Interested In Religious Festivals

Interested In Religious Festivals

Rohit Ashok is a seven years old studying in Don Bosco School, Egmore. From the age of three he is very religious and worships various Hindu deities. His room is full of pictures of various Gods.

He is fond of Navarathri festival and takes interest in arranging dolls mainly that of Gods and Goddesses in various avatars.This year he was impressed by Kumbakarna doll.

The large sleeping Kumbarakarna with various people and elephant trying to wake him, had caught the fancy of Rohit, who immediately purchased it, since it was a rare piece.

He also displayed other dolls with themes like `Gajendra Moksham’, Hanuman Sanjeev Parvatham, Ramar Palam, Ganesha playing see-saw and so on.

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