Indian Railway Public Health Association Conference

The 14th Annual Conference of the Indian Railway Public Health Association Conference was organised by the Medical Department of Southern Railway on 22.08.2013 at Hotel The Aruna Chennai, Sterling Road, Chennai. Shri Rakesh Misra, General Manager, Southern Railway inaugurated the conference.

Dr. G. Narayanan, Additional General Manager, Southern Railway, Dr. V.K. Ramteke, Retd. Director General (RHS), Railway Board, Dr. R.K. Jain, Joint Secretary, IPHA (Railways) along with PHODs and HODs of Southern Railway and ICF, office bearers of IRPHA and IPHA participated in the event.

Dr. S. Ram Prakash, Chief Medical Director, Southern Railway welcomed the gathering. This conference will continue tomorrow also (23rd August 2013).In the conference, there will be 10 sessions by eminent public health specialists on various important public health issues and one panel discussion on alcohol and substance abuse disorder management in industrial organisations.

At the end of the conference, based on the deliberations, recommendations will be submitted by the IRPHAto Railway Board for favourable consideration to implement, so as to benefit the railway beneficiaries and railway users. About 150 delegates from all over Indian Railway also participated in the conference.

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A Good Display Of Creative Talents!!

A group painting exhibition of N.Veni, M.Sunitha Bhavani,M.Saranya and J.Punitha is on at , who will be exhibiting their paintings at our gallery “La Galerie D’Expression,” at Hotel Ambassador Pallva, Montieth Road,Egmore,Chennai. The exhibition is on display till 31st August 2013.

N.Veni has completed her SSLC and High schooling at West Tirunelveli Higher Secondary School. She has also completed her BFA during the year 2008 – 2012 and is now doing her MFA (20012-20014). She has displayed her acrylic paintings on canvas at “Roy Choudry Art Gallery,” Chennai during 2009 in the show “First Brush Line,” during 2010 in the show “Our Address,” and at Lalit Kala Academy in 2013 in the show “Infinite Expressions,” by Dessin Academy. She been recognized and awarded The Nunkalai Kuzhu Award (Best Student Award) in April 2012.At present she is with Dessin School of Arts based at Kilpauk,Chennai.

M.Sunitha Bhavani has completed her SSLC and schooling at St.Joseph’s Matriculation School. She is presently doing her BFA (2010-2014. She has exhibition her oil paintings on canvas at Lalit Kala Academi during Fe’13 in the show

“Infinite Expression,” by Dessin Academy. She has been recognized and awarded the Best Teacher Award in Dessin School of Art in April 2012.

M.Saranya has completed her SSLC at Goodsherperd Matriculation School and high schooling at Govt.Girls Higher Secondary School,Thiruninravur. She is presently doing her BFA (2010-2014). She has displayed her paintings on canvas at Lalit Kala Academy Chennai during Feb’13 in the show “Infinite Expression,” by Dessin Academy. She has been recognized and awarded the Best Teacher Award in April 2012.

J.Punitha has completed her schooling at Govt.Girls High School, Arcot. She has completed her BFA during 2008-2012 and is presently doing her MFA from 2012 to 2014. She as exhibition her acrylic paintings on sheet at the “Royal Choudry Art Gallery, Chennai during 2010 in the show “Our Address,” and also displayed acrylic paintings on canvas at Lalit Kala Academy Chennai during Fe’13 in the show “Infinite Expression,” by Dessin Academy. She has been recognized and awarded as Best Student in April 2011.

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Influenced And Inspired By Art From A Young Age!!

Dewakar is a self -taught artist who has been influenced and inspired by art from a young age. His early love for the easel and canvas directed him to a profession that was artistic and creative. Dewakar set up ‘D5 Studios’ and ‘Dewakar Photography’ and has steadily built a career in Advertising, Photography and Filming.

Dewakar continues to share and spread his passion for art through Life&Art, an exclusive studio for Pottery, Sculpture and Painting classes. Dewakar is holding an exhibition of his paintings and sculptures at Lalit Kala Akademi, 1st Floor, Greams Road,Chennai. The exhibition is titled Hidden Thoughts.

His art works has surrealistic influence and lives on the edge between realism and abstraction, where things are not always what they seem. He believes that his work has the power to evoke emotion, sensuality, and spirituality. Strong characters, color and bold expressions impose their way into consciousness, playing with distortions of space and form. Characters live in his paintings. The show Hidden thoughts is in fact Dewakar’s first exhibition and he hopes to continue working on conceptual art for his future shows.

The paintings and sculptures are on display at Lalit Kala Academy till 25th August 2013.Dewakar resides in Adyar, Chennai and he can be contacted on . For more information visit the website and

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City Bee

Saliyar Monthly Meeting

The monthly meeting of Saliyar Mahajan Sangh Chennai Branch will be held on 25th August 2013 at Door No-4, Tamil Nadu Housing Board Complex, Luz Corner, behind Vinayagar Temple) Mylapore, Chennai-4. For details contact A.Palanichamy on .

Book Launch

The publication Anglo-Indians-A 500 Year History by S.Muthiah and Harry MacLure will be released on 27th August 2013 at Hotel President, Dr.Radhakrishnan Road, Mylapore at 6.30pm. The book will be released by Dr.Beatrix D’Souza,Ph.D, Former MLA and MP. The first copy will be received by Dr.Geoffery K.Francis, Ph.D, Former MLA and President In-Chief of the Anglo-Indian Association of Southern India in the presence of Mr.Mike Nithavrianakis, Deputy High Commissioner for the UK, David Holly, Council-General for Australia and Jennifer McIntyre, Council-General for America.

Fancy Dress Competition

Sanjeevini Peetam located at No-5/1, Kavarai Street, West Mambalam is organizing a ‘Little Krishna’ fancy dress competition from 10 a.m to 11 p.m on Wednesday, 28th August 2013 in its premises as part of Sri Krishna Jayanthi celebrations. The children up to 5 years eligible to participate in the competition and they have to dressed up only like Lord Krishna and to recite the slokas. For details contact Lavanya Balaji on and Vatsala Prasad on / or visit

Jumble Sale at Perambur

The Social and Environment Group Members is organising a jumble sale and lucky dip on 25th April 2013 from 7.30am till 12.30pm at Savio Hall, Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine,Perambur,Chennai.

Award Function

TANKER Foundation is getting honoured with the Best Charitable Organisation Award along with Mahesh Memorial Trust. The award ceremony takes place on 29th August 2013 at 4.30pm at Kumararani Meena Muthiah College of Arts and Science, Cresent Avenue Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar. Tanker Foundation is based at Wheatcrofts Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 34. For details call or visit

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Annual Feast Of Annai Veilankanni Shrine

The 41st Annual Feast of Annai Veilankanni Shrine, Besant Nagar,Chennai-90 begins on 29th August 2013.Car procession, hoisting of the feast day flag and high Mass will take place in the evening from 5 pm onwards.

The main celebrant will be The Most Rev Dr.Anthony Pappusamy,(Bishop of Dindigul). Every day special prayers and Holy Mass will be conducted in the mornings and evenings in the church premises.

On the Feast Day, 8th September 2013 there will be holy Mass in Tamil from 2am onwards. English Mass will be held at 7.45 am by Rev.Fr.S.J.Anthonysamy,VG ,Madras Mylapore.

There will be Rosary, Thanksgiving Holy Mass and lowering of the Flag at 5.30pm in the evening. The main celebrant will be Rev Fr M.Arul Raj, VG (Thiruvallur), Madras-Mylapore.

Fr.Francis Micheal, is the Rector and Parish Priest of Annai Veilankanni Shrine, Besant Nagar. For details contact the church office on or visit the website

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Entering The Lima Book Of Records In Environmental Friendly Manner

Creating Longest Eco-Friendly Festive Thoran made from Jute and Handmade paper was organized in association with Pidilite Industry at Prince Shri Venkateshwara Arts and Science College Venkateshwara Nagar, Gowrivakkam, Chennai with an aim to enter the Limca Book of Records in an environmental friendly manner.

The students have initiated and organized the event to create environmental awareness amongst the youngster who is the future citizens of India.

The function set out a positive message for the future generation to save and care for Planet Earth.A total of 1500 students created a Thoran of length 750 meters which was inaugurated by the Minister of Animal Husbandry, Thiru.T.K.M.Chinnayya amidst the college Chairman Dr.K.Vasudevan, College Principal Mrs.M.Uma and Mrs.Jayashree Narayanan, Pidilite Industries.

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World Last Week


 A new study at the University of California has found that lipsticks contain as many as nine metals. Lead, Cadmium, Cobalt, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium and Nickel.

 An 8 year old girl in U.S who has the body of a new born could hold the secrets to biological immortality, it has been revealed.

 A 360 metres sky walk has been inaugurated over one of the Austria’s most panoramic lakes. The sky walk gives a view of the Alpine village of Halls-tatt, a World Heritage site of Natural beauty.

 Canadian police recovered 40 pythons from a hotel room found in several plastic storage bins from a couple who had been evicted from their home in Ontario.

 A new study has claimed if young people are under high financial debts their blood pressure could increase and their health could suffer.

 A new study suggests that an increasing number of men today are finding it difficult to deal with their busy and successful wives, most psychologists believe that the male ego is responsible for this behaviour in men.
 A club in Melbourne Australia has created “The Winston” cocktail made with 155 year old brandy that takes 16 hours to prepare and has a price tag of 12900 dollars.


 A new study claims that there is no evidence with brain imaging that indicates some people are right brained or left brained.

 Scientists have developed an interactive life style robot that acts as a standup comic and has already garnered many laughs from the audience during its unique performance in London.

 An Australian design company has developed a pair of smart sneakers with an integrated company tent in the back, the shelter expands out and around the body to form an enclosure that relies on the human frame.

 Archeologists have unearthed 400 Byzantine coins, an ancient ring with inscriptions intact lamps and gold jewellery in a trash pit from the Byzantine period in Israel. It remains a mystery as to why the valuable items were discarded hundreds of years ago.

 A 7 month old baby in China has been seriously injured when a drunk policeman allegedly grabbed the infant from the parent’s arms and hurled onto the ground.

 New revelations have emerged about the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, Scotland Yard is assessing allegations claiming that Diana and her boy friend were murdered by a member of the British army.

 In his new book “My Journey” Dr. Abdul Kalam the former Indian President says becoming a fighter pilot was a dearest dream but he failed to reach it by a whisker as he bagged the ninth position when only eight slots were available in the I.A.F


 A Michigan man has been released from the intensive care after remarkably survived being struck by a train going at 110MPH, according to reports, train sounded its horn several times but the man who was listening to music at that time failed to hear it.

 An angry wife in U.S ordered to pay her former husband 50.12 dollars got so furious that she repaid it in plastic containers filled with rice, beans and pennies.

 Professor Geoff Whittle a mathematician in New Zealand has solved a 40 year old mathematical problem after 15 years of work.

 In a near miraculous incident doctors in Australia have saved the life of a 41 year old woman who was clinically dead for 42 minutes after suffering a major heart attack.

 A one of a kind of vending machine has been installed in Belgium that will sell freshly fried chips. The machine will fry a 135 gram portion of chips in 90 seconds for the price of 250 Euros.

 A visually impaired and disabled Scottish biker from Edinburg hit 167.1 miles per hour on his sports bike thus setting a new world record speed, becoming the fastest blind and disabled biker on the planet.

 Scientists have claimed that premature babies are at higher risk for lower academic achievements especially in mathametics.


 20 year old Khalad Mohsen Shaeri who weighs 610 kgs was lifted by a forklift from his house to be airlifted to a hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for treatment.

 Parents of a 4 year old boy from California were amazed to find a sea snail growing inside his knee after he fell and grazed in a beach.

 Scientists from Indiana University School of Medicine have found a series of RNA biomarkers in blood that may help identify who is at risk of committing suicide.

 A new study claims exposed to copper may trigger Alzheimer’s by accelerating plague buildup in the brain which leads to the neurogenerative disease.

 A study has warned, series of illness struggling to hold down a regular job and poor social relationship are just some of the adverse outcomes in childhood faced by those exposed to bullying in childhood.

 A retried Canadian police officer has been arrested for allegedly filling his wife’s hot bath tub with manure after being served with divorce papers.

 Children who have high levels of Bisphinol A, a chemical used in plastics are more likely to become obese and have abnormal waist circumference. A new study claims.


 In an extremely unusual case a dog’s blood was used to save a cat’s life which ate rat poison in Tauranga, New Zealand.

 A new survey has found many air travellers have left things like hand cuffs, a live parrot, a bag full of diamonds and underwear in planes.

 In Liverpool a 26 year old woman’s jaw was dislocated when she attempted to eat a triple Decker burger.

 A survey has revealed as many as 50,000 dogs roam the streets and vacant homes of the bankrupt, Detroit city in the U.S abandoned by the owners who were financially stressed.

 A new study has found that Asthma sufferers who are frequently exposed to heavy traffic pollution or smoke from wood fire heaters experience a significant worsening of symptoms.

 Indian cyclist Soman Debrath who started his global tour on his cycle in 2004 to spread awareness on HIV/AIDS reaches Bahrain.

 According to an inter governmental panal on climate change (IPCC) report, Human activity is almost certainly the cause for climate change and global sea levels could raise by several feet by the end of this century.


 Germany’s security services are urgently investigating how was a man able to board the Chancellor’s military aircraft where he partied alone for 4 hours wearing only underpants while high on Marijuana and ecstasy.

 A 22 year old youth from Rakkipalyan, Coimbatore, munches on earthworms, termites, grasshoppers, cockroaches and lizards for breakfast and lunch his other delicacies include scorpions and snakes.

 Two nine year old school girls Rose Powell and Flame Brewar who are cousins, third generation of their families of wing walkers have become the world’s youngest wing walkers above RAF Rendcomb in Gloucestershire.

 Researchers discovered traces of Garlic and Mustard on the charred remains of pottery dating back 7000 years suggesting that our ancestors had a taste for spicy food.

 According to research conducted on pineapple it is found that an enzyme extract from pineapple stems known as “Bromelain” is superior to the chemo agent 5, Fluoraurcil is treating cancer.

 Oxford University scientists have devised a mathematical model to predict with 77% accuracy, a film’s future a month before its release.

 Researchers now consider excessive sitting to be an independent risk factor for poor heath and premature death. Even if you exercise regularly you are twice as likely to have diabetes or heart disease.


 A 5 year old boy in the U.S has been taken into custody after he brought a loaded handgun into a Tennessee eliminatory school and it went off in his backpack.

 U.S scientists have built the world’s most precise clock whose ticking rate varies less than two parts in one quintillion or 10 times better than any other clock.

 India has by passed Japan to become world’s third largest internet user after China and the United States.

 Some restaurants in Manhattan have come up with healthier way of drinking alcohol by creating vegetables cocktails made out of organic cucumber, carrots, kale and even peas.

 A smart phone app has been reportedly developed which allows users to deliberately spy on their spouses to check whether they are cheating on them, has been launched in Brazil.

 A Harvard Researcher has developed a spray that can give coffee lovers their much needed caffeine fix without having to drink it at all.

 An expert at uSwitch, Ernest Doker claims some 10% of children as young as 5 years are given mobile phones. The average child is given a mobile at the age of 11, but nearly one in ten has a mobile phone at the less than half their age.

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Orientation Programme For Students

Nursing Students from Madras Medical College visited Indian Community Welfare Organisation for a one day orientation programme on 8th August 2013 at Anna Nagar,Chennai. Indian Community Welfare Organisation has been receiving International students for the past 10 years from 15 different countries. They are from Sociology, Social work, Psychology, medical social workers and Political Science.

Mr.A.J.Hariharan Secretary ICWO said “the organization like ICWO which has 19 years experience in the developmental field is important to share its experience with the national and international students which will help them to understand the challenges faced by the marginalized people” He added saying, “It’s equally important for the nursing students to learn the type of initiatives of NGO’s and state Government to address the issues of the marginalized.

ICWO is always willing to share its experience with the nursing students which gives them insight and help them importance of social work” Indian Community Welfare Organisation is a non profit, non Governmental and social work organization working for the past 19 years in Chennai at AP-216, 18 main Road, I block, 6th Street, Vallalar Colony, Anna Nagar West, Chennai-40.

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Jaigopal Garodia Memorial Scholarships For Deserving Students

The Jaigopal Garodia Memorial Scholarships was started to provide financial assistance to the students belonging to weaker sections and also the disabled students for pursuing higher education.

Hundreds of students from all over Tamil Nadu studying graduate, postgraduate, professional courses like medical, engineering, diploma, polytechnique, nursing, teacher’s training etc are benefited through the scholarships. Jaigopal Garodia Memorial Scholarships for 2013 has been officially announced for students in Govt./Govt. Aided/Corporation Schools and presently studying in Govt./Govt. Aided Colleges/Institutions and disabled students of either gender pursuing Degree, Diploma, Polytechnic, Teacher Training courses etc.

Applications are available at the Jaigopal Garodia Memorial Scholarships Centre,(JGVV Trust), Door No. 6, Seventh Street, ‘U’ Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai – 40. For details call .

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A Environment Friendly Initiative By NGC

The National Green Corps (NGC),Chennai and Indo-International Initiative for Billions of Fruit Trees (IIIBFT) jointly organises to grow One Crore Fruit bearing Trees in selected 50 schools in Chennai District on a first phase to reach its goal.

It started its noble carrier in Chennai Boys Higher Secondary School, Nungambakkam recently and continued its activities thro’ NGC cadets in Chennai Girls Higher Secondary School,Nungambakkam where Dr.Alagu Perumal Ramasamy ,Director,IIIBFT and Mr.G.Thangaraj, District Coordinator,NGC supervises. The students have to bring the plastic milk covers , snacks covers and oil covers and this will be filled up with sand and the seeds will be kept in.

Pouring of water will be done periodically. All these activities will be carried out only after the school timings. Only one class will be engaged per day. The seeds are being supplied by NGC and IIIBFT from the collections from the nearing streets and also contribution from students.

The NGC students who actively /voluntarily participate in this noble cause will be encouraged with study materials, gifts and certificates of appreciation. An environmental educational awareness field trip has also been planned to know the importance of agriculture.

The motto of this movement is to grow fruit bearing saplings in various schools which can be utilized by the students to plant these saplings in their premises, in school campus and the remaining will be given to NGOs and public who can plant at right places.

Over a period of item, after implementing this various schools it may fulfill the needs of the public to some extent and in turn it may benefit society. IIIBFT and NGC will train the teachers to guide students and will be supervised every day.

All these follow-ups and monitoring will be done at free of cost. Interested government / aided / private schools may join with this movement. For details contact G.Thangaraj on and ..

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