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74 year old Michael Sate a former British rail porter at Victoria railway station has been sworn in as the President of Zambia.

A Massachusetts library has put Mark Twain work “Eves Diary” back on shelf more than a century after it was banned for the nude illustrations of Eve.

“Madam India” Sonia Gandhi and “Metal Head” Tata are among World’s 50 most influential people.

Cambodia Prime Minster Hun Sen led his side to a 10-7 victory in a friendly football match between Thailand and Cambodian officials.

A 4 year old girl driving a car has been video taped and uploaded online. During the drive she overtook several vehicles driving at a speed.

The soft drink Pepsi Cola is named after a digestive enzyme called Pepsin.

A new survey has found that more than 80% of Australians believe they can understand what their pets are trying to say.

A boy born in Pakistani Kashmir has two faces but one body except for the ears all facial features were duplicated.

The New York city department of finance say the outstanding balance from the unpaid parking sticks totaled to 16.7 million dollars by the end of July from diplomatic missions with Egypt topping the list with 1.9 million dollars.

NASA’s dead six tonne satellite fell to earth starting its fiery death plunge somewhere over the vast pacific ocean.

Over 1000 sovereigns of gold and cash Rs 2.3 lakh were looted by a gang from Muthoot finance (P) Ltd on the Tirupur Kangeyam Road in broad day light.

Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akthar has claimed that Tendulkar and Dravid have lack of ability to finish matches. In reply to his claim Tendulkar says it is below his dignity to react on Shoaib’s comments.


A teenage Pakistani Christian girl who mispelt a word on a poem written in praise of Phophet Mohammed was accused of blasphemy and expelled from the school.

A 4 foot long crocodile known as Snappy which lives in the city of Geelong near Melbourne has suddenly turned an interesting shade of orange.

A Turkish football club played in front of a crowd of 41000 women and children after it banned men because of crowd trouble.

“Lost” the first novel written by Arthur Canon Doyle the creator of Sherlock Holmes is now being published for the first time 128 after it was written.

Saudi king has announced that Saudi Arabia will allow women to stand for elections and vote.

A British survey says that women across the World get more pleasure when buying a hand bag than any other item.

Barcelona bids farewell to the country’s emblematic tradition of bull fighting with a final show at the Barcelona bull ring.

China for the first time has installed a gold vending machine in an attempt to become the second largest bullion market after India.

8 builders from Trichy were killed in Katmandu air crash when they went on a sight seeing trip of Mount Everest.

After an intensive learning period baboons have demonstrated ability to resolve analogy problems; thus proving monkeys are capable of making analogies.


The wreck of a British Cargo ship containing 240 tonnes of sliver worth 155 million pounds, iron and tea, sunk by German U boat during Second World War has been discovered on the Atlantic sea bed.

According to a research in Norway belly fat linked with diabetes and heart disease could also have a bearing and the development of Asthma.

A glass of fruit juice in the mornings is considered as the healthy way to start to day but so much sugar that it actually increases the risk of certain cancer rather than preventing them.

Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton who is in Mumbai on a 3 day visit showed her benevolent side giving a beggar 100 dollars (Rs 4943/-) while travelling to a shopping complex in Juhu.

Wangari Marathai the first African woman to win a Nobel peace prize dies at the age of 71.

Road transport office staffer kills a truck driver after he refused pay bribe during a vehicle checking drive Nanbatpur locality in Uttar Pradesh.

According to a report released by International development agency Oxfam University one fourth of the World’s hungry population lives in India and about 2000 kids die of hunger every day.

Queen Noor of Jordan’s head gardener is suing her employer for sexual discrimination claiming she was sidelined and denied access to her tools in the Royal Estate.

The remains of more than 1700 prisoners executed a 1966 at Tripoli’s notorious Abu Salim’s jail has been found in a mass grave in Tripoli.

An Israeli court has ordered the government to pay 432,000 compensation to the family of a prominent Palestinian peace activist whose daughter was killed by a Israeli rubber bullet in 2007.

The Royal Society held a celebration in honour of Mr. Miracle” the pigeon which flew from Delhi to Chennai in 65 days becoming the first homing pigeon in the country.

China’s richest man with 9.3 billion dollars could become the first private business man to join the communist party’s powerful central committee.


A 127 year old steam powered car officially the World’s oldest running vehicle is up for auction and is expected to fetch up to 1.6 million pounds.

31 children aged 10 to 15 and 4 adults were killed when a bus plunged into a rivine near Islamadad in Pakistan.

Two subway trains collided in Shanghai, China due to signal failure, the major second train accident within 3 months injuring 260 people.

A 40 year old woman seeking divorce from her husband and her 18 year old daughter were short dead in broad day light near Pakistani capital.

Travellers are warned not to take their laptops into China with sensitive corporate information a sophisticated Chinese electronic system his capable to access them in a jiffy.

A 9 year old girl who tried to save herself from a speeding school van by hiding behind bricks kept on the road side died after the bricks fell on her when the van hit the bricks.

Australia opened frontline combat roles to women for the first in its history under the new policy allowing all military positions to be filled on merit rather than gender.

Yemeni defence minister escaped an assassination bid by a suicide bomber while 10 of his party were injured.

Prisoners in a South Wales prison in U.K. are threatening legal action against the government to get more subscription sports channels on their cell television.


As the first part of the maiden space Laboratory, China launches its space laboratory Trangony I into space today.

George Wright a 1970 hijacker fugitive in U.S who escaped from a murder sentence in New Jersey was captured in Portugal after more than 40 years.

A 20 year old man from park city Utah in U.S. leading police on a high speed 30 miles chase called 911 to tell pursuing officers to leave him alone.

 A group of 15 Nepali villagers including a 14 year old have been arrested for eating a leopard in belief that the meat could guard them against gout disease.

 A 32 year old Chinese killed 9 people including his wife because he suspected her fidelity.

A Saudi woman has been sentenced to be lashed 10 times for defying the kingdom’s ban of female driving.

 Australian scientists have developed a cheep and painless needle vaccination device that can be self administrated.

A new book has revealed a screaming Queen Elizabeth threw shoes and tennis racquet at the Duke of Edinburgh, during their first Australian visit, the queen’s temper is still hold sometimes on show in the royal house hold.

 According to a new study people may be learning while they are sleeping unconscious form of memory that is still not well understood.

A collection of 300 paintings worth millions of Euros have been discovered is a Polish outhouse belonging to a 92 year old former bricklayer.

 A 25 year old woman in Pallavaram walked naked to re unite with her lover after a witchcraft practitioner told her to offer prayers at a temple walking naked.

Illegal cow slaughtering will attract a jail term of 7 years in Gujarat according Gujarat Animal Preservation Amendment bill 2011.


Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal may witness an increase in Ozone pollution deaths between 10 and 15 percent in the next 60 years warn scientists.

A 12 year old two faced cat called Frank and Louie set a World Record for longest number of years lived among its type of Janus cats.

Spanish researchers are developing a new vaccine MVA-B which could reduce HIV to a minor chronic infection.

Scientists in London are developing a “stay sober” pill which allows you to drink as much as you want while limiting effects of alcohol on the brain.

While military precision of a flotilla of eccentric English men took to the waves to contest one of the World’s craziest sporting features, a cricket match played in the sea.

Inna May Gaskin an American who has been called the most famous “Midwife” in the World has been awarded Nobel prize for her work treating and advocating safe women centered child birth methods.

A 24 year old woman depressed and regretted her love marriage commits suicide and recorded it on her cell phone at Andheri East Mumbai.

Town Hall Campaigners in Bulgaria are all set to put up a donkey as a candidate for the post of mayor because the current mayor is not doing a good job.

An Anonymous donor has left a ward of cash worth 131,000 dollars in a public toilet in Japan with instructions to be used to help victims of the March earthquake & tsunami.

Saudi king has overturned a court ruling sentencing a Saudi woman to be lashed 10 times for defying the Kingdom’s ban for female drivers.

World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand suffered a rare loss going down to Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine in the third row of the fourth Bilbao final Masters in Brazil.

Connel university Sociologists say people around the World are happiest in the mornings particularly on Saturdays and Sundays.


A 18 year old Ramya daughter of an officer in the Indian embassy in Britain successfully crosses the English Channel.

Archaeological research indicates that 13000 years ago hunter-gatherer children as young as 3 were art in caves alongside their parents.

A New Zealand man allegedly fled the country after a bank mistakenly deposited 10 million New Zealand dollars into his account has been arrested in Hong Kong after 2 years.

A gunman shot and killed an expectant mother in a Madrid church gives birth to a baby after death.

Researchers at the University of New South Wales have found that laughter is the best medicine for elderly dementia patients.

A Spanish woman suffering from depression has admitted killing her two sons aged 3 and 11 years by drowning them in the bath tub.

Jake from Penxton Derbyshire is the only motorist in Britain to wear sunglasses on his driving license photo.

In a freak accident a three year old boy died of head injury when a 21 inch T.V set weighing nearly 30 kgs fell on him at Basin Bridge Chennai.

Pakistan has freed a senior Al Qaeda commander who served as a bodyguard to Osama bin Laden according to a media report.

Following the agreement signed between the Department of Posts and the Moneygram Payment System Inc. U.S.A, Moneygram facility is now available to the public in 40 selected post offices in the State.

Thousands of French school children went on a rampage after false rumours spread that government wants to take away a large slice of their school holidays.

The wall near the main Vimanan of the Big temple in Tanjavur has cracked today due to the heavy rains.

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