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The world’s largest statue of Jesus Christ 58 metre high, 24 metre wide at the arms will be unveiled at Seviebodzin 50 km from Polish/German border.

A Chinese groom who works for a heavy machinery company used a fleet of mechanical diggers instead of wedding cars to save money.

Australian ghost bats are carnivorous they kill the other bats with a strong bite before eating.

A cat in Surrey England lost his rear feet and had then replaced with custom made implants that fused with the skin and bone of his legs.

Sachin Tendulkar’s bat fetched the highest bid of Rs 42 Lakhs at an auction in Mumbai along with other items donated by 25 top sports. persons from India.

18 year old Alexandria Mills of United states has been crowned as Miss World 2010 at a glittering ceremony in China.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Puttin’s younger daughter is to wed her long time Korean boy friend who is the son of a retried South Korean admiral
Scores of people feared dead in Indonesia’s tsunami disaster were found alive on a remote island 5 days after the killer waves.


In a million to one case twins born black and white to a black Grenadian mother in Britain

A Chinese dog enthusiast bought a Tibetan Mastiff considered to be a primitive breed for 45,600 dollars and created record in the sales of a Canine.

Scientists in London have grown walnut sized human livers and hope the techniques can be used for transplantation . The research also opens the prospects of testing the safety of experimental drugs.

Fatima Salman became the first woman to win a contested seat in Bahrain polls. She won a place in a municipal council.

In a reply to an RTI query it was revealed that a puduchery Government Collage has 74 teaching and non teaching staff just for 130 students

In Ausburg, Germany a 28 year old tiger trainer who was almost mauled to death by his tigers is to wed in the circus ring.

A team of Indian scientists began their first ever forty day scientific expedition in South pole.

A copy of the first edition of Jane Austin’s romantic Novel “Pride and Prejudice” first published copy in 1813 has been sold at an auction in Britain for 139250 pounds

Scientists in China have bred the country’s first genetically engineered rhesus monkey a step that will speed up the development of causes for diseases ranging from cancer to Alzheimer.

A 41 year father and his13 year old son from Puduchery who had performed consistently in state and National level roller skating championship have been included in the 2010 edition of Limca Books of Records.


 Shruthi Pandey 6 year old class 2 student trains 60 people for one hour at Swami Bhramanad Saraswati Kaivalya Dham in Jhunsi town Allahabad she began learning yoga at the age of 4 and has mastered the art.

Experts in London have rated alcohol the most harmful overall and almost three times as harmful as cocaine or tobacco.

According to the survey by internet mail provider hotline people when they are 33 years is the busiest period in one’s life.

Dilma Rousseff a former Marxist guerrilla who was tortured and imprisoned during Brazil’s long dictatorship has been elected as Brazil’s first woman president.

Australia and British Scientists have unveiled a death protein that destroys rogue cells in what could be break through for the fight against cancer, malaria, and diabetes.

California will vote today on whether to make their famously land bach U.S. state first to legalize all Marijuna consumption and cultivation trade.

A new study revealed Plague originated in China nearly 2600 years ago and reached Europe via Central Asia’s silk trade route.

In an alarming incident a 13 year old student son of a Granite business man was kidnapped by a two member gang in Thirumangalam.

Discovery the oldest space shuttle in Nasa’s fleet which has made 38 trips into space during its 26 year carrier is readying for its final mission.

In a freak accident a 22 year old woman worker at Nokia Electronics India plant in sriperumbudur died after a robotic arm fell on her.


In Southern Spain a 10 year old girl has given birth, The father of the child is also minor

Scientists have discovered Narciciasine a Natural compound in deffodil bulbs may be a powerful therepeautic against biologically aggressive forms of human brain cancer.

A medical research council at Cambridge University claim to have identified a vital mechanism which body uses to fight off viruses causing common cold.

Australian Scientists have discovered a deep sea cone shaped volcano 100 nautical miles off shore and 2000 metres and date back thousands of years.

Keerthivasan the school boy who was kidnapped from Thirumangalam had been rescued after paying Rs 50 lakh ransom the abductors fled away with the cash.

Miners in the kingdom of Lesotho say that they have found a 185 carat white diamond and they also have found a 196 carat white diamond in the same mine in August 2010 .

Heart disease could be cut by almost a fifth by forcing manufactures cut the amount of salt they put in food say scientists
The works of noted mathematician astronomer Galileo Galilei have been published in Arabic for the very first time.

A 15 month old baby girl survived a fall from a 7th floor apartment in Paris almost unscathed after falling right into the arms of a passer by.

An Italian Mongrel Alsatian cross dog is said to be the world’s oldest dog at 25 two years more than the present record holder. 25 years of a dog’s life is equivalent to 178 in human years..


Surgeons in Shanghai , China have operated a 50 year old man to remove a chopstick which he swallowed 28 years ago

Scientists in Germany claim to have carried a miracle eye transplant which gave sight back to a visually impaired 46 year old person.

 A study claims every person emits the equivalent of two tonnes of carbon dioxide a year through eating from the time food is taken to when the human body excretes.

Nikki Randhawa Haley a Sikh immigrant from Amistrar has created history by becoming the first woman governor of South Carolina.

Octopus Paul II successor to the uncanny correct predictor of the of the world cup football games Paul I was unveiled amid great fanfare in Germany.

Japanese scientists have found the hormone that plays a key role in triggering insulin resistance in the body could lead to new class of drugs to treat the condition and type 2 diabetes
Betel leaf used in Hindu ceremonies as an auspicious exchange material contains compounds that act as heart beat regulators and help relaxing blood vessels.

City police arrested Keerthivasan’s abductors and recovered Rs 98.73 lakhs. Vijay and Prabu cousins. One is an U.K. educated M.B.A the other is an engineer.

Visitors to a Stockholm hotel will be able to use mobile phone instead of keys to unlock the doors of their room.

For the first time a high performance metal-insulator metal diode has been created, this could form a basis of a new approach to electronics and solve a quest in fundamental martial science.

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