 A new research says using mobile phones can cause a significant rise in your blood pressure but practicing yoga can help lower it.

 Heavy drinkers who smoke have more problems with their memory ability to think quickly and efficiently and problem solving skills.

 A woman who underwent surgery in one of her kidneys was stunned to be told by doctors she had actually four kidneys according to media reports.

 Rahar Mohamak a Saudi Arabian woman has become the first woman from Saudi Arabia to scale Mount Everest.

 Hong Kong launched its first electric taxies to hit the streets on May 18th.The 5 door sedans are powered by iron phosphate batteries and takes 2 hours to charge and runs 300 km.


 A new study suggests the average intelligence level of Victorian era people from the late 1800s was higher than that of modern day counter parts.

 Kuwait has deported 1258 foreigners for traffic offences in the past one month drawing condemnation from human rights groups.

 A meteoroid has smashed into the moon causing the biggest explosion ever seen in the lunar surface with the naked eye on 17.03.2013 says NASA.

 Researchers from the University of Tokyo are in the process of developing a technology to put the mobile phone on the palm of your hand using a special camera that combines high speed vision and two rotational mirrors.

 A study has found regular coffee consumption is associated with reduced risk of developing a type of liver disease.

 A custom made electronic guitar played by John Lennon and George Harris of The Beetles has sold for 408,000 dollars at an US auction.

 Swedish Company Volvo developed iPhone app that would help car owners to find the location of their vehicle through their smart phone with the new system you can lock or unlock the car via the phone from far away.


 An 18 year old Al Eesha Khare a NRI teenager from Saratoga California has invented a phone charger that charges all phones in 20 seconds has been awarded 50,000 dollars for developing such a super capacitor.

 High intensity active video games may improve cardiovascular health in children, according to a study.

 Scientists have identified a protein CD52 that can stop reverse development of Type 1 diabetes in its early stages.

 A new study has found purified components of ginger can help asthma patients breathe more easily. Bronchial tissues treated with the component shows a greater relaxation.

 Researchers from the University of Otego tracked the progress of 300 marketing students and say students who think they deserve the best are among those most likely to fail in exams.

 The NEC Medias X06E develops the world’s first liquid cooled smart phone with liquid cooling pipe behind the display and next to the processor, to avert the heat generation after a long bout of facebook or eMail.

 Pakistan has told its Civil servants not to wear socks but the wear moccasins or sandals as the country is facing a 20 hour power cut a day in some places.


 Bio Engineers at the University of California have invented a water proof fabric that whisks away sweat using micro fluidic technology.

 Researchers from Michigan University found that the ad- age practice makes perfect may not hold truth according to a study which found the natural talent and other factors are more likely to play a role in making an activity.

 26 years old Arunima, an amputee created history by becoming the first woman in the world to successfully conquer Mount Everest in a prosthetic leg.

 A 4 year old disabled Chinese boy was put in a prison for over 3 years because his parents were protestors.

 Jane’s “All the world’s Aircraft” claims in its 100th anniversary edition that Geimen aviation pioneer Gustav Wei-sskopt was actually the first man to successfully build and fly his condor plane in August 1901 before Wright Brothers in 1903.

 Mahatama Gandhi’s personal effects including his prayers beads, leather chappals last will and testament were sold for 300,000 pounds in an auction in UK.

 A 25 year old woman in Karanataka gave birth to a baby girl with two heads and one baby, the baby died an hour after its birth.


 According to researchers both air pollution and noise pollution may increase a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

 A lightening fast Belgian racing pigeon named after worlds fastest man Usain Bolt has been sold to a Chinese Businessman for a world record price of 40,000 dollars.

 Researchers at the University of Michigan discovered a potential Switch in the human brain which prompts us to do change our behaviour instantly as per the situation.

 A new study has warned children who are exposed to second hand smoke in early childhood are more likely to grow up to a physically aggressive and anti-social.

 A UK study says Iodine deficiency during pregnancy sometimes rampant among Indian women adversity affects the child’s mental development –IQ

 In a surprising discovery researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yahweh University have determined that Vitamin-C kills during resistant tuberculoses (TB) bacteria in laboratory culture.


 A study at the University of California found second and third graders who practice mindful meditation techniques for three minutes a week for 8 weeks have improved behaviour and scored high on tests requiring memony.

 Taking up to 1000 mg of Calcium supplements per day can help women live longer with lower risk of death, a research reveals.

 12 years old Sathish Karnck and Indian American boy has won the prestigious National geographic bee contest after getting 5 questions right in a competition held at US.

 An 80 year old Japanese climber reached Mount Everest becoming the oldest person to scale the world’s highest mountain.

 A 7 years old South Korean girl was killed instantly after being struck by the body of a man as he plunged from his 10th floor apartment in an apparent suicide.

 A Texas company with support from NASA is developing a 3D food printed nutritionally rich aesthetically appealing and tasty synthetic food for astronauts to create customs meals on the fly.

 According to a study long distance runners are now known to have an increased risk of congestive heart failure and heart attack and also causes premature aging of the heart.


 Indian American Srikant Srinivasan has been appointed to a top judgeship in the prestigious US Court OF Appeals in the capital.

 A 22 years old man in Bopal has been critically injured after the mobile phone he was holding in his mouth and using it as a torch to search something burst.

 A genetically modified variety of purple tomatoes at the John Innes Centre are better tasting and long lasting says the researchers.

 Researchers have claimed that household that have dogs residing in them have more types of bacteria including that are rarely found in the homes which dogs do not reside.

 Studies have found most meditation technique eid to train attention and awareness to help bring thoughts under control and relieve pain anxiety and stress.

 According to a new research people who are anxious perform more poorly in jobs interviews the effect is worse for men than women.

 Researchers have found the remains of King Richard III of UK under a Leicester car park were buried in hastily dug body prepared lozenge shaped grave with bones placed in an odd position and the torso crammed in.

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