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A 2 1/2 year old male chimpanzee has been feeding tiger cubs every day for more than a year at the Samut Prakarn crocodile farm and zoo in Bangkok.

 An official review has found two police departments in Britain secretly kept brains and hearts of at least 150 murder victims for years without informing their families.

A study in London has clamed lack of sunlight is putting millions of people in danger of developing type 2 diabetes as they do not have enough vitamin D.

Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter Zara Phillips marries Rugby star Mike Trindell in the presence of family and close friends.

 According to a study every minute of the day someone has a stroke, every four minutes a stroke victim dies stress is the major cause of cancer, heart attack and stroke 2700 people die each day from heart disease 1000 people are disabled each day from heart attack .

Following a court order in U.S ex-president Richard Nixon’s testimony over the Watergate scandal is said to be released after more than 35 years under wrap.

Forest department officials rescued from a terrace of a house in Sastri Nagar, Adyar a slender lonis, a rare primate normally found in dense typical rain forests in South India and a part of Sri Lanka.

 Three beggars made an attempt to take part in an auction of the civic body owned commercial complex near Saneeswaran temple Karaikal, they paid even the earnest money of Rs 10,000/- each.

A suspected sectarian attack a gunman opened fire on a vehicle in South Western Baluchistan province, Pakistan killing 18 Shia Muslims and wounding three.

Researchers reports strokes have spiked in the U.S among pregnant women, new mothers because most of them are obese and suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease

 Tyman Purple dye was once one of the most expensive materials in the world used by kings and Roman nobility. The dyes manufacturing process required the milking of thousands of sea snails.

Russia’s Valentina the first woman in space was a factory worker and a parachuting enthusiast and had no military or piloting experience when she made her space flight.


Researchers in Mechanical Engineering from the Universities of Bath and Bath Spa Britain mapped the airflow and noise patterns say the other of safety, bike helmet may make you deaf .

A 20 year old man in Britain died after playing video games for 12 hours form a blood clot formed as a result of a marathon video gaming session.

Two men abroad a replica of a 1910 Right brothers aircraft were killed when the biplane crashed in a field in rural Ohio, U.S.A

 A drunk father allegedly allowed his 8 year old son to drive his truck while he slept until patrol officers pulled over the vehicle in U.S.A

A Chinese company is allegedly flooding the U.S fake driver’s license which law enforcement officers say are difficult to detect.

 A 4 year old girl was crushed to death when she got struck between the grill and outer door of an elevator in the apartment where she lived in Coimbatore.

 Two men died and another seriously injuries in Hanoi Vietman when they attempted to cut open a war era artillery shell and extract its explosives.

 Britain’s “Sunday Telegraph” reports that gunman Breivik brought chemicals and equipment from British traders as a part of a global eBay shopping in the months before the Norway Massacre.

September 11, 2001 attack in New York Trade Centre, apart from losing 3000 lives tens and hundreds of records irreplaceable historical documents and arts have been lost.

 An Indian consultant bags 205,000 pounds grant for the research and treatment of a project in Britain on ‘Spiritual Healing’ an ancient form of mediation.

 According to a study conducted by a city hospital not even one percent of Chennai School Children were vaccinated against Hepatitis B.

Flights to and from an airport in South Russia were cancelled after construction workers found a World war II bomb close to the take off landing strip.


An Australian woman sues her doctor for negligence after a grape fruit sized sponge got sewn inside her stomach 15 years ago during a surgery.

A Chinese couple has been guarding a fortress on barron island off eastern coast for the past 25 years, they are the only guards at a military fortress.

 An Australian radio show host is facing criticism from the Indian community over his reportedly derogatory comments on India and Hinduism in which he called the holy river Ganga a junk yard.

Drinking wine is often said is good for the heart and provide other heath benefits now a study in Spain claims wine could protect you from sunburn.

 57 year old Stephen Mabutt from London with a rare medical condition who could hear his eye balls move on the sockets and also can hear his own heart beat.

 A Saudi court for the first time changed a terror Madam al Queda mastermind and terror financier for terrorists activities in the kingdom.

Scientists say that the human brain may have reached the full capacity and people cannot get cleverer, this is because people are unable to provide the amount of extra energy and oxygen required to become more intelligent.

 A part of South West Houston Texas home for a large number of South Asians including Indians has been officially named Mahatma Gandhi District to honour the leader on his 141st birth year.

 Suresh Joachin of Toronto and Claudia Wavia of Petersburg, Germany set the World Record for the longest movie watching marathon, watched 57 movies in 123 hours, 10 minutes.

Thieves took away an ATM machine having Rs 10.5 lakh cash of a private bank at New Aatish market, Jaipur.

 The Head of the Assessment panel has claimed that Norway killer Brevik unlikely to be insane because he appears to have been in control of his actions.


Scientists claimed to have developed an aquatic robot which can walk or run on water.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’s firm singed a 1.2 billion dollar deal with Saudi group of build the World’s tallest tower in Saudi.

 Over six lakhs trees and about 1800 betel vines will have to be scarified to set up pasco’s Rs 52000 crore mega steel project in Orissa’s Jogstsinghpur district.

A Computer Science professor in China claims he has artificially breds the World’s smallest frogs which could be seen clearly through a magnifying glass.

A new study has found that grapes could protect against skin cancer and prevent premature ageing as the compounds found in the fruit protects cells from the ultra violet radiation.

U.S. researchers say children whose mothers have high exposure to Electro-Magnetic fields from appliances such as microwave ovens, hairdryers and vacuum cleaners while pregnant may be an increased risk of developing Asthma.

 A 71 year old man a former managing editor of the “News of the World” was arrested by North London police on suspicion of corruption and conspiring to intercept communications.

 In a rare seven hour long surgery at Kilpauk Medical college hospital a tumour the size of a cricket ball was successfully removed off a 48 year old woman’s left adrenal gland.

A team of Ugandan and French Paleontologists have found a 20 million year old ape skull in northern Uganda say it could shed light on the region’s evolutionary history.

 An American woman has been charged with murder after allegedly killing her 46 year old boy friend with a heal of her stiletto shoe which struck on his head.


 Scientists in Spain to have developed an ‘Electronic tongue’ to rival sommelier’s in tasting of cava or the sparkling wine.

 Scientists have discovered a novel way to covert human skin cells into brain cells advancing medicine and human health.

Nepal government banned the use of mobile phones and also put restrictions on consumption of the junk food in schools as it affected students performances.

 British officials say they have seized about 492 million dollars worth of cocaine in a record setting during bust on a pleasure boat.

To control increasing incidents of rabies a city in China has banned raising of pet dogs and ordered the owners to get rid of their dogs by 10th August 2011.

 A Pakistani hangman who has executed 200 people is looking for a new job as their was no execution in more than two years in Pakistan.

Two self styled super heroes in London the Dark Spartan and his sidekick the Black Viod vowed to fight crime in their neighbourhood despite months of patrolling the pair failed to find trouble.

 An Australian school which had earlier tried to ban hugging now banned students from rolling up the sleeves of its strict uniform policy.

 British Scientists claim that a brain scan could detect the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease the most common form of dementia.

 A man casually walked into the Kerala Chief Minister’s office in Thiruvanathapuram at the Secretariat sat on his chair and tried to make a phone call while the Chief Minister was having a cabinet meeting next door.

A 74 year old pensioner was gored to death in his home when a bull after escaping through a fiesta in Northern Spain charged through his front door, he died instantly.

 An Australian found a live rat nestled inside a loaf of breed she brought from the super market.

Monkeys in Coldester Zoo have invented a unique do not disturb sign that has amazed experts, The mandrills put their hands over their eyes when they wanted to be left alone.

A Swedish man was arrested of unauthorised possession of nuclear materials and attempting to split atoms in his kitchen claiming that he was only doing it as a hobby.

Scientists have found that vampire bats use infrared sensors to help them find veins for blood when they hunt their prays.

 A new study claims people who eat pulses such as kidney beans or lentils at least thrice a week are less likely develop cancer.

A Chinese city police have launched a squad of roller blading police women to chase down at 25 MPH . pick pockets and drunks.

 A new theory suggests the earth once had a small second moon that parished in a slow motion collision which may explain the mysterious mountains on the far side of our moon

A small town in Province Marseilee attracts more holiday families as it is the first non smoking beach in France.

 A U.S. study claims pet owners are happier healthier and live long than people without pets.

Scientists have developed a new software which can accurately detect where crowds are starting to build up to a dangerous levels during festivals and mass celebrations and prevent stampedes.


Japanese Scientists have created viable artificial sperm using stem cells for the first time in a breakthrough that could lead to new treatments for infertile men.

A priceless portrait of Jesus Christ stole 150 years ago has been found after a petty thief tried to sell it to a church in Tennessee.

During the Alaskan Klonditic gold rush potatoes were practically worth their weight in gold potatoes so valued for their vitamin C content that miners traded gold for potatoes.

Mr. Bean actor whose character is known for hapless driving in the T.V. and films suffered minor injuries after his super car crashed and caught fire.

European scientists have successfully tested in animals a vaccine for Hepatitis a debilitating viral disease that cause liver failure and cancer.

Ever wondered why some depressed people commit suicide it may be because their brains are wired differently.

A heart broken 15 year old German boy stole his parent’s car to drive 1200 kilometres from Austria to Germany in a bid to make up with his girl friend.

According to Italian Archeologists the 13th century Venetian explorer Marco Palo never reached China but lied about his trip to the middle kingdom after collecting second hand information from Persian travelers he met on the shore of the Black sea.

A Muslim man in Seattle area is suing his former employer claiming he was dismissed as a security guard for refusing to shave his beard which he was growing for religious reasons.

Nasa Launched the billion dollar solar powered spacecraft Juno on a 5 year journey to Jupiter in search of what makes up the solar systems biggest planet.

A British teenage girl has been named World Champion user of Microsoft’s Excel Spreadsheet Software after winning a global competition in California.

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