Young Achiever In Animal Welfare!

The young achiever award winner in Animal Welfare, Achala Paani is the Founder and Managing Trustee of Let’s Live Together. She has been an animal welfare activist for the last ten years. Her tremendous strength, love and compassion for animals help her breathe life into the organization ‘Let’s Live Together’, for the welfare of homeless animals. Her organization’s initiative Project -’Life on the Street’ promotes the concept of people adopting homeless puppies instead of buying dogs.

This project has been responsible for over a 1000 adoptions, which has considerably helped solve the street dog issues. Achala Paani, a graphic designer by profession has been an animal activists for many years. Her animal work has made her life a lot more meaningful. Her Mind, Heart, Soul and Body unite in peace’ with animals. Achala Paani speaking to the Chennai Plus reporter Elwyn, stated that she believes in sharing her world and living a cruelty free life.

Achala took up project “Life on the street” as her graduation project , this has now changed her life for ever! The project so far has been beautiful and Life changing, she added. Her NGO “Let’s Live Together” is a registered volunteer Animal Helpline. Lets Live Together’s initiative project ‘life on the street’ is a success of its kind.

The project “Life on the street” is about little paws with lots of love, its about little cuddles n their pain, lots of hunger, its about that every dark corner on the street, mainly its about uncertainty in life of the homeless animals.

Its is a tribute to all the not so fortunate pups, who don’t make it, who don’t get adopted, who don’t find homes mainly because they were born (homeless) on the street. She believes that all animals especially pets deserve better lives. Lets Live Together is a registered charitable trust formed to help homeless, helpless dogs. The Trust helpline finds homes for homeless pups. The aim is to help humans and animals live in harmony because mankind plays an important role in deciding the fate of animals. Lets live together has been working for animal welfare for many years.

They have got more that 1000 pups adopted and have attended hundred of cases that vary from emergency to cruelty to rescue to fostering homeless puppies. The project “life on the street”, portrays the life of dogs on the street. The project is into Pup adoption and Public awareness. The Project is a unique concept. The project “Life on the street” is on the life of street animals. The people in her project are real animal angels who have made a difference in the lives of the homeless and helpless animals .The project : “Life on the street” portray’s the stories of hundreds of pups that have been rescued, treated and adopted that have come in because of ill health, malnutrition, and all kinds of helpless situations.

To go on in spite of the hurdles that come by and help animals on a larger scale, requires immense support from the people all around. Achala Paani has design calendars , mugs, stickers , greeting cards, bookmarks and carry bags for Lets Live Together that are for sale. The money from this completely goes for welfare of animals. She truly hope that her good work helps to create awareness and helps more animals in distress. Achala hopes that change will happen, a change for a better world.

The much awaited charity calendars designed and printed by the non-profit organization Let’s Live Together that is well-known for animal welfare and rescuing and adoption of homeless puppies are ready. All the proceeds from the sales go towards vaccinating the animals for good health before their adoption takes place. In Chennai, Niranjan Amarnath is the contact person for purchasing these calendars. Contact: .

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