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A 14 year old Chinese crested Chihuahau mix called Yoda was awarded the World’s ugliest dog title by Judges in California.

A midnight blue silk velvet gown worn by Prince Diana has been sold for 800,000 Canadian dollars in an auction.

Researchers are coming close to developing an artificial pancreas, a long sort system of insulin pumps and glucose sensors that deliver insulin to diabetics mimicking the function of a real pancreas.

A 22 year French woman after procuring permission from French President married her fiancée who died in an accident in the presence of family and friends.

Ryan Cleary the Essex teenager accused of hacking into the website of U.K.’s Serious Organised Crime Agency has been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome since his arrest.

An Australian businessman has agreed to take by boat to Antarctica, the young emperor penguin stranded in New Zealand which is under Medical treatment now.

The “Daily Haaretz” reports 19 year old son of the Israeli Prime Minister is under public scanner after he posted a status on Facebook Muslims “celebrate” Hate and Death.

Megalithic iron age burial sites discovered near Veeranam in Thiruvanamali district dating back 1000 B.C. – 300 B.C. have hidden secrets of the Sangam age.

A tiny remote controlled camera peered inside a 1500 year sealed tomb of Mayan ruler reveals red frescoes pottery and pieces of funerary shroud made of jade and mother of pearl.

The whistling language of Silbo Gomero has only four vowels and four consonants has only its speakers can easily converse while standing two miles apart.


An emerald set in a gold ring that was part of the treasure of a 17th century Spanish ship that sunk in 1622 has been found off the Florida coast. The ring is valued at 500,000 dollars.

A 13 year boy in London has been arrested with a murder of a 34 year old nursing worker. The motive behind the homicide remains unclear.

A teenager became famous overnight in China when she saved a suicide stranger by kissing him on the lips a fireman took advantage of the distraction and grabbed hold of the man .

U.K. Surgeons have claimed that chewing sugar free gums help bowl cancer patients get their digestive system back to normal faster after their operation.

A new study has claimed a class of anti retroviral drugs commonly used to treat HIV/AIDS particularly in Africa and low income countries can cause premature ageing.

A newly discovered asteroid at least the size of a bus narrowly miss the earth when it passes 7500 miles above the earth.

An eight year old Afghan girl was killed when a bag of explosive given to her by Taliban insurgents exploded as she approached a police outpost in southern Afghanistan.

Yangoon’s veteran actor’s free funeral services society, the organisation helped more than 100,000 families pay respects to their late relatives free of coast.

Belly the kid, the wild west gun slinger paid 25 cents for his photo outside a New Mexican saloon in late 1880. The same picture was sold for 2.3 million dollars, the legend said he shot 21 people one for each year of his life before being gun down in 1881.

Researchers say that moms to be eating for two during pregnancy can harm the baby raises the risk of low IQ eating disorders and psychoses in their children.


 57 year old Gina Rinehart of Australia who inherited a debt ridden mining company from her father 20 years ago is set to become the World’s richest woman.

Queen Elizabeth has been added to the gold age power list along with Sir Alex Ferguson the manger of Manchester United and Rolling Stone Sir Mike Jeggon.

A video of bright disc shaped objects dashing through the blue skies of Central London has been posted in YouTube identified as unidentified flying objects (UFO).

A 65 year old man in Sweden was suffering from stomach ache for 25 years. He recently found out that a 6cm long wooden tooth pick lodged in his stomach which was removed by surgery.

A 26 year old man in Germany given life sentence an will not be free again because he murdered two teenagers chewing on parts of one of them and drinking her blood.

A new study in London has found that men are more likely to cheat on their wives if their fathers were unfaithful.

British Scientists claimed to have discovered a method of turning breast cancer wonder pill effective against all types of tumors.

Nandan & Rahini Nilekar of Unique Identification Authority of India have donated Rs 50 crore one of the largest gifts in India’s history to the Indian Institute for Human Settlement (IIAS).

One of six underground cellars at the famed Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram was opened to take stock of its assets rumoured to include rare gems and priceless jewellary stored by the native king.

A CRH high speed, 350km hour train left the Beijing South station for Shanghai on a test run.


During renovation of the former Nepal Royal Palace three treasure boxes of 500 year old were found only one box was opened an it contained gold & sliver ornaments valued at 17.5 million rupees.

Top Russian scientists say human beings will meet creatures from outside space within the next 20 years.

Australian Scientists claim to be on the verge of developing a revolutionary vaccine which can be consumed with food instead of being injected.

A new study says eating 27 strawberries a day could keep not just keep one doctor away but an entire fleet of them including neurologists, endocrinologists and even oncologists.

In a rare case a 38 year old woman in Saudi Arabia who has been brain dead for the past 4 months has given birth to a baby boy. She was artificially fed during the 4 months.

A new study has suggested not to allow young children watch violent programme especially after 7.00 pm which may lead to sleep disorders.

A 22 year old woman in Tambaram area sleep walks and drops her 6 day old son into a water tank in front of her house.

A Scotland yard police officer is facing criminal charges in Britain after he allegedly left 2 police dogs to bake to death in the back of his sweltering car.

Six 9th standard girl students of a reputed English Medium School in Jamshedpur fainted and hospitalized after a teacher asked them to do 100 sit ups.

A woman in Ohio was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct after she sprayed with breast milk on Sheriff’s deputies


Among 14,000 homeless people in Brazil living in the streets, a shoe shiner has taken up residence on a tree top.

A drunk New Zealand passenger travelling from Auckland to Singapore urinated in the aisle was left off with a warning.

Malaysia Airlines has banned babies from first class cabins after passengers complained they were not able to sleep peacefully during their fight.

A team of U.K.’s Medical research consultants has found funny jokes not only give you a beautiful smile they also light up the Neurons in the brain.

Experts who fear a stork could bring down a plane if sucked into a engine hence soldiers had been told not to shoot the birds but to stare at them instead.

Plagued by low acceptability in recent years , the 25 paise coins will finally becomes history from today.

A ring shaped laser no bigger than a pen prick can accurately and count individual viruses atmospheric particles or those that contaminate the air we breathe.

Scientists with the National Space Biomedical Research Institute have created a catalog of “Space Normal” imagery of the human body paving way for astronauts to provide care without consulting physician on earth.

People in China used a refrigerator like device dating back to Yuan Dynasty 1279-1368 according to Archaeologists who has uncovered a 700 year old Mural.

The first census to determine the caste wise breakup of the country’s 1.21 billion people was launched from Hezamara, Tirupura.


On the eve of 90th anniversary of the ruling communist party, China opened the World’s longest bridge 42 km long linking Eastern port city of Qingdao in and Huangdao island.

World’s longest natural gas pipeline also was commissioned from the China- Kazakhstan border to Turkmenista 8700 km long pipeline designed to provide stable gas supply for at least 30 years.

A trainer at Bathersa dogs and cats home has revealed that her tiny Chihua Lua weighing 2.5 pounds is Britain’s tiniest sheep dog.

A team of U.S. scientists have discovered a new drug which they believe could reserve the effect of premature ageing and extend human life by over 10 years.

Swedish scientists have claimed people who begin using mobile phone as teenagers and continue to do for a decade may be at five fold risk of developing a common type of brain cancer.

In a shocking incident at least 17 infants, admitted to the hospital for various diseases died in a West Bengal government hospital during the past 36 hours.

French President was involved in a scuffle during hand shake tour when a man grabbed him by the shoulder and tried to pull him at a crowd barrier .

About 150 turtles in a search of beaches to lay their eggs crawled into the busy tarmac of John F. Kennedy airport and delayed dozens of flights.

Scientists at the technical University of Munich, Germany are developing a synthetic skin for robots with the similar quality of its biological wonders.

U.S. authorities have sued a leading security firm in California for failing to protect a 66 year old Indian employee who was taunted by his co-workers for wearing a turban and harassed because he is an Indian.


An Irishman executed 150 years ago in the U.S was finally pardoned on Wednesday 30th June 2011 after authorities appeared to concede that his case was dictated by anti Catholic bigotry.

Doctors in China have agreed do free surgery on an 8 year old boy whose face is partially covered with thick black hair.

Many young Britains though their mother tongue is English are unable to read, write, communicate properly says the Head of the British Chamber of Commerce.

In the first of its kind case a city court convicted and sentences a chartered accountant to 7 years in rigorous imprisonment for willfully attempting to evade payment of Income Tax by way of forged challans.

Investors in U.K can now buy gold with the same convenience as withdrawing cash from an ATM which sells gold at constantly updated prices.

A Nigerian without a passport and clutching another traveler’s expired boarding pass made it through New York airport federal security check point and boarded a Virginia America jet airliner to Los Angles airport.

A pack of stray dogs mauled a 21/2 year old boy to death on the outskirts of Bangalore city.

Researchers in London say babies as young as 3 months old can distinguish sad from neutral sounding voices even when they are asleep.

A new study says that eating sweets and chocolates are good for children as it may actually stop them from getting fat in later in life.

A new study published in the Science Journal say aeroplanes influences local weather when they take off and land a finding based on satellite images of clouds around airports.

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