Cleanliness Is Important For A Healthy Life!

It is always said that charity that begins at home. If we all try to keep our surroundings near and clean, we will have a healthy life, says Divya Hari. On the evening of Saturday 30th July, 2011, about 25 College students gathered at Rani Anna Nagar, the slum clearance board area near K K Nagar to create awareness and clear the garbage dumped streets of that area. The people in this area live in apartments and there are wide spaces between each block.

In spite of dustbins being provided, they do not use properly and the place gets polluted badly. There are vast amount of recyclable and non-recyclable wastes dumped between the blocks. This campaign was a combination of awareness and clearance of garbage in some streets of that locality.

The college students split them into two groups, one went to every house in the area to create awareness on the ill effects of dumping garbage and wastes and the other group picked up non recyclable wastes like plastic cups, polythene bags and disposed around 20 bags in the garbage bins in that area.

There was good support from the people of the area and after the campaign they came to a decision to keep their environment clean. The students requests one and all to take active interest in making their own dwelling place clean, healthy and free from garbage and pollution.

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