Vastusastra For Happy Life

Life is to live wonderfully well. For prosperous and happy life one has to satisfy many factors and Vastusastra is a main factor.
‘Vastusastra’ is the science of building .If a house is built as per ‘Vastusastra’ the inmates in the house will live happily.
If a factory is constructed as per ‘Vastusastra’ there will be peace and prosperity in the establishment .
If a marriage hall is built as per ‘Vastusastra’, number of bookings will be more.
Further, the couple who gets married in the marriage hall will have a happy life
A temple also will be successful only if it is constructed as per agamasastrah. A temple should be constructed in a square shape in square site.
Guide lines to construct a building as per “Vastusastra”

(a) Site should be proper. A rectangular shape site will be better than odd shape sites .
(b) In a rectangular site rectangular building should be planned.
(c) The only area which could be extended in a site or building is North-East area.
(d) The aim of the building science is to create more positive energy in the. premises. For this purpose the levels should be maintained properly.
(i) South- East area should be higher in level, heavy and solid.
(ii) South-East area and North-West area may be equal in level.
(iii) North-East area should be lowest.
(e) Placements should satisfy the pancha- bhuta principles.
(I) North-East area should have underground water body.
(ii) South-East area should be hot. Placement of kitchen, electrical placements should be placed in agni area.
(iii) South-West and North-West area may be used for the placement of bed rooms.
If a building is constructed and maintained as per “Vastusastra” it will ensure happiness and prosperity

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