A Humble Start To Successful Future!

Mr.Kalaiselvan is a man of many parts who has finally found his niche in painting. He and his work are not that easy to describe. Both have gone through life with all its ups and downs and finally the victory cry from his throat is full of vim and vigour because he has tasted victory and it is sweet.

Explain your Humble beginning?

I am proud of my beginnings say, Kalaiselvan. He completed schooling in his native Anniyur, a little village near Villipuram in Tamilnadu. He moved to Chennai where he graduated in textile designing at the from Chennai College of arts and crafts in 1985. Painting was part of the syllabus and once he understood that this medium suited him, the spark was lit and blazed into a glorious fire which continues to burn to this day.

He finally realized that painting was what God had meant to do in his life and so from the start of 2010, he became a full fledged, full time painter.

Your painting Style?

Mr.Kalaiselvan prefers the abstract, semi abstract, contemporary and figurative styles. His knife work is full of vigour. His themes are Christian oriented, a line he figures to continue in. His inspiration is the famed Claude Monet and Turner Mallard.

Plans for the future?

Kalaiselvan plans to hold a full scale exhibition before the conclusion of 2010. When the mood grips him, he can finish a canvas in either four hours or four days, depending on the subject. He is the future of Christian oriented abstracts which has few experts. Bank on him and you will not fail to win. Kalaiselvan resides at Pammal. He can be contacted on .

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