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A retried Lieutenant Colonel who lives in the defence residential complex in Chennai has confessed to the crime branch that he shot 13 year old Dilson.

A 7 year old Bloodhound dog is a wine tester in Australia. The dog has been trained to spot tainted wine, falling corks. The dog’s nose is 2000 times more sensitive than a human nose.

It was 60 ago years when Disc Jokey Alen Freed of Ohio, U.S.A. coined the film “Rock and Roll” as a style of music.

The erstwhile queen of Travancore said the property and assets of Shri Padamanaba swamy temple where a treasure trove was unearthed, do not belong to anyone are status quo should be maintained.

Researchers at the University of Exeter have developed a printer that produces 3D personalized chocolate. The project may see people creating their own products in 3D.

93 year old Betty Ford the former first lady of America whose triumph over drug and alcohol addictive became a beacon of hope after addicts dies.

Researchers say Acupuncture has significant impact on mystery illness, those who underwent acupuncture shown a significant and sustained benefit.

Thieves stole two air conditioners each unit weigh 5 tonnes from a suburban church in Phoenix Arizona.

800 naked volunteers posed for U.S. artist Spencer Tunick in front Gaasbeak castle in Belgium for the installation titled Sleeping Beauties.

For the first time in Tamil Nadu two rescued child workers have got medical seats during counseling.

A group of anti monarchists in Canada shouted slogans against the newly wedded Royal couple from U.K. to return home.

Mercedes Benz the reputed German automotive giant laid the foundation for its first overseas engine plant in Beijing China.


An 11 year old boy from Brazil attracts metal objects such as forks, spoons, knives, scissors, cooking pans and other metal objects remains stuck on his chest, stomach and back.

Scientists have carried out a first of its kind study of a 61 year old woman with lung cancer who never smoked.

A man armed with a toy pistol holds up Brazil’s vice president in Sao Paulo Street, the unidentified assailant managed to escape dropping the toy gun.

The Los Angeles Drug information Administration has found that Marijuana has no medical value almost 9 years after medical Marijuana supporters asked the government to reclassify it.

Official figures shows Government departments in London spent more than 120 million pounds on hotels in 2 years with the ministry of defence alone racking up 98 million dollars.

A first aid kit found in a 2000 year old ship wreck where a wooden box containing pills which is the oldest known Archeological remains of ancient pharmaceuticals.

Indian scientists and doctors rediscovered a 2000 year old secret about the wonderful fluid the saliva which will reveal a number of diseases including oral cancer.

An early morning fire at a retirement home in western Ukraine killed at least 16 inmates leaving the balance 4 seriously injured.

Muslim women would have to remove veils and show their faces to police on request or risk a prison sentence under the proposed new law in Australia.

100 year old woman escaped unhurt in the train accident that left dozens dead when the Kalka mail passenger train derailed near Fathelipur in Uttar Pradesh.

The 8th planet of the Solar System Neptune will complete its first revolution of the Sun on 13.07.2011 since its discovery says the Indian Astro Physics.

Convicts lodged inside the Tihar jail in 2010 for various crimes women convicts out number men 46.15% of female murders convicts as against 33.47 % male murder convicts.


 Geologists have discovered what they say is an ancient lost landscape that lies deep beneath the sediment of the North Atlantic ocean near the Northern Coast of Scotland.

Globally about 2500 people go to emergency rooms each year to be treated because of injuries caused by using a tooth brush. Most of the injuries happen when a fall occurs while brushing.

A new research suggests that eating more than 53 grams of cheese daily raise the risk of bladder cancer.

A bus carrying Bangladeshi school boys celebrating a football match plunges off a hill road killing at least 53 school boys.

More than 100 mostly kids are feared drowned in an overloaded river crusie ship which sunk in the Volga river in Central Russia.

Jonis Gysbers from Hapret, Netherlands was the proud owner of the World’s longest gold fish 47.4 cm long for snout to tail.

Empire Basmati rice, cholesterol, sugar and fat free has been launched by Shri Lal Mahal group in Chennai at Rs 85/- per kg.

Joyce Dugard the American girl kidnapped when she was 11 year old and held captive for 18 years spoke on camera for the first time about her ordeal.

In the first mega malfunction China’s new bullet train paralised for 90 minutes following a power breakdown due to thunderstorms.

A Russian court sentenced 12 members of Neo-Nazi gang convicted of 27 hate killings 10 years to life in prison.

Thomas Sucker a car sales consultant from Chicago entered the record books by clocking over 10 million miles of air travels on 5962 flights.

According to a U.K. Govt, report even babies need exercise to avoid the risk of childhood obesity.


Spanish surgeons have performed the World’s first double leg transplant on a man whose legs were amputated above the knee after an accident.

The controversial half brother of Afghan president has been shot dead by his own bodyguard in his house.

Two sisters have filed a 25 million dollars lawsuit on a New Jersey cemetery after learning that their mother was buried in a different grave from the plot they purchased and have been visiting the wrong grave for the past 20 years.

A baby born on 8.7.2011 weigh 16 pounds and 1 ounce more than double the U.S. average for a new born. He is 24 inches long just a few inches short of an average one year old.

An international team has revealed that salt is addictive it stimulates the brain just like cigarettes and hard drugs.

After tobacco major liquor brands in Australia, the country known for its binge drinking culture launched a voluntary programme to affix health warnings on their products.


Scientists have discovered eight arthritis genes, a key breakthrough which they say could soon pave the way for the development of effective treatment for a painful form of conditions.

A Chinese toddler who fell 10 stories survived after being caught by a passerby woke up from a 10 day coma and called out to her parents.

One of the World’s best kite surfer from Warsaw has achieved his ambition for walking on the sea of Galileo after making 50 attempts.

A Government school teacher in Thiruvanamalai who went to school drunk had made the boys to sing and the girls to dance was taken to task by the District Education Officer.

Researchers at the University of Kent in the U.K. found that sharing sorrow with others may make one feel worse.

A professor of Ben Gurion University in Israel has completed what he claims is first survey of its kind and says that there are 14 types of noses on human faces.


Genes of potato is now sequenced and analysed by the International emporium paving way for new breeding projects around the globe.

India’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, MG. Talmiz Ahmed has been honoured by its Prince for his contribution towards the elevation of Indo-Saudi ties

Terror attacks at three different places of greater Mumbai left 23 dead and injuring 130 causing concern to peace loving nations.

World Chess Championship match is to be held at Chennai in April or May next year this the first time India is hosting the event.

20,000 gallons of water with 200 tonnes top soil mixture rained over the crowds of thousands of young and old on the eve Wayne County’s 2011 Mud Day event at Michigan.

Olympia, original venue of Olympic Games in ancient Greece was destroyed by tsunami and not by earthquake as believed hitherto.

Explosion of a water treatment plant in Baghdad emitting chlorine gas as left sickening hundreds of people living near by.

A twin engine airliner in Brazil with 16 persons on board crashed shortly after taking off.

Atomic radiation leak in Japan leaves nothing untouched even the leaf is not spared. The world is really in the grip of the atomic radiation.

Nike, Adidas and HM, leading clothing brands, pour toxic waste in Beijing rivers. This causes serious concern to the Government of China.

Sir George Gilbert Scott, the Victorian architect was honoured by a Google for his leading work Gothic revival.

A rare cobra sneaked into the residential area rescued by the forest official at Pondichery. This endangered species is being taken care by the Government.


Harry Potter author JK Rowling childhood home is put on sale for whooping 40,000 million dollars. The 45 year old writer lived in this cottage at London from 1974 to 1981.

Women Activist who protests the Euro-Wash-2012 in Ukraine bathed in public fountain in the International Football fans dress.

In a freak accident, a school boy Kavin, thrown away when the door of the van opened all of a sudden. The boy died on the spot.

A heart of a Hindu man of India has resurrected to a Muslim man 51 year old Raiz
Mohammed and the operation was done by a Christian Cardiologist here in a hospital in Chennai.

Rare set of British currency printed by Adolf Hitler with sole aim of Jeperadpery the British economy is in auction, expected to fetch 2000 pounds.

A giant sea Red turtle in Vietnam called the great Glauelyatta fell ill. After being conjured in hospital she has recovered and released in Hawi lake

Fund sought for its treatment a pet named Ariel, a fully grown lion has been bedridden for the past one year in Brazil.

Japan women, U.S. women players are preparing for the World’s biggest prized women World cup final match at Frankfurt.

Terrorist do not spare the funeral even, last journey of Wali Karzei, half brother of President of Afghanistan, shot dead two days back, was again attacked leaving 3 dead.

First Afghan woman pilot taken up the U.S. military for training. The pilot, M.G.S Masooma Hussani is immensely happy saying that “her dream of controlling powerful military helicopter has fulfilled”.

Bornean Rainbow Toad believed to have been erased from the face of earth, re-appeared after 87 years place viz Malaysian Boreo.

Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei, toiled in German jail for three months released. He is blessed with a job in Art University there.


An Australian grandfather who was struggling to raise his grand daughter after her mother’s death wins a 2 million dollars jackpot.

In a third case of kidnapping in six months a 11 month old baby boy has reportedly abducted from his house in Chinterdripet.

A doctor In China is attempting to cure the country of bad driving by treating the drivers like patients.

Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur is to launch woman only taxi service into scheme scheduled to be launched this month.

An Australian woman who filmed herself hacking off a mouse’s head and posting the footage on Facebook has escaped jail term after she pleaded guilty to animal cruelty.

Forty separate studies conducted in 20 countries conclude that humans are pre disposed to believe in god and rebirth.

A team at Swinburn University have created an artificial intelligence based technology which they claim can detect internal flaws in aircrafts.

American president Barrack Obama celebrates his 50th birthday on August 3rd, with a party fund raiser in his home city where VIP tickets will cost up to 35,800 dollars per couple.

A U.S restaurant has banned children under the age of six years because their volume cannot be controlled has sparked controversy among customers.

India successfully launches the 18th PSLV in a row puts the CSAT-12 communication satellite in a perfect ohabit from Sri Hari Kota.

The Maha Samadhi of Sri Satya Sai Baba has been thrown open to the public at Puttaparthi today.

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