Railway Officers Noble Gesture

Ms. V. Anusuya Bai, who retired as Deputy Chief Personnel Officer / Welfare, Southern Railway, Chennai has the unique distinction of being the 1st woman athlete from Tamil Nadu to receive the coveted Arjuna Award in Athletics in 1978.

On the occasion of her retirement, she contributed Rs. One lakh towards Railway Minister’s Relief Fund and handed over a cheque to Shri Rakesh Misra, General Manager, Southern Railway in the presence of Dr. G. Narayanan, Additional General Manager, Southern Railway and Shri N. Swaminathan, Chief Personnel Officer, Southern Railway on 03 September, 2013

.On this occasion an emotionally happy Ms. Anusuya Bai said that just as a child takes pride and feels happy putting food in its mother’s mouth even as the mother’s hand feeds the child, she had the same feeling and decided to contribute Rs.1 lakh to Indian Railways who sheltered and took care of her 40 years of long official and sports career.

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