In Search Of A Perfect Place

Unique Image Creations in association with Anglos In The Wind have produced a film about emigration, excitement, hope, difficult decisions and emotional issues that a family goes through while moving from their homeland to a foreign country. The film titled “Going Away” has well experienced cast and crew.

The film has a very special connection and focus on the Anglo-Indian community, whose members have gone away in large numbers from India to make England, Australia and other countries their home. The film producer Mr. Nigel Foote, from Melbourne, Australia, in an interview with Chennai Plus reporter Elwyn, stated that the movie was filmed in a huge colonial-style house at St. Thomas Mount, Chennai. Mr. Foote further stated that the film has beautiful, touching story and very believable characters. The cast of the film are Denzil Smith, Mohammed Yousuf, Sharon White, Shaan Katari Libby, Joel Nigli, Sonu Somapalan, Gillian Williamson and Jaravis Dee. The film is edited by Lewellyn Anthony Gonsalvez.

The music is scored by Bruce J. Lee. The cinematography is by Siddhartha Nuni. The film is produced by Australian-based multimedia business entrepreneur Mr. Nigel Foote. Mr. Harry MacLure has written and directed the film. “Going Away” will be screened at an elite preview theatre in Chennai City soon. Mr. Foote said that he enjoyed working with the Indian cast and crew and will return to India for future productions.

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