Brighter Lighting Facility Needed

The Koyambedu Grade Separator, an elevated flyover project by the National Highways Authority of India has helped in easing traffic. The Koyambedu Flyover is often plunged in darkness during night due to inadequate lighting facility. This is making it difficult for vehicles riders to drive on the flyover.

Mounds of garbage lay at several places along the flyover. The flyover in Koyambedu, have reduced traffic congestion, but they do not have good lights. Though the flyover have made driving easy during day is becomes difficult at night. The Koyambedu flyover has brought the traffic congestion there to zero.

Earlier, it took us at least 25 to 30 minutes to cross respective junctions, but the place is made signal-free now. But motorists have to be careful while taking a turn from the flyover to come down to the road beneath to it. Authorities should not to wait for a major accident to provide lighting. The officials, however, said NHAI had installed high mast lights in Koyambedu.. Let the concerned authorities fix brighter lighting facilities at different points along the Koyambedu flyover to dispel the darkness, as the absence of brighter lights is making the flyover dangerous to drive.

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