

 Japanese officials estimate that up to 1.5 million tons of debris is still afloat after the tsunami that struck Japan last year.

 Italian campaigners have collected over 150,000 signatures in an attempt to bring the acclaimed Mona Lisa painting back from France.


 A new study has found intake of Vitamin A in diet could help treat several forms of cancer due to its ability to control the malignant cells.

 According to a new study parents spend more money on clothes and accessories to their daughters then they do on their sons.

 A new study says playing violent video games could be a good way to cope up with pain as it increases your tolerance by up to 65%

 A baby girl with half a heart in the U.K has survived despite the fact that her mere life threatening condition was not diagnosed until she was 4 months old.

 Researchers have created a teddy bear robot that wraps up arms around you and monitor your blood pressure.

 A century old, the first batch of Lincoln’s pennies minted is currently helping Nasa’s Curiosity calibrate the hi-tech cameras of the Rover the penny is worth 7000 dollars now.

 A painting sold for 50 dollars at a flea market in the U.S has turned out to be rare bargain, a painting by French master Pierre Auguste Renoie is expected to fetch 6,00,000 dollars in an auction.


 A teenager in the U.K has captured stunning images of the planet by floating a second hand 30 pounds worth camera using a balloon. The photos look like images taken from a multi million pound Nasa satellite.

 A new 19.5 pounds tester device to check your breath has been developed to tell you whether your breath is good or bad.

 Researchers from the University Hospital Case Medical Centre have developed a new oral antiseptic spray which they claim can kill 99.9% of infectious air borne germs.

 A man in Thailand has been arrested and accused of illegally raising six tigers on top of an apartment building in Bangkok outskirts. The apartment building was a transit spot for tiger trading.

 A man who is believed to be stowaway fell thousands of feet to his death from a Heathrow bound jet liner on a car parked in a quiet residential street in London.

 A new study has found that modern men are more likely to value women for their intelligence and character rather than their curves and
cooking skills.

 Researchers at the University of Melbourne have discovered master molecule, a potent pain killer pill that could revolutionise the treatment for arthritis in the form of a pill.


 Indonesian men rank as the World’s top smokers with two out of three men smoke, Russia ranked second in the list.

 The Chinese man accused of swallowing of diamond worth 14,000 dollars at a gem show in Sri Lanka actually ingested a fake stone in an elaborate bluff to allow the real thief to escape.

 An Italian teacher has been ordered to serve a jail sentence of 15 days for making one of her pupils write “I am an idiot”

 A woman in London developed severe blood poisoning and a liver abscess after she inadvertently swallowed a toothpick which perforated her gullet and lodged in the lobe of her liver.

 Researchers have developed a new kind of cheep anti theft system based on a woven fabric that triggers alarm and also indicates the presence of forced entry.

 Malaysian Researchers have developed a computer that can record human emotions based on lip pattern. The system could improve the way people interact with computers and perhaps allow disabled people to use computers.

 Father of laptops 69 year old William ‘Bill’ Moaggridge the man who designed the grid compass considered to be the first real laptops dies of cancer.


 A new study has found that non smokers who live with or spend time with people who smoke are damaging their memory.

 A study at the University of Pennsylvania says cancerous dogs had the longest survival after treated with a compound derived from certain mushrooms.

 At least 290 people have been confirmed dead in a fire that broke out in a garment factory in Karachi, Pakistan.

 Spinach is the most effective of the leafy vegetables at fighting breast cancer it is also number one among the five solid leafy vegetables that combat brain, kidney, lungs, pancreatic, prostate and stomach cancer.

 Students across England are being watched by an astonishing 100,000 spy cameras with the surveillance devices installed even inside the bathrooms.

 26 year old Briva Patel an Indian origin woman has been arrested on charges of trespassing in Columbia University’s compound after she allegedly posed as a student for 9 months.

 An invisible quick response code has been created at South Dakota University in an attempt to increase security on printed documents and reduce possibility of counterfeiting.


 A 3 year old Great Dane from Otsego, Michegan is the new Guinness World Record holder as the tallest dog ever which towers 7 feet 4 inches on his hind legs and eats an entire 14 kg bag of food every day.

 Sonata has launched the first ever touch screen multifunction sports watch, the touch screen watch is part of the super fibre ocean series.

 A college professor at an American University in Washington DC, who breastfed her sick baby during class has sparked a debate in the campus.

 A drunken British father allegedly crushed his eight week old baby’s skull while babysitting for just 20 minutes.

 Japan’s Kazurhiro Watanabe who holds the World Record for the tallest “Mohawk” at 3 feet 8.6 inches in New York, to make it stand upright the hairdo takes 2 hours, one can of gel and 3 cans of hair spray.

 A car manufacturer in Japan says cars that run on a by products of human sewage could replace petrol vehicles within a span of 3 years.

 A real sleeping beauty at National Art Museum in Kive, Ukraine who promised to marry the first person to wake her with a kiss had a surprise when she opened her eyes to a woman.


 A German shepherd dog called Captain in Argentina spent the past six years near his master’s grave remaining faithful even after his death.

 According to a new survey in the U.K, refrigerator has topped the list of the most important innovations in the history of food drinks.

 South Korean scientists have developed a new laser based system that makes injections painless, that blasts Microscopic jets of drugs into the skin.

 The World’s oldest domestic parrot in London dies after squawking his last word “Cheerio” as his owner made her way to bed.

 A New Zealand man threw away a winning lottery ticket worth 27 million dollars after reading the wrong results it was until next day when he heard the prize was not claimed that he searched and found he had won.

 An angry Prince William and his wife Catherine launched legal action against a French Magazine that printed topless photographs of her taken while they were on holiday in France.

 A new study has found being bossed around or who feel over pressured at workplace could raise the risk of heart attack by a quarter.

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