Specialist In The Field Of Pulmonary Medicine!

Dr.Aruna Shanmuganathan, MD (Chest), DNB (Respiratory Diseases) is a specialist in treating and curing diseases of the respiratory tract and respiratory disease. She has been organsing a series of special camps for people with breathing related disorders and recurrent cough/ cold. These camps are organised during the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. Patients can utilize these camps to get themselves medical care and treatment for a healthier lifestyle and reducing the effect of any disease.

Dr.Aruna Shanmuganathan, MD, DNB had completed her MD, DNB from Madras Medical College. She is a Gold Medalist in MD. Dr.Aruna is an Associate Professor at Meenakshi Medical College. She is a Consultant Pulmonologist at her Chest Clinic located at Vaigai Colony, Anna Nagar West and at Apollo Clinic, Anna Nagar.

Dr.Aruna’s area of specialisation are namely, Asthma, Allergies-Upper airway problems like Sinusitis, Smoking related disorders and cessation methods, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis and Sleep related disorders and health problems. The camps are offered by her at a reasonable cost which is inclusive of all tests and treatments.

The camp consists of an initial examination and assessment followed by a Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) by expert technicians. The patients are examined by the Chest Specialist medical doctor with the PFT results and good treatment is recommended. If the treatment involves the usage of inhalation therapy, then the patient would be educated and trained in the usage of the equipment.

The camps is conducted between 5pm to 8pm at Dr.Aruna Shanmuganathan Chest Clinic situated at No-901, J-Block, Vaigai Colony, Anna Nagar West. The camp is advised for people with difficulty in breathing, wheezing, recurrent chest colds, sneezing , sinsitis, dust and seasonal allergies etc. Patients can fix appointment by calling , e.mail-

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