Helping The Poor And The Needy

Helping The Poor And The Needy

Vijayakumar is a social worker. In fact his name itself carries a Victory (Vijayakumar means Vetri).From his childhood days his wish was to help the poor and needy family.

He is a great devotee for Guruvayoorapan and he helped a lot to Guruvayoor Temple by doing many good things for the trust. He is a native place of Palakaad Pudhiyaperiyaaram in Kerala.

His father K.V.Appu Nayar worked in Military as a higher officer in Pamalur.His first job was a conservator job in Kanyakumari.Later on he joined as an assistant welfare officer in DCW. Mean while he wanted to do something out of his own interest. This had resulted in forming of a company called VSA. Vijayakumar become very successful in his industrial field and he is formally known as V.K. He is interested in helping poor people .He does lots of good social service such as doing marriage for that people in free of cost,providing houses for needy and also developed a hall in Guruvayoor Temple.

He has won more than 64 awards. Recently he was awarded as SIVAPADAMAM by Guruvayoor temple. He is also helping and serving the poor in Chennai with a caring heart.

He never tells about the helping tendency to others. His wife name is Sujatha. He has three children whose name is Vishnu , Vinoth , Aasha.His son Vishnu working as a lawyer in Madras High Court.

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