Award Winning Carnatic Vocalist

Award Winning Carnatic Vocalist

Sushma Somasekharan is among the new and many voices in the world of Carnatic music now. Hers is a voice that embodies talent, intellect and emotion. Born and raised in Singapore , Sushma has made Chennai her home and here she learns, performs and practices.

Sushma Somasekharan received her initial training from Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society and is currently learning from Srimathi Lalita Sivakumar.

She was one of the top two competitors who won the All India Radio Competition and was awarded the ‘B’ Grade recognition in 2006. She has won several awards in various competitions. She has also given many performances all over India, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

She has released ‘Mahisasura Mardhini’ CD and is currently working on other projects. An Accountancy graduate from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, she was working with Price water house Coopers before she decided to move to Chennai to pursue her passion, Carnatic Music.

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