Neglected Street In Ayanavaram

Neglected Street In Ayanavaram

According to K Ramadoss, Civic Activist a portion of approximate 100 meters length between Konnur high road and P E Koil North Mada Street junction in Ayanavaram which is covered by two wards viz 97 & 96 in Anna Nagar Zone- 8 is visibly encroachment upon and reduced with less than 15 feet wide now. It is the street connecting Konnur high road and New Avadi road via Vellala street with round the clock busy movement of vehicle.

The street surface is strewn with mere blue metals since last one year without proper laying as a result the speeding vehicles hurt the residents and passersby with flying blue metals.

Besides the pellmell parking of vehicles a rice godown is also situated in the stretch of narrow street which adds to the woes with much inconvenience to pedestrians and motorists due to frequent loading and unloading of food grains.

The lorries carrying heavy loads for delivery to rice godown damages the storm water drain and sewage chambers every now and then. Both the corporation and metro water board have been confronted with loss of revenue due to reconstruction of their chambers on many occasions and it’s well known to officials concerned in the civic body.

The area residents requests the civic body to conduct a joint study with the officials concerned in estate & revenue, town planning, vigilance cell and traffic police etc and rectify the civic problem !

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