Gold Star Millennium Award Winners

The National Integrity Cultural Academy presented the Gold Star Millennium Award and a Gold Medal to Mr.Shrikant Ram and Mrs.Sandhya Shrikant of Eco Nut Health Food Shop based at Besant Nagar. The store was started by Sandhya and Shrikant who came to Chennai after spending 16 years on their organic farm in the mountains of Kodaikanal in South India.

The Eco-Nut’ is a health food store with an interesting range of organic foods as well as a variety of health foods, whole food supplements, whole grain bread, fermented products and non sugar snacks, as well as non chemical cosmetics, soaps, etc. The store sells high fibre foods, foods without flavours or colours and artificial flavours, natural hair colouring, detoxifying foods, fermented foods, cold pressed oils, snacks, juices and lots of good health products.

Mrs.Sandhya stated that the store has health products for lowering blood sugar and High BP, slimming foods, herbal food supplements etc. Eco Nut Health Food Shop is located at . For details call , and .

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