The Best Management Of Bronchial Asthma Through Ayurveda

Asthma is chronic inflammatory ,destructive disease of airways, characterised by recurrent paroxysmai attacks of dyspnoea. (difficulty in breathing). accompanied with expiratory wheeze.

Ayurvedically speaking this condition looks like obstruction of pranavaha srotas (trachea) in pitta stana (chest region) either by kapham or by vata (vitiated air) leads to difficulty in breathing. It is affects about 5 percent of the general population. Roughly half the cases have an onset in the first decade of life, with males being affected twice as often as females.

Factors: 1. Dhuma(Allergy). 2. Psychological factors 3.Change of temperature 4Jnfection, 5.Smoking, 6.Vyayama.
Types : Maha swasa, 2. Urdhwa swasa, 3 .Chinna swasa, 4.Tamaka swasa, 5.Ksudra swasa.
Symptoms: Attack usually starts at late night or in early morning. During attack, patient feels tightness of chest, difficulty in breathing expiratory wheeze, cant’t able to lie down.

Diagnosis: Blood-slight, eosinophilia, X ray of chest, ECG – show Tachycardia.
Abhyangam (massage over chest) with Karpooradi Thailam. Swedanam – Sedation over the chest region by towel bath. Vireehanam – for vata anuloman occurs.

1. Chitrakadi vati, 2. Thalisadi choornam, 3. Swasa nanda gutika,
4. Pippali rasayanam, 5. Kanakasavam. Take these medicines for 3 months daily, the disease will be cured.
Varma Treatment: 1. Dhummi Kala varmam for lungs. 2. Sakthi varnam. 3. Chevikutrikalam varmam. If this treatment is taken for 45 days, Asthma disease can be cured.

Varma,. Dr. S.Sowrirajan, B.Sc, B.A.M.S, Ayurvedic Physician, is a Medical Officer at Sri Sai Ram Ayurveda Medical College, West Tambaram, Chennai-45. Sowri’s Clinic and Panchakarma Center, is located at Old No-41/ 23A, Gandhi Road, Opposite to Mega Mart road), Alwarthirunagar, Valasaravakkam, Chennai-87. For details contact ,

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