World Last Week

World Last Week

 An online Chinese sales firm has started a bizarre “Rent a boy friend” service of single women to starve off queries about marriage & male companion.

 Six year old Wasik Farhan Respkotha of Bangladesh is able to programme a computer software.

 The fire service chief in China ordered three fire trucks and other three official vehicles to join his wedding procession without prior permission from his higher authorities has been dismissed.

 Almost 3 decades after Ronald Reagan, Barrack Obama is set to repeat a feat that not many U.S Presidents get the privilege of being sworn in twice.

 Shepherd Andrew Capell of Dunwich Health in Suffolk was shocked find a young red deer among his flock of sheep eating and sleeping with the other 100 sheep.

 U.S scientists are looking for an adventurous female who he claims can give birth to the Neanderthals close human relatives who went extinct 33,000 years ago DNA from fossil bones can recreate extinct species they say.

 A self thought technician from Puducherry Hamidon Maricar has invented a technology that uses water as fuel in vehicles. He uses a hydrogen kit to generate fuel from water to run his motor cycle with a mixture of using petrol.


 A new study claims, a high fat meal may not be quite as harmful to your body if you exercise shortly after meal.

 A 15 year old youth has been arrested in the South Western U.S State of New Mexico for the murder of 5 people including 3 children.

 Researchers for the first time have designed a vibrating steering wheel that tells drivers where to steer when to undip head lights and other usual impediments leaving them temporarily blinded.

 Japanese poet granny Toyo Shibata who started writing at the age of 92 and whose first anthology sold almost 1.6 million copies died at the age of 101.

 Among a wishlist of 50 things compiled by researchers an average adult in U.K wants to see the Taj Mahal, meet the queen and swim with dolphins before he dies.

 Researchers have recently discovered a link between obesity and cancer it is now known that obesity supports blood vessels feed tumours accelerating cancer growth.

 A new study has cats mimic human habits good and bad and adapt their life style with that of their owners.


 A 53 year old Japanese man was arrested for biting his adult son to death to get rid of a “snake haunting him”

 A zoo in Tokyo celebrated the birthday of Japan’s oldest elephant which turned 66 this year, she is the 3rd oldest in the world.

 Model and part time carer Mikel Ruffinell of Los Angeles claims her 100 inch hip hold the record for being the largest in the world. She has no plans to lose weight.

 A U.K based neuroscientist claims playing a classical music in the background while exercising helps relax the body which reduces heart rate and blood pressure.

 Researchers say eating balanced breakfast is a help certainly not a hindrance to losing weight: hence not to skip a breakfast and eat greater quantities and more fattening food at lunch time.

 An Australian expert suggests scientific way to ensure beer stay cooler for a long time by using basic household items, surround you beer with salt and washing powder with ice.


 A 43 year old man in China has been kept alive for 13 years by a homemade kidney dialysis made of kitchen equipment, medical parts, and a text book at a cost of 10 pounds.

 An environmental advocate has started new drive in New Zealand where he asks the kiwis to get rid of the cats to save the natural bird species.

 Researchers warn that regular use of Aspirin can dramatically increase the risk of an eye disease that causes blindness in older people.

 A 24 year old Tamil girl at suburban Malad in Mumbai Prema Jeyakumar daughter of an auto rickshaw driver has emerged as topper in the tough National Chartered Accountancy Exam.

 A new U.K study has claimed that obese drivers are more likely to die in car crashes than other motorists with fat women most at risk because their additional soft tissue prevents the seat belt tightening immediately against the bones of the pelvis.

 A Dutch Architect in the U.K plans to construct the world’s first 3D printed building inspired by earth’s landscape at an estimated cost of 3.3 to 4.2 million pounds.


 According to a new study of hearing experts adults with hearing loss are more likely to develop problems thinking and remembering that older adults whose hearing is normal.

 Researchers have developed a special treatment for cotton fabric that allows the cotton to absorb exceptional amounts of water from misty air 340 percent of its own weight.

 The world’s first fleet of asteroid prospecting spacecraft named,” Fire Fly” has been unveiled by a new American company with the hope of extracting valuable metals from the asteroid.

 French car giant Peugeot has unveiled new air powered hybrid car which will knock 45% off fuel bills for an average motor car. The cars are to be put on the roads by 2016.

 Stray dogs crossing at zebra cross walks are being used by the Romanian traffic police in a new safety campaign to convince pedestrians to be careful.

 According to a new study women look their oldest a t 3.30 PM every Wednesday because it is the day when energy levels plummet, work stress is at the peak and the effects of every weekend late nights finally kick in.

 A religious counsellor in New York City’s orthodox Jewis Community was sentenced to 103 years in prison for molesting a girl who came to him with questions about her faith.


 Researchers from the University of Otago New Zealand say eating more fruits and vegetables may make young people calmer in their daily life.

 It’s reported that around 15,000 crocodiles have escaped from a crocodile farm in South Africa amid heavy rains and flooding.

 Fauja Singh, the 101 year old British Sikh regarded the oldest marathon runner and dubbed “Turbaned Tornado” has decided to quit after one final run at Hong Kong race.

 A U.S study claims women smokers have a dramatically increased risk of death from lung cancer and other ailments lined to tobacco use in the past 20 years.

 Studies suggest that the consumption of green tea has protective effect against prostrate cancer. A compound in green tea destroys the cancer cells as well as inhibits cancer matastasts.

 With an appeal for the return of security and safety in their homeland, Syrian authorities have called for a “Million Man prayers” in the country’s mosques.

 An advocate and a judicial magistrate had heated arguments and the advocate climbed on the court table to make his protest in the court hall in Thiruchengodu in Namakkal district.


 A “Privacy Visor” that uses infrared light to interfere with facial recognition technology has been developed in Japan for people worried about being spotted by computers.

 According to a new study people who exercise on an empty stomach before breakfast can burn up to 20% more body fat.

 Researchers at Kent University have developed a “Facewash” app that can help Facebook users cleanup vulgar or embarrassing pages from their profile.

 A Polish man managed to sail through a cyclone and shark infested waters on a makeshift raft made of twigs and sticks from Papua New Guinea to a North Australian island.

 Scientists have discovered that even the most advanced members of the largest group of dinosaurs ever to walk on earth still had relatively tiny brains not more than 3 inches in size or a tennis ball sized.

 A new study has claimed HIV the Aids causing virus can be traced back millions rather than just tens of thousands of years.

 A German Airlines Safety Think Tank rates Air India the third most unsafe commercial airline among 60 airlines in the world.

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