To Boost The Dwindling House Sparrows

The Burhani Foundation (India) in colabration with Nature Forever Society will initiate one of the biggest conservation initiative project called Save our Sparrows (SOS). As part of this project, the Foundation in collaboration with Nature Forever Society, plans to distribute a record 52,000 bird feeders around the world, to boost the dwindling house sparrow population. SOS is part of a series of activities supported by Nature Forever Society, in the run up to the second World House Sparrow Day celebration on March 20.

The bird feeders, is to be distributed free-of-cost to interested citizens, institutes, forest departments and conservation organisations to save the birds. Burhani Foundation, has been doing environmental awareness and research around the world, for the last 20 years. The Foundation has also been involved in other significant projects like vermiculture and organic farming over the past years.

The humble house sparrow, has seen a drastic decline over the past few years, largely due to lack of food and habitat. In order to make SOS a success, Burhani Foundation is calling on all the people from different walks of life, educational institutes and nature conservation organizations to come forward and involve themselves in the worldwide project to save the house sparrows. For further information visit and

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