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A new study has found stroke patients with brain damages can recover more quickly with help of small electric current applied to the head from electrodes on the skull.

A survey has found one fifth of the British population aged 25 to 34 today prefer keeping in touch with friends and family online rather via telephone.

A World war II era fighter plane competing in a Nevada air show crashed into the crowd killing 3 and injuring more than 50. The 74 year old pilot a Hollywood stunt veteran among those killed.

A Saudi restaurant has started fining diners if they order more then they can eat as the restaurant wanted to avoid wasting of food.

Anthony Smith a 85 year old British sailor crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 66 days on a 40 foot sail powered raft.

A satellite which measures Ozone layer may crash back to earth on September 23rd but NASA does not know where it will fall.

A 43 year old and his 25 year old friend were accused of driving around the Denver with a dead friend running up a bar tab on his account and using his ATM card.

A new study has found that pregnant women who eat low fat yoghurt are more likely to have children with Asthma.

Diego Maradona the Argentinean football star, tainted by corruption alleges his secretary Gabriel Buono for his downfall.


A bottle with message inside thrown into the Southern seashore in Japan 5 years ago by a 12 year old girl has been recovered in the beach of Hawaii island last week.

Scientist in Britain has built a high powered microwave which he claims can turn orange peel into oil

The Dutchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is following the footsteps of late Diana Princess of Wales by making private visits to charities like St James Palace.

In a pioneering operation British surgeons have successfully operated the 11 month old twin sisters who have been joined at the head.

Peter Glazebrook from the United Kingdom set a new record for the harvest ever onion that weighs about 8 kilograms.

Over 4600 Taiwanese children broke a World Record for the most amount of people playing violin together in Central Changhua County, Taiwan.

A strong willed pig which was discovered alive beneath the rubbles 36 days after an earthquake has been successfully cloned in China.

A moderate intensity 6.8 earthquake hits Sikkim- Nepal border, shook the North East and large part of Northern and Eastern India kills 13 people in India and 5 in Nepal.

In a demonstration of utmost cruelty an unidentified couple have dumped their 3 year old mentally challenged daughter in the premises of Ramaeswaram temple. The child was handed over to all women’s police station.

A large British registry reports that people who get metal hip replacements are more likely to need a replacement compared to those who get a traditional plastic one.

Scientists have discovered a tiny plant which they say bows down and sows its own seeds. The dainty inch high plant with pink and white flowers was found growing in the backyard of a plant collector in Brazil.

Chinese art Industry has been hit by a major controversy over a nude oil painting with allegations that the art work sold for 11.25 million dollars could turn out to be fake.


A bottle of 62 year old Dalmore single Malt whiskey has been sold to a Chinese businessman at a duty free shop in Singapore airport for 200,000 dollars.

A dog in Shandong Zoo in China feeds 3 Siberian tiger cubs born on Sunday as their mother is unable to feed them.

A thief in Spain who stole a diamond from a British woman and then swallowed it was caught when the police forced him to undergo an Xray.

A new study in Sweden says drinking two to three cups of coffee daily significantly reduce the risk of a stroke.

Hong Kong police have seized more than 1200 pounds of Chinese cocaine worth about 77 million dollars and arrested eight people involved.

Oxford University was accused of cheapening its image after the launch of a “Vulgar” branded furniture collection.

22 people travelling in a bus have gone missing in Gangtok, Sikkim, since the earthquake.

Whisky sales have soared as Britains attempt to emulate their retro idols from “Mad men”, research reveals its popularity is not confined just to older to drinkers but also young people.

As some doors and windows of Jalpariguri jail collapsed in the impact of the quake 1100 prisoners tried to escape has been averted.


A team at Georgetown University says a compound found in the liver of shark can help fight Dengue, yellow fever and Hepatitis.

A driverless completely computer controlled car that can talk and see navigates the streets of Berlin in Germany.

More than one million people in Japan were warned to leave their home as approaching Typhoon Roke brought heavy rains fears of land slides & flash floods.

A gold plated necklace recovered from the Titanic has been stolen from an exhibition at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Amusement Park. The alarm did not sound when the jewellery disappeared.

22 year old Bridgette Jordan from Sandoval Illinois stands 2 feet 3 inches holds the shortest living siblings with her 20 year old brother Brad who is 3 feet 2 inches.

Tata Showcased a Nano golden car made of 80 kilo gold 15 kilo sliver over 10,000 diamonds valued at Rs 26 crores and will be exhibited at Gold Plus jewellery show rooms.

 A 31 year old Orthopedic doctor was arrested for stealing mobile phones from fellow doctors working in a private hospital at Pallikaranai police limits.

British scientists have found out an unique way to fight hospital bugs a good bacteria that eat up life threatening bugs instead of using chemicals to eradicate infections.

A man in Australia stuffed the body of his 89 year old aunt in her freezer to keep collecting her monthly allowance has been arrested.

Afghanistan’s ex President Burhanuddin Rabbini has been killed in a suicide attack in his Kabul home.

Eminent Hindi authors Amar Kant and Shrilal Skukla has been chosen for India’s highest literary honour Janapith award for 2009 while renowned Karnataka littérateur Chandrashekar Kambar has won it for 2010.

A group of Italian Scientists went on trial for falling to predict an earthquake that killed more than 300 people in Central Italy in 2009.


Tennis superstar Serena Williams has been appointed UNICEF’s newest international goodwill ambassador. She is known as a Philanthropist.

The University Strathilyde in Glasgow, Scotland has created the biggest Gamma ray beam ever created, more than a thousand billion times more brilliant than the sun.

Some of the top commanders feel a military coup in Pakistan has become inventible as the country is fast descending into chaos because of the failure of political leadership.

Masked gunmen blocked traffic on a busy road in a Gulf of Mexico coastal city and dumped the bodies of 35 slayed victims as horrified motorists looked on.

A new study has revealed that between 71/2 to 81/2 hours of healthy sleeping a night cuts the diabetes risk in obese teenagers.

An Islamic backed radio station in Somalia has awarded AK 47 assault rifles and grenades to the winner’s of a children’s Koran recital competition.

Tiger Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi the former Indian Cricket captain is in a critical condition at Sri Ganga Ram hospital, New Delhi.

Waste glass that cannot be recycled could help clean up polluted waterways by as icon exchange filter to remove lead, cadmium and other toxic matters from effluents waste water stream and ground water according to a study.


70 year old “Tiger” Monsur Ali Khan Pataudi former Indian cricket captain passed away in a New Delhi hospital his eye was donated.

A study shows that smokers lose around one third of the memory as compared to non smokers.

The U.S State of Georgia went ahead and executed Troy Davis despite doubts over his 1991 murder conviction that made him a poster child for global efforts to save his life.

The French police court imposed a fine on a woman for wearing full face covering Islamic Niqab veil for the first time which could have legal implications across Europe.

Prominent Australian Aboriginal actor David Gulpill who appeared in numerous smash hit films has been jailed after beating his wife with a broomstick.

A jilted wife allegedly killed her adulterous husband by dousing him in petrol and setting him afire after she came to know that he had a secret love child in Britain.

A millionaire’s daughter accused of stealing televisions and mobile phones during the London riots was told that she cannot resume her University studies until her trial next month.

Child welfare group and politicians in Britain expressed outrage after a video emerged of two eight year old boys fighting in a cage as hundreds of adults watched.

People recently diagnosed with lung cancer are at a higher risk of having a stroke than those without lung tumours according to a Taiwanese study.

A traffic sub inspector of the Koyambedu police station lost Rs 100,000 /- in a mofussil bus. His bag was cut open and money removed in the bus.

Cutting your dogs tail could land you in jail as mutilation of pets for cosmetic reasons has been made an offence.

Researchers in London claim that a drug commonly used to strengthen brittle bone could also help keep arthritis at bay.


A 74 year old Russian woman tourist coming back from China died of a heart attack after standing for 12 hours in a queue to cross the border from China.

A 34 year old Chinese man abducts six women and had locked in a basement without toilet facilities. He even killed two of them and buried them under the same basement.

A Russian Artist has created the World’s smallest aquarium which holds just two teaspoons of water with miniature plants, Multi coloured stones and miniature Zebra daimio fish.

A new research has warned waiting in a call centre phone queue for more than 5 minutes and 58 seconds is bad for peoples’ health.

A woman lives in California with 1000 cats and 100 kittens, she spends 26,000 dollars every month on them.

Scientists at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research Or Cern the world’s largest Physics Laboratory say they recorded sub atomic particles known as neutrinos traveling faster than the speed of light.

A bust of Tagore will be unveiled by President Pretibha Patil in Switzerland where a local University will sign a MOU with ICCR to setup a “Tagore Chair”

A 16 year old girl commits suicide in the classroom of a government higher secondary school in Gummidipoondi.

A 76 year old pensioner in Ireland burst into flames dies due to a internal chemical reaction apparently without being ignited on an external heat source. There were more than hundred similar deaths during the past 300 years.

The Madras High Court raps postmen for returning mails “no such persons in the address” summons the postmaster general to offer explanation.

The British High court has sentenced an American mortgage consultant to three months jail for launching a drunken rant abroad a trans Atlantic flight.

Britain’s special Air Force General disclosed rare details of its daring secret missions including its ambitious 1944 plan to capture or the kill of an infamous Nazi Field Marshal Rommel.

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