Safeguard The Porur Lake!

The Porur Lake, which is used as an important  storage point for Chennai city water supply, needs to be better safeguarded. It is reported that a  major portion of the lake bed does not have a proper compound wall. The lake requires a  proper outlet for the surplus water. Because during the rainy season the residential localities surrounding the water body  gets inundated with the surplus water that overflowed from the lake.

The authorities concerned have not taken action to arrest the problem by constructing a surplus channel. The Porur residents stated that the  lake needs to be desilted and deepened to facilitate more storage of water and the bunds must be strengthened to avoid flooding in the adjoining areas of the lake. The Porur Lake  is a primary water resource for people residing in Chennai city. Bathing, washing, swimming and dirtying the lake waters is currently prohibited.

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