Police – Residents Meeting On Safety Measures

Police – Residents Meeting On Safety Measures

An interesting safety and security meeting was conducted by T3.Korattur Police on 31st March 2013 at a park in TNHB Colony, Korattur. Mr.B.S.Venkatesh Kumar, Inspector of Police, (Law and Order), Korattur Police Station interacted with the residents by giving many useful safety tips to prevent robbery and chain snatching.

Inspector B.S.Venkatesh Kumar, requested the residents to inform the police when they go on vocation during the summer holidays. His important safety advice was for installing CCTV to prevent crime.

During the meeting pamphlets containing safety details including contact phone numbers of police officers at Korattur Police Station were distributed to everyone.

The meeting ended with an active interaction with the residents. As a safety measure, Korattur Police have started reaching out to the residents for installing cameras at junctions and street corners.

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