Raising The Guardians Of Nature

Raising The Guardians Of Nature

According to Neelu Dhungana, Programmes Manager, Tree Foundation, the planet Earth is ravaged and ruined. Climate change, ozone depletion, deforestation, temperature rise, species extinctions, ocean pollution, and the list goes on. The cause – Us Humans! Our insatiable demands! Neelu Dhungana, says it is disheartening to watch on TV, the emaciated faces of babies in drought areas, homeless victims of earthquakes, settlements devastated by unexpected floods and innumerable cyclones, parents who have lost their children and children who have lost their parents. The cause – Natural Disasters! The connection is clear Earth has been thrown off its limits. Unable to cope with enormous demands, earth is literally breaking under stress. Despite worldwide efforts towards conservation, the situation is worsening.

All efforts are falling short because the number of people trying to safeguard is no match to the vast population exploiting it. Neelu states that when she look at my baby girl play-not a care in the world- I wonder what might be in store for her. It frightens me stiff to imagine that what I now see on TV might one day be her reality, she adds. According to Neelu, the only solution available is in raising the entire next generation as Guardians of Nature – armed with love and understanding for nature and compassion for all life forms.

Dr. Supraja Dharini, the founder and chairperson of Tree Foundation, believes that if children are exposed to the beauty and bounty of nature right from the beginning, they grow up with deep awe and respect for it. Dr. Dharini ensures that she brings her little niece Vismaya (3 years old), to all places and programs that present her with opportunities to be with nature.

Neelu said that, so far Vismaya and Aadya have released many turtle hatchlings into the ocean, been part of satellite tagging of one Green and two Olive Ridley sea turtles, took a ride on a boat, 9 kms into the sea to release the rescued Green turtle, handled juvenile crocodiles and snakes at the crocodile bank, been on a short eco trek into the herbal reserve forest at Marakkanam and participated in many awareness rallies and outreach programs such as International Peace Day rally, International Coastal Cleanup Day and wild run. Both little ones seem to love these expeditions. For more details contact Dr. Supraja Dharini on 9444052242.

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